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World’s Insanely Cute Cat Ear Headphones

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The cute cat ear headphones from AXTENT WEAR is one of the most awaited item from the it was launched. This product must be the first ever product that took the internet world by storm next to the iPhone fantasy. The reason for the popularity? These headphones are insanely cute. Besides to its cuteness, it has also refined the way the music is ever heard (and shared). Without any doubt, these anime-inspired stylish headphones will sure to find a place in everyone’s wardrobe.

However, it is not the only reason as to why someone has to purchase this stylish accessory. It comes with a two-fold usage of private listening and external sharing.

This is all? No !!! It has a handful of other features as well. Now, let’s dive into the design and specification and then into its incredible story.

cat ear headphones

Cat Ear HeadPhones

Why You Need One? 

Running on rechargeable batteries, these cute cat ear headphones come with external speakers that are attached to the cat ears along with color changing LED lights. It features a pair of comfortable over the e ar cushions, detachable cord and gaming boom mic. Joints of these headphones are foldable and are highly adjustable. It’s mode can be switched between private listening & external sharing with a single touch of a button. You can turn on or off the LED lights as well. Not to mention, You are sure to enjoy the best sound quality that is crisp and clean. Though its speakers are loud enough to fill the entire room, you can also adjust the volume low enough to share music with your friend who is sitting just next to you.

From its mere drawing to the final product, the design of these headphones was continually improved through a lot of iterations. 

cat ear headphones


  • Pair of over the ear external speakers
  • Over-ear-cushioning
  • 20Hz – 20KHz Frequency Response
  • Detachable gaming boom mic
  • USB charging cable (3.5 mm Jack)
  • 40 mm driver
  • LED lights that emit Bright green/red/blue/purple accent
  • On and off LED light button
  • 6 full hours battery
  • net weight 300 grams
  • Volume, LED lights controlling and on/off buttons
  • 32 ohm Impedance
  • 6.6ft detachable cable
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What its founders say about their super creative music accessory? Check out this 2-minute clip.


Where Did This Idea Come From?

Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu, the two Technology enthusiast, and creative designers started the company, Axent wear with an idea of creating something innovative and unique. Wenqing got the idea of cat ear headphones while working on her anime projects. The two had launched a fundraising campaign through the U.S crowd funding service, Indiegogo.

The anime design, captivating LED lights and cool features everything has attracted the attention of the total internet. The impact? The campaign has surpassed the set target of $250,000 and closed finally closed recently by raising over $2.93 million USD.

Right from the day 1of this campaign, founders of this project kept the backers updated through frequent posts through their website and the social media. As the promised wide scale release of cat ears headphones fall around this month, now the entire internet community is literally awaiting to see this product.  


In its recently closed campaign, Axent wear offered these headphones in 4 different colors: purple, green, red and blue with matching LED lights. List price of a single colored headphone came around $150 ( Product price: $115 +Tax : $35) 

Can I Place An Order Now?

Yes you can. You can buy this product at brookstone website.  Order Now

Now Take a look at some cool pictures boasting the Axent wear.  

Blue – “Designer’s Choice” 

cat ear headphones

cat ear headphones

Add elegance to your cool outfit with the touch of flashy blue cat ear headphones. Blue is the second black. It is bewitching, noble and calm that can show anyone gorgeous.

Though you can match this cute blue headphone with any color cue, it works well with bright red, white, green, pink, violet and yellow.  

Red – “Hey, Look At Me”

cat ear headphones

If you are a fan of “Hey, look at me” fashion, then you must consider buying the Axent wear’s best over ear headphones seriously. Yes,”The Red ones”. Red is an attention grabber and boy, it’s complex. From sinners to saints, from love to violence, it has everything and everyone under the hood.

You can pair it with any outfit that has light and bright shade. Mustard, black, yellow, white, blue are the popular color choices.  

Neon Green – “Energy Enhancer”

cat ear headphones

Popular color choice of any nature lover. Pair it right with your favorite music and get energized immediately.

Outfits with Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange or any dark shades can go well with this accessory.  

Purple – “Luxury, Redefined”

cat ear headphones

The Most Elegant of all” I found no other words to describe this purple headphone.Purple is the next pink; ironically guys love it too.

Goes well with any color. For the best appeal, pair it with black, white or yellow.

They also provide the combo of “pair of headphones + custom paint job” carrying the picture of yourself or your favorite character for those who are willing to spend $2k.

cat ear headphones

This one is for those who want to stand above all the rest. How about receiving the cute color changing headphone and a custom painting job done from their great designers? This package cost around $10k. Get this one and envy your friends.

 cate ear headphones

Why Such High Prices?

According to the axent wear website, these high prices will be used to fund everything that are needed to bring these headphones into reality and for nothing else. The additional custom paint job is provided as a special thank you gift for helping them out to grow their company.

No matter what color you choose, once you start wearing these cute cat ear headphones, you will be the head turner and people? They just won’t  stop gazing at you!.


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