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Top 10 Unusual Wedding Gifts For Couples

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Bravo! Your decision for presenting unusual wedding gifts for couples is a bold one. But be careful because while designing a wedding registry, couples spend their quality time in deciding the gifts so they can meet the needs of their newlywed home. However, if you are well aware of the couple and their tastes, you can go off the registry without any regrets. But make sure the gift you choose is more welcoming and worth the remembrance.

If you are not sure on what to give to the soon to be married, take a look at our outstanding collection of wedding gift ideas. Each one of them are carefully chosen and reviewed with 100’s of newlyweds. You can simply reuse these ideas or take them as an inspiration and come up with your own. Present the couple with something creative and thoughtful, they will treasure you and your gift forever.

The gifts listed here do not have any chances of going wrong. Pick anything confidently, even with Inky-Pinky-Ponky  you can see the compliments flooding on your way.

Top 10 Unusual Wedding Gifts For Couples

1. Custom Map

wedding gifts for couple

From my view, the presents we offer should be a thoughtful one. Presenting a frameable poster with important places of their lives being marked up is one of the best customized wedding gifts you can offer to the couple with taste. You can mark the places like where they born, where they met (Paris?), where they fell in love (Los Angeles?) and where they got engaged(New York?) and where they get marry ( Florida) using a super easy designing tool.

I swear, you don’t need to have the designer’s skill or a painter’s brain to design this creative gift. Sign up to Mapiful, search the location that needs to be highlighted, zoom and enter your custom text. Boom! It is as simple as using Google map. You can create it yourself or for someone else you care for. I leave this decision up to you!

You can create a map by yourself or purchase a gift card and present it to the couple. They both will carry out the rest of the task as a couple.

The custom map offered by Mapiful is printed using a high quality matte paper and high end equipment. Once an order is placed, these guys put lots of effort and work carefully on every little detail. Personally, I tried this idea for a travel loving couple and it was talked over a month in our circle.

Starting from $60, there offer 4 different packages with varying sizes. Choose a package that fits your budget. It’s awesome at every level. Give a try, you won’t be disappointed. That’s a promise.

To Buy : mapiful.com

Price : $60 to $160.

2. Infinite April Vase

unusual wedding gifts

The idea of Infinite April Vase is inspired by the Japanese art ikebana which is pretty different from the usual floral decoration. The entire arrangement is closely involved with living materials like living branches, grasses, leaves and blossoms. Its heart of beauty lies in the color combinations, artistic arrangement, graceful lines and natural shapes. The modern vase design that makes up the Infinite April Vase celebrates the beauty of nature by allocating a separate room for each bloom in individual lovely glass vase. Connected by beautiful metal rings, this adjustable array of mini glass tubes can be arranged and displayed in infinite ways. You can display your favorite flowers as geometrical clusters, curvy lines or even as linked rings. The art, ikebana is developed based on a philosophy of bringing closeness to nature. So no matter where you put it on a display, you can see them interacting with the surroundings more lively. This piece of art is a perfect starter for the new apartments.

To Buy : Uncommongoods.com

Price : $190

3. Wedding Scrapbook

unusual wedding gifts for couple

Scrapbook is one of the best places for preserving memories that last for a long time. It offers lots of freedom to add those little details linked up with the moment when the camera was rolling. Every couple has their wedding photos and videos but nothing can tell a story as good as their scrapbook.

Buy them a beautiful crafty scrapbook with all its helping supplies (craft punches, mats, rubber stamps, craft punchers, scissors, die-cut shapes, permanent ink pens and most importantly the acid free papers).As it offers a chance to the newlywed to treasure their memories between the pages of scrapbook, they will consider it as the most prized best wedding gift even after a decade.

Another best idea is creating a wedding scrapbook by yourself covering all the events until their big day. Mark your presents right from their engagement, click the snaps and create a scrapbook. But it’s really a time consuming process. But doing that will provide a big surprise for wedding couple.

To Buy : Overstock.com

Price : $24.92

4. Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree

unusual wedding gifts

Anyone can send the flowers. But how many of us to thought to gift a beautiful lush green tree with full of bright mandarin oranges? The clementine tree produces the tasty citrus fruits in mid to late fall. If any of your friend or a family member is getting married at this time frame, consider gifting them both fruit and beauty in the form of orange bonsai tree. 2 to 3 years of clementine mandarin tree with bright oranges (if it’s season) can be purchased just over the few bugs. It can be potted and grown either indoors or outdoors with a little care. Though it prefers full sun, it grows extremely well under the sunny shades. Without any doubt, this beautiful dwarf is one of the best unusual wedding gift ideas for couples with taste.


5. Screaming Wall Mirror

unusual wedding gifts

Wall clocks, paintings, digital photo frames, stickers … as all these wall decors are overwhelmingly picked up and exchanged as presents, let’s go one step ahead and present a screaming mirror. This humorous decorative wall art goes well with all modern interiors and contemporary style houses.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

wedding gifts for couple

This handy smartphone printer is the latest model from the picture expert “fujifilm“. Click a snap in your smart phone, share it to the printer via Instax mini link smart phone printer, and watch your images coming out of printer in no time. This app also lets you enter the custom text and display environment variables like temperature, humidity, date, place and weather. It is simple, fast and fun.Call it as a honeymoon package essential. Not only for couples, it’s one of those must have essentials for everyone with a smartphone.

7. Tea from Around the World Set

unusual wedding gifts

If the couple is tea novice, why don’t you make them taste wide variety of best tea from around the world? From the Chinese Longjing green tea to the Japanese perfect mix bancha tea, this lovely package includes 10 varieties of Tea leaves in 10 attractive glass tubes. Each tube is stuffed with enough tea leaves to brew 6 to 8 cups of tea. The Booklet comes along with this set talk about each tea and its background in a detailed, informative way. Don’t you think this perfect combination, “world’s best tea with its exciting story” spice up the romance between the “just married” young souls?

The couple you are purchasing the gift for may not be a Tea lover. You can still buy them this cool tea set which will do the self promotion and turn them into its die hard fans.

To Buy : Uncommongoods.com

Price : $55

8. Giraffe Family Bookends

wedding gifts for couple

Reading a good book between the both ends will take you through lots of places and make you feel lots of experiences. Needless to say, the journey of marriage also celebrates the same spirit of adventure in the most similar way. Convey this in-depth message with a charming set of Giraffe silhouette bookends.

Made out of carbon steel, this decor object portrays the love of a giraffe family. You can add any number of books to digest, still the mother giraffe will reach out and cuddle her baby with her neck that grows longer and longer and longer. If you can present the unusual wedding gifts as good as this giraffe bookend, you don’t need to worry about the violations.

To Buy : Uncommongoods.com

Price : $65

9. Countertop Garden

gifts for couples

Desire for exercising green thumb do not necessarily needs to come with a backyard or patio. Several types of countertop gardens are now available in the market that let everyone grow their own garden in a minimal indoor environment with no excuses. So if the couple is passionate about having farm to table food, I recommend you register a counter top garden for them.

Don’t forget to register for some fresh herbs too. This gift is one of the kitchen essentials using which they can grow their own herb or preserve the ones bought from the local market.

10. Amazon Gift Cards Email Delivery

unusual wedding gifts

If you are still in the double mind to purchase something out of wedding registry, here is an option to make your gift creative and more satisfying, all at the same time. Purchase Amazon gift card email delivery with the value you are thinking to spend on a gift. Starting from $0.50, this card can be filled with any value of your choice. You can design this card by uploading the couple’s photo or simply choose the “already built, ready to send” videos. Once you customize this card and finish the purchase, it will directly reach your recipient’s email. And this time, with your email, you are delivering something what they are hoping for. Amazon has millions of items in their store. So the couple can purchase anything they want. Since this card come with the life time validity, the couple can use it immediately or save it for their later use. In either way, it will serve some purpose.

What is your opinion on these best unusual wedding gifts for couples? Have you tried any of these gifts before? What is your story? Leave your comments below and help us to serve you better.


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