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Top 18 Surprising, Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

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The joy of gifting can never be expressed in words except the happiness that beams in the faces of those who receive the gift. Gifting is so much fun especially when it comes to picking creative surprising gift ideas to your loved ones and that too for your boyfriend is always an exciting challenge. The love bond you have between yourself and your boyfriend is the biggest gift that you can give each other but at the end of the day, a little something gift wrapped for your boyfriend will sure brighten him up for so long. So let’s get into creative surprising birthday gift ideas for boyfriend that you can pick from below and we hope you’ll love these gift ideas.

Top 18 Unique & Creative Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

1.Classic Denim Jacket

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend 1

A classic denim jacket is an iconic piece that will never go out of style. Get your boyfriend an authentic denim jacket for his birthday and it’s a sure shot that he would be the happiest to receive even though he already has one. If you could get him to talk may be you can guess or find out what kind of denim jacket he wishes for or what brand he would like to have. You have many authentic brands that make their own jackets for an authentic American touch. You can go for a classic denim jacket or trucker denim jackets or designer denim jackets or if you could have option you can go in for custom made denim-jacket with his measuring chest size to suit him the best and his name/initials stitched inside or embroidered or applique worked as a gift to him. You can find brands like Todd Snyder made in LA, Flint & Tinder, Cone Mills Selvage Taylor Stitch, Levi’s, Tom Ford and other brands who provide authentic denim jackets.

2. Designer Beer cases/Beer Caddy

Designer Beer Cases

Guys and beers are like bro’s so a designer beer case/beer caddy will be a creative as well as a surprising gift for your boyfriend on his birthday which he will definitely cherish it. You can find engraved beer cases in which you can put your boyfriend’s name, you have pack of six beer holders in wood, vintage art beer cases, printed beer cardboard cases, stackable beer cases, printed beer cases, refined wood beer caddy that can be monogrammed and laser engraved personalized wood beer carriers. There are beer cases which has beer opener too. You can find rustic authentic wood beer cases which will add a touch of earthy vibe. Initials Monogrammed or ‘name’ laser engraved wooden beer caddy is a great gifting ideas for boyfriend.

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3. Personalized Beer Bottle Openers

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Beer bottle Opener is one of the guy’s most desired items that they can’t get enough of. A good personalized/designer beer bottle opener is a wonderful birthday gifting idea for your boyfriend. You can find custom beer bottle openers that can be engraved with his name/initials or any lines/words and you can have options to try that with cool fonts. You can try customized beer bottle openers with his favorite monograms. For a surprising twist you can engrave the co-ordinates of his favorite hang-out place or the place where you guys met first or any memorable dates or any one liners or logos in the beer bottle opener and he’ll adore it for sure. You can choose creative gifting options with beer openers like real hockey stick beer openers, key chain bottle openers, personalized wall-mounted beer bottle cap opener , engraved handmade magnetic beer bottle opener (the beer cap sticks and doesn’t fall after opening), bottle opener along with cork screw, spark plug bottle openers, beer bottle openers with engraved vintage designs on the top etc. The beer bottle opener is a great gifting idea for your boyfriend as you can explore more options and come up with creative surprising ideas with it. So go for it.

4.Drawings/Illustrations/Canvas Wall Arts/Abstract Arts/Street Arts/Custom Portraits

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Guys love street arts/illustrations/drawings especially of their favorite superheroes, movies, vintage posters of movies. You cannot see a guy’s room without at least a single poster so instead of the usual poster idea you can go for creative gifting idea of street arts/drawings/illustrations from different artists as a gift to your boyfriend.  He will be more than happy to have it in his room. if you could go an extra mile, find street artists and share your idea with them and come up with superb art and gift him. You can find artists who do doodles, caricatures, illustrations and they can come up with so much creativity so approach them, share what you have in mind so that they can work on. You can give him the painting of himself, his home town, decoupage art of his favorite musician, portrait decoupage collage of his favorite person/superhero/ both of your photos etc., you can come up with more options. Canvas wall arts are available at all price ranges so if possible you can go for life-size/big-size canvas art as a gift for him which will surprise him to great extent. For the price range of $28 – $30 dollars you can find a A0 Size or 150*100 cm life-size wall murals and street arts and graffiti’s which will be a creative gifting option for your boyfriend which he’ll wake up to everyday to find you in it rather than the art. But make sure the artists and the one who’s selling are approachable directly because sometimes buying them online has led to bad experiences for many people like receiving just a blank sheet of paper instead of the art. So make sure it’s good in all ways and worth the money you put.

5.Personalized Men’s Beer Can Cooler For Sports Loving Boyfriend

Personalized Men’s Beer Can Cooler For Sports Loving Boyfriend
Guys will definitely be sports fans so tap in to that area and get him something. Gift him Beer can coolers engraved with his favorite NBA/NFA or any others. Make your gift idea stand out for your boyfriend with this beer can and beer bottle leather coolers. You can even pick the color of the leather ranging from grey, black, navy, red, copper, beige, tan etc. you can personalize it with his favorite sports team logo, his favorite sports team/sports, baseball team and we’re pretty sure this creative gifting idea for him will make him go crazy with love because guys like girls who support their sports interest and sports plays watching. Beer can cooler can also be customized with this pet dog photo or you can go for any of his fan-base like MARVEL/DC/Harry Potter or such movie stuffs. Sports leather beer can cooler is a great gifting idea for sports loving boyfriend. Go for it without hesitation and bring in your creative touch to it.


creative birthday gifts for boyfriendAccessories for men can be as stylish as women. If he has a crisp white shirts or nice suits, then cuff link accessory is a must so gift him. Cuff links can get so fun and exciting with different designs like steam-punk, stone-studded, glass, name/initials engraved cuff links, photo customizes, personalized, enamel and just goes on. Your man needs to have a cuff link for sure. Go ahead and gift him as its fun and creative gifting option which he’ll adore. Not just cufflinks, you have wonderful men’s accessories like silver men’s rings, stainless steel rings, cuffs/bracelets, lapel pins, key-chains with name/initials, personalized tie-clips, custom flasks, designer antique paper openers, boutonnieres which are perfect boyfriend gifts. Go for it.

7.Typography/Quote Wall Art

birthday ideas for him

Quotes to get inspired, quotes that’ll make his day or funny quotes that make him laugh out loud or quotes by his favorite inspirational figure/movie star/movie characters/superhero just whatever it might be get him a quote wall art. Quote wall art is a good gifting option and you can get creative with it which will surprise him when gifted. If he’s into business get him a quote wall art related to it like any business idea from successful business person or if he’s a sports fan then get creative and gift him his favorite sports star words. You can get creative by including a doodle too along with the quote. If the quote is from his inspirational figure then you can include it too as doodle, caricature or drawings etc.  It’s a gifting idea with which you can get more creative like bringing in typography style quotes so try it out. A good quote wall art is a must-have so gift him. Framed quote in his room/shop/office will not only enhance the appearance of the place but will also bring a good vibe to him.

8. Customized Gift Box Ideas

birthday surprise ideas

A customized/themed gift box idea for him will always be a warm happy surprise he’ll remember always. It will be the best birthday surprises ever. Make sure you got the right things in the gift box and we’re pretty sure he’ll be elated and his day will be made. You can work on it by yourself for a more personal touch instead of gift box options online for him. If you like to do it yourself, then you can get more creative like get a nice wooden basket/bamboo basket of any size and shape. Fill it with his favorite items like his favorite beer or whiskey/bourbon/scotch it’s up to you. Thrown in few confetti’s, personal photos of you both in a small frame, chocolates, handmade men’s soap bars, sunglasses, hair conditioner, beer balm, handwritten note and such, just get creative with it. You can also go for gift box options online like ‘for him’ box, thank you boxes and a themed gift box based on his favorite movie/sports/cars/travel destinations etc. will be a nice gifting touch for him. Personalized gift box all by yourself arranged neatly with his favorite things will become a special gift for the special man in your life. So go for this idea and get creative with stuffs you put in the gift box.

9.Authentic Leather Backpack With Initials/Custom Toiletry Pouch/Kit Bags

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Jeans and leather backpacks are two stylish combos for a guy so get your boyfriend a nice stylish leather backpack as a birthday gift and he’ll love it for sure. A nice leather backpack will make its way long for your boyfriend no matter the age i.e. he can carry it even after hitting his 30’s or 40’s. A good leather backpack is a must have guy’s essentials. Leather travel bags are other wonderful gifting options for your boyfriend. If your boyfriend’s sharing the apartment/room or his stay place with another person or even his office or workplace is shared then organizing his things will be a priority so get him a nice leather toiletry bag/pouch that can be customized with his name/initials. It’s a good boyfriend gift. This gift will help him makes things organized more instead of land-fills and scattered things. You can choose from small to medium to large sizes depending upon his needs, so for sure get him a good leather toiletry bag. You can choose leather colors too like vintage cognac, desert sand, onyx and such shades.You can give a personalized leather journal along with backpack, toiletry bag as a combo gift and sure his heart will bloom with your affection in gifting him this.

10.Personalized Watch Boxsurprise gifts for him

A personalized watch box or watch case is a very creative classy gifting idea for boyfriend and you can bring in more designs, styles, etching his name/initials or even his favorite word/one liner/logo. A watch display case is a great boyfriend gift and that too if it has a glass covering you can customizes it and etch it with good designs. You can find different font styles and border designs. You can also choose how much size/partitions you want, you have options to fit watch along with partitions to put his sunglasses, bike/house/car keys. A good watch case with engravings will never go out of style so use it in your creative birthday ideas for boyfriend. Try it.

11.Mini Replica Doll For Him

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

Found On : turuifigurines

Seeing the tiny figure of us is something adorable to us. Actually its the most memorable gift to your loved one on his birthday. If your boyfriend likes an astronaut or a cricketer or footballist, you can make a doll for him with that outfit. Your boyfriend may like him in a particular photo. Take it as a surprise and give this gift to him in that photo as a little mini. For making this miniature all you need is just a photo of him and you should place the order at least 10 days before his birthday. You can check out your ideas here.

12.Buy Mobile Phone Of His Choice

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend

When he says that he wish to buy a phone, after reading the review about it and didn’t placed an order yet, get him his new phone as a surprise birthday gift. It may be new iPhone or One Plus phone or anything. He was going to use that phone all the time.From opening eyes at the morning to closing his eyes at the end of the day. So if you really want to gift him a thing that would be with him all the time, you have no other choice than this mobile. As an addition, you can get a cover for him with his photo printed.

13.Engraved Custom Tool Box

creative birthday gifts for him

If your boyfriend’s a good handyman he’ll sure appreciate and adore a nice wooden toolbox for himself as a birthday gift. You can personalize it by engraving his name/initials on the sides and any favorite lines you wish on the top opening or on the back sides. Not just metal but a wooden tool box is also a great gifting idea for him as you could not only engrave his name/initials but you can also put in your birthday wish or any personalized words in it.

14.Happy Birthday Handsome Quote Will Always Work

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Get him a simple ‘happy birthday handsome’ and sure he’ll adore it. You have printable with different quote styles and fontsor you can just write it by yourself or you can design it and print it out and frame them and gift him. You can get vintage sheets/papers, designer sheets with different backgrounds or a nice simple white sheet will do the trick. Print ‘Happy birthday handsome’ and get creative with it, print them out, frame them with a nice black wooden frame, gift him and sure his day is made. For a more personalized touch you can write the words all by yourself, stick in some stars/buttons/trinkets/ribbons and go artsy with it and finally frame him and give him. It will be a creative birthday gifts for him.

15.Address/Street Signs Inspired Plaques

Address/Street Signs Inspired Plaques

Street sings are always a surprising and creative gifting option. You can gift your boyfriend this cool custom street sign metal sign for his room/home and perfect gifting choice for boyfriend who runs any store/shop and he can hang them outside. The custom street sign metal plaque will look great on his room or home den or even at office. You can pick the metal sign color ranging from light to dark colors of red, default green street sign design, black, blue etc. Made of premium aluminum this custom street sign plaque will never rust so it’s good to go for all weather conditions when he hangs outside. You can also get to choose the street designations also. Engrave his name/shop name or anything he likes and gift him. Sure he’ll be more than surprised. It’s definitely one of the creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

 16.Themed/Engraved Whiskey Decanters, Vodka/Tequila Shot Glasses & Mini Engraved Drinks Cabinets

best birthday surprises

Whiskey decanters and shot glasses never go out of style as a boyfriend gifting idea. A mini bar cabinet or engraved mini drinks holders will surely be a surprising gift for your boyfriend on his birthday. You can get him Game of Thrones/Star Wars/Justice League/Marvel/ Batman/ Avengers inspired Whiskey Decanter Set, name/initials engraved decanters & glasses and especially a Whiskey Decanter set in an name/initial engraved wooden box is a very good gifting for him. Sometimes along with whiskey decanters you can gift him custom engraved natural whiskey stones for him on his birthday. Custom engraved vodka/tequila shot glasses is a classic gifting touch for your boyfriend so try them out.

17.Vintage Memorabilia’s/ Collectibles/ Figurines

birthday surprise ideas

Figurines, collectibles and vintage memorabilia’s will always add a nice gifting touch for guys so try them out. If you got yourself a biker boyfriend then try gifting him authentic original vintage bikes figurines and if he’s in to racer bikes then gift him accordingly. If he’s a comic lover the best choice would be to give him his favorite comic collectibles and figurines. If your boyfriend’s a car lover then you can go through nice authentic vintage car figurines, latest fast cars and their miniatures and gift him. You can find and gift him vintage coins/money/stamps if he’s interested in those. Vintage Replicas of landmark buildings, original vintage post cards are very unique birthday gifting idea for your boyfriend so try them. It might demand some extra time and effort instead of surfing online and buying but if you could get hold of any of authentic vintage items of his interest for him then sure his birthday’s going to memorable for the rest of his life.

18.Things He Wishes To Try

creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Doing things he likes or wishes to do or wants to have is a classic birthday move for your boyfriend. Be it a food he wants to try, a long ride, to visit his childhood favorite places or to see a game just whatever it might be no matter small or big arrange it for him on his birthday. You can cook for him and spend the full day with him which he’ll love more than the gifts. Sometimes your boyfriend would like to have ‘all-guys’ day with his buddies on his birthday so let him have the day as he wishes. A dinner with your family would be a nice gesture for your special man at the end of the day. Sometimes his birthday can also count as a cheat day so let him eat whatever he wishes. Just remember that doing simple things or a simple handwritten note or a 12’o clock cake from you on his birthday will make his day special and memorable.

We hope that you find the creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. We are glad of being help in narrowing down you gifting options for him into few unique memorable gifting selections and choices to try. In case you missed his birthday then don’t worry you can always go for a nice “I’m sorry gift box” for him. Anyways, your boyfriend’s birthday is special to you so go ahead and try out the ideas we shared and you can also come up with your own. At the end of the day a little something from you gift-wrapped will definitely make him cherish the day for long.