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Top 50 Funny, Crazy & Cool Ideas For A Bucket List

funny bucket list ideas
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The concept of ‘’Bucket list’’ is gaining popularity day by day across the globe. People have started preparing their bucket list and have headed them to complete whenever possible. For those who might not know what is bucket list , it is simply a list of things you would like to complete before death. It is easy to make the funny bucket list ideas, just pen down the wishes you wish to accomplish during lifetime. The need to create personal list is to maximize each and every moment of our existence and live life a little more and to the fullest.


Top 50 Funny Bucket List Ideas

Bucket list ideas need not be serious every time. Sometimes these ideas can be really weird or can be extremely funny. If you have a funny bone then you will end up creating a funny, crazy and cool bucket list items for sure. Check out some crazy bucket list ideas which you would definitely want to add in your bucket list.

funny bucket list ideas

  1. Text some random number saying “I killed him and hid the body in your backyard”.
  2. Propose a stranger when he or she is with family.
  3. Randomly choose a guy in a public place and act like a long lost friend.
  4. In office space, “Meow” on each received mail.
  5. Make a vanilla pudding, put it in a mayo jar and eat in public.
  6. When the class is quiet, just scream out loud- “World is going to end in 10 minutes from now!”
  7. Drop a knife in a public place and if somebody tries to pick it up for you, the scream- “Please! Do not kill me”.
  8. Wear red colored eye lens and approach someone and say, “I am thirsty and I need your blood”.
  9. Ask a friend for overnight stay telling no one at home and wear ghost costume and horrify him for whole night.
  10. Prank a stranger on a lonely road with voices of spirits and ghosts.
  11. Ask my beautician to apply different nail paint color on all nails every time you get pedicure and manicure.
  12. Call for group hug in a party and ask waiter to throw buckets full of water.
  13. Tie a thread on currency note and pull when someone tries to pick it up.
  14. Throw dry garbage on a complete stranger and hide.
  15. Act like a dead person in middle of a party.
  16. Stop someone’s marriage by saying he is already taken.
  17. Approach a complete stranger and tell – “Destiny wanted to meet us here”.
  18. “Am I with humans or ghosts, I lost my way while returning from hell?” Prank in a crowded elevator.
  19. Hide from professor and “Meow” occasionally once the professor starts with the lecture.
  20. “Eureka! Eureka!!” in lecture and when asked why, simply say I can sleep even when eyes are open.
  21. Wrap a useless old watch and gift it to someone special and after unwrapping exclaim-“I guess the gift got exchanged in the shop”.
  22. Fill floor cleaning liquid water with milkshake and drink it publicly.
  23. Go to overcrowded echo point and say, “My life is nothing without you; I am going to jump from here!”
  24. Buy a poop shaped cake for best friend’s birthday and make him/her eat.
  25. Ask for lift and stop the car near graveyard entrance and say- “Finally home”.
  26. In an elevator, stand silently, stare a person and in a demonic voice say- “You are my next target, I will leave this body and enter yours”.
  27. Dress up like a demon and horrify neighbors.
  28. Go to a friend’s place and hide a sound recording of ghost and demonic voices and regulating it with a remote and act you are not able to hear any voice.
  29. Sip a glass filled with red wine and announce in the party, “human blood tastes awesome and it’s my favorite drink”.
  30. Act like a depressed person and cry in public place and when someone asks what is wrong with you say, “I am not able to find out my killers”.
  31. Wrap a watch in a box and keep it on a garden bench and ask a stranger if he or she hears tick-tick sound from the box.
  32. Throw water balloons on strangers and hide.
  33. Built a tree house and wear monkey’s costume and live for a day over there and eat banana.
  34. Dress up like a “Thor” and walk in the city with a hammer. It’s one of the most crazy bucket list ideas. Don’t you think so?
  35. Fall in front of people and when someone lends a helping hand pull the stranger down as well.
  36. Put some sticky substance on your hand and handshake with people
  37. Put invisible ink on someone’s crisp white shirt.
  38. Run down the lane and yell out, “They are back! They are back!!”
  39. Randomly choose someone and say, “I love you, where were you for so long”
  40. In a restaurant, scream- I lost my rattle snake over here, if found please return back immediately.
  41. Drop some red color on shirt and reach out at friend’s apartment and act like a dying person.
  42. Sit beside someone and ask- “Are you the same guy who killed me last night”.
  43. Ask a stranger for a coffee date and see reactions.It is a best bucket list idea for teenagers.
  44. In an elevator while going down with just another one person, yell out keeping hands on ears, “Not the voices again, they are taking us down to devil!!”.
  45. Poke someone in a crowded place and point it towards another person and leave.
  46. Follow someone and when they turn around yell out “Do not stare at me, I am innocent”.
  47. Plead to any random stranger to not to leave you alone and promise no more fights.
  48. In a crowded elevator, make sounds of farts and act like an innocent person.
  49. Dress up like a police officer and start questioning any random person in a case related to burglary and murder
  50. Block the door at a store and ask for entry password.

All of these are literally the most funny bucket list ideas that need to be tried and enjoyed to the core. However, not everyone would find these cool things a truly hilarious. Some would take it serious. So try all these without getting slapped or getting arrested. Good luck!.


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