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Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your New Pup

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Best Companion
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Pets are like a family to us. No matter how many pets we have, each one of them is unique. The love, they shower on us is unique. So to speak your attempt of finding unique female dog names is really a thoughtful one.

While choosing a girl dog name from bella to princess, lots and lots of names might get queued up in your mind. But the fact is, most of them should be overused. So how are you gonna find a unique name for your irreplaceable companion? Movie characters, cartoon characters, favorite personalities, and places you can take anything for inspiration. Nothing wrong but it should be in a way such that your pet can easily recognize it without any confusion.

To save your time from crawling through 1000 of names, here I have given a handpicked list of top 100 unique girl dog names in this post. You may also like to read top 100 male dog names from our list.

Most of the names here are heavily underused and at the same time, they are undeniably cute. So when you name your dog with such names probably she would out stand from all other cuties in your area. Goal achieved right?

But wait, before deciding a name to your cutie, you should know how your girl would love to be called. We asked the experts and compiled a quick summary for your reference. Go check it out.

  • Naming a pet is more fun but always remember that you are gonna use this name more than 100 times per day to praise, to call and perhaps to yell.
  • You can choose any name you like; your pet is going to love it and will get used to respond. But experts claim that dogs easily recognize and understand one or two syllable names better than the longer names with many syllables. It’s the reason why we picked up only the short names in this list.
  • Avoid the names that have similar pronunciation with the standard commands like “Sit, Catch, Ball, Down, No etc”. For example, If you name your dog “Bo”, the chances are, she may confuse it with the command “No”.
  • Most importantly choose the names that are both easy and nice to call out. Calling your dog, Princess will seem less embracing than calling her with the name Princess Leia in a dog park.
  • Our dog will still be considered as a baby even when she hits 17. There’s no denial. But calling her “Kitten” after she grew up into a big girl will seem completely inappropriate. So pick a name that suits her in all the ages to come.
  • Giving a name based on her personality trait is the best idea too. If she always seems to be happy and brisk, you can call her buster. If she is dark and attractive, you can call her” Nyx” who is popularly known as the Greek goddess of night.
  • So without any further ado let’s quickly jump into the list.

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names List

Cartoon Inspired Names For Female Dogs 

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Best Companion

Right from our childhood, we all have watched and enjoyed many cartoon characters. In fact, some characters are still living with us passing through the decades and generations. Tom and Jerry, Poppye the sailor man, Micky mouse, Donald Duck, this list actually grows. Here is list of cartoon characters that are popular ad yet under used in naming the pet animals. Check it out.

Xena –  Featured in the movie, “Xena the warrior princess“. If the girl you wish to name is known for hospitality with strangers, you can start calling her Xena

Dora – Remember the Spanish girl Dora, the explorer? This name will perfectly suit the breed that is fluffy and cute like Dora

Tweety – If she is bright, charming and pretty

Dee-Dee – If she is small and well mannered

Rio – It’s for a dog which cares her family and behaves suspicious to strangers. You can give this name to the girl dog with brown eyes as well

Doobie – For a companion dog. It’s the middle name of Scoobie Doo

Lady – Because she deserves to be treated with a high social status

Kira – If she kills you with lots of love and affection

Minnie – If you love her as much as Micky

Winnie – If winnnie the poo is your favorite

Tinker Bell – If she is sweet, beautiful and always collect something like Tinker Bell

Fay – If she is an angel in your eyes

Babrbie – For a cute and sweet doll like dog

Scout For a dog that behaves like a brave little tomboy. One of the main characters in the novel, “To kill a mocking bird

ZigZag  For a pup that never walks in a straight line

Firefly If she lights up your life

Gecko For a dog that bails you out from any tough situation

Buster If she is well known for breaking something or the other. She will seem happy and energetic in the most cases

Movies And Series Names For Female Dogs

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Best Companion

Media touches the lives everywhere. Though some names featured in the popular movies and series seem to be so popular, surprisingly less than 5% of the pets are registered with these names in AKC‘s registry. Without any doubt, naming your girl with these names will make her unique and authentic.

Tootsie – Will suit all the funny and adorable tiny dog breeds with lovely feet

Khaleesi If she is kind and brave as the mother of Dragons

Sansa – For a charming girl dog who can take your breath away

Arya – If she seems to be fearless. No one can hate her for anything

 Elsa She is pretty, nice but at times behaves mysteriously like Frozen “Elsa”

Cupid For a lovable dog

Cleo For a dark beautiful girl dog.

Helen – For a girl dog who is stunningly beautiful as the “Helen Of Troy”

Juliet – If she is the heroine of your story.

Moncy  If she is clever and grasps everything quickly

Personality Based Unique Girl Dog Names 

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Best Companion

You can never go wrong with your decision, once you decide to name your dog with her personality. That’s a promise! Because these names will grow along with your dog. Here is a long list of personality based nicknames to choose from. Check it out.

Goldie – Suits a dog with a golden silky coat (She has a golden heart too)

Gypsy – For a cute independent warrior

Buttercup For a dog that is golden and bright

Flo – If she responds to your commands as sharp as arrow

Foxy If she reminds the fox

Viva – Represents a Long Live. We all want her to live long and beyond. So the name.

Sugar If she is as sweet as sugar. Sugar?? Yes, Please!

Princess / Sadie For a beautiful little princess

Molly If she is utter perfect. You will never regret,  letting this princess into your life.

ZuZu   It’s a unisex name made popular by Vodafone. If your boy/girl is white, this name will perfectly suit them. It’s popular and at the same time quite usual. That’s why it made into the list of top 100 unique female dog names.

Sasha –  For a helper dog. Once she is trained, she will do anything for you

Cara –  If she is as fine as hell. She has got everything eyes, nose, ears etc.. perfect on her.

Freckles  – If she has small brownish spots on her body

Fluffy – For a fluffy, super soft and a light girl dog.  She is so cuddly

Iona – She is a loyal girl with beautiful eyes and big heart for you

Duchess For a girl dog which has sharp ears and awesome hair

Kinky – She is full of fun. She is eccentric and quirky

Minty  If she is brisk all the 24 * 7

Nikki – Perfect name for a husky. You can’t mad at her no matter how naughty she behaves

Silky For a dog with silky coat

Sunny   For a dog which brings the sunshine to your life

Echo   For a girl who brilliantly imitates all of your actions. It is cute. Isn’t it?

Eva – For a dog that goes extremely well with kids. She is classy, beautiful and stunning

Sissy  – She will behave like a baby girl. She would love to play with the dolls with your kids.

Sandi / Sandra  – For an intelligent, loyal and honest dog. She is your personal assistant

Summer –  For a bright dog. She will bring the sunshine to your life no matter how cloudy it is

Misty – For a girl dog that can make you smile, laugh, cry, live and die at the same time

Mica  She is friendly not only with you but with your friends as well. She is your best travel companion

Beauty Because she is. It’s a straight forward and of course the best and unique dog name

Trixie – Who brings the bring joy and euphoria.

Raina – She is the most beautiful dog and amazing friend, you could ever have

Caddy Beautiful name for a puppy which often gets caught up doing the stupid things

Dolly For a charming dog, she knows how to make everyone to be her friend

Cool Dog Names Inspired By Other Animals And Objects

Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your Best Companion

        Pebbles : She is round and Small

From the pebbles to cookies there are few objects we often use in metaphors ( in a positive way). Why don’t we use it on our pets? Check the list below. You will like it.

SiriIf she is your exclusive personal assistant

Twinkie / Twinkle – Who wouldn’t love the twinkles?

Fauna – She is very loving and caring. No matter what she does, you can’t punish her by your heart

Dove – Suits all beautiful white dogs

Dixie – For a dog with all the charm

Lucky Loo – She makes the miracles happen. Your lucky charm!

Fluir – For a dog that is as elegant as flower

Tattoo  – Because she is lifelong and the beyond

Cookie – Because she is small and sweet

Java – If she is brown or if you love star bucks

Pebbles – This name will suit a puppy that is fluffy, round and small

Daffodil – If she is as cute as Daffodil

Butterscotch  – Because you love her to the core

Waffle – For a dog that is delicious as waffle. It’s a unisex name, will suit the male dog as well

Cupcake – one of the Coolest unusual nicknames for your lovable pet

Cherry – If she is as delicate as cherry

Lollipop – It’s evergreen and so your dog is

Rainbow – Because she brings color to your life

Aurora – For a pup that has colorful personality like northern lights

Cute Human Names For Female Dogs 

unique female dog names

Sometimes we can steal the cool and unique puppy names from popular personalities like actors and singers.

Kiki – Because she deserves the fame

Adele – I don’t think that this name needs an explanation

Mika – You can use this indie singer name for a girl dog. She will brighten up your day like a star

Jane – Name of the most beautiful woman in the world so for your dog

JoJo It’s just cute. Need anything more?

Thea – If she has all the lovable qualities you would ever want from a dog

Quinn If she is an expert in making friends. She is stunning and down to earth.

Yoko For one man dog. She will trigger mocking fights among your family members for sharing love with

Becckey It’s a short name of Rebecca. One of the classical unique girl dog names

Lacey – It’s just cute and there is no Historical Meaning.


Cool And Unusual Dog Names From Other Languages 

Name Language Description
Cho Cho Japanese Butterfly
Comet Latin Long Hair
Leto Olympian Titan Goddess. Lover of the Olympian God Zeus
Nyx Greek Goddess of Night. Will suit a girl dog which is powerful and independent
Amigo Spanish Friend
Kira Celtic Sweet Young Girl usually for dark breeds
Yoshiko Japanese For the Most amazing down to earth girl dog
Lolitta Spanish Means Manly. For an independent girl dog
Chole Latin Means cool people. Perfectly suits your cool  puppy

 Love the collection top 100 unique female dog names or hate them? You would definitely have your opinion to share with us. We are happy to hear your voices.Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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