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Top 50 Cool Pokémon Go Trainer Nicknames – Ideas & Guide

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Now as you might aware millions of people taken on the street playing Pokémon Go. Thus it’s needless to say that all the common names and most of the creative names you could possibly imagine are already taken. As a result, many  people are reporting to receive “Nickname unavailable” message no matter how many attempts they make. There is no single Pokémon trainer who have got his nickname in his/her very first attempt itself. But still there is a way to get the cool Pokémon Go Nicknames to fear your opponent.

Though you can add some random number to your desired name and get your nickname easily, doing so will not be satisfying in the long run. Once you master the pocket monsters and become the man of your own in Pokémon Go, you will definitely regret for such initial name. You won’t believe that how many users are contacting the Support team regarding the nickname change. Nintendo provides an option to pursue the nickname changes but this process is really a pain in the ass especially at this stage when lot of server issues are yet to be fixed.

When you try to choose a nickname with Pokémon go, it won’t give you any clue on the available variations. There is no public database to check out the existing names. So you should use your creativity to form your unique nickname so you can feel proud even when you reach the level 30. To help you come up with your own Pokémon go trainer names, here we have listed some of the well known yet least used ideas for your reference. Check it out.

Pokémon Go Trainer Name – Know The Format

Whether you are choosing the nickname for yourself or for your Pokémon, the following rules will remain the same.

  1. Good Pokémon go nickname can contain the following characters
  • Alphabets (Uppercase letters or Lowercase letters or combination of both)
  • Numerals
  • Special Characters (!,’,?,-)
  • Space
  1. You can also form a name using only a sequence of alphabets or numbers or special characters or the mix of all.


  • Headphones, NotStirred
  • 90’s Ketchup, A Piggy!, A Pig!
  • 007
  • (‘-‘), I <3 U

Do you already have a Pokémon trainer name? And you are not satisfied with the current name ? If you nod yes, now you can change your name within the settings menu of your Pokémon Go account. This time change it with caution because Niantic Labs allow the nickname change only once. Here is how.

  1. Navigate to the Map View and click the main menu icon
  2. Touch the settings (Gear icon) at the top right corner
  3. Click on change nickname. Enter the new nickname and save the data.

Ideas To Create A Cool Pokémon Go Nickname That isn’t Taken Yet

Pokémon go trainer name is an in-game username so it must be unique. But as a gamer, this is not everything you would ever need. Isn’t? Your username must be strong and memorable so you can haunt down the other gamer even at his dreams.

However while every possible name you could imagine seems to be taken down, how would you come up with another memorable name? We have number of tricks to help you accomplish this task. Now without any further ado, let’s quickly jump into the solution toward the most popular Pokémon Go issue ” nickname unavailable“.

1.Use one of the 151 Pokémon Names With a Little Twist

You can check out the exclusive list of 151 Pokémon pocket monsters with their ranking and personality traits by clicking here

Cool Pokémon Go Nicknames

You can either use partial or full name of a Pokémon in conjunction with another popular name. Use your creativity!. These names will stay more relevant and will totally make sense in the growing Pokémon go Community.


  • Jack Spearow
  • Kakunamatata

2.Make A Recognizable Spelling Mistake

Take the famous cartoon character names or other strong media inspired names and make an identifiable little spelling mistake purposely.

Example : Change the position of “h” in “the” like “teh”. Change

Original Name New Pokémongo Nickname
Felix The Cat Felix Teh Cat
Mojo Jojo Mojo-Jojo or Mojo JojoH

3. Use Online Name Generators To Generate Go Nickname

When you can’t think of a nickname on your own, go with the online name generators. The following programs are exclusively made for generating Pokémon Go names.

Online nickname Generators To Get That Little Help




4.Think of Some Creative Phrases


Keeping the weird phrases like “BigDamnHero” or “LookWhatICanDo” or “ImTheBirthdayGirl” will definitely stand out from the crowd. You have enough vocabulary. Make the most of it.

5.Use Your Favorite Numbers (Only If it makes sense)

Some people put their favorite dates or numbers into their username just because it is special for them. Beware, it may ruin the authenticity of your nickname. If you still want it to include, do it in a creative way.

You can also insert the numbers in between your username.

Example :



6. Add Appropriate Special Character(s) At The End Of Your Desired Name

When all the above tricks fail to get a unique username, try adding an appropriate special character at the end of the nickname of your choice.




Don’t try With Your Real Names

Most of the common first or last names for both male and female are taken. You won’t get any luck even if your name is the rarest one.

 Mobile Number As Your Username ?  – Don’t Do it

You will definitely win the attempt when you decide to use your mobile number as your nickname. But it’s really a very bad idea. You will regret your decision sooner or later.

Top 50 Cool Pokémon Go Nicknames  (Some Aren’t Taken Yet)

Number Pokémon Go Trainer Name
1 Electro Exeggcute
2 I <3 You
3 Horrible One
4 Smi)E
5 Pretty Pikachu
6 Meet Mew
7 Draco
8 Jack Fearow
9 Kakuna Rattata
10 SuperGurl!
11 Persian Pearl
12 GoSlowBro
13 So4Good
14 Pandaw
15 Ninjyte
16 LOLno
17 Just 2 Dudes
18 Not Me
19 Play B0y
20 WillCum4U
21 GoEasyPlz
22 Nextst0pHell
23 Your Enire Team
24 OUCH!
25 Try N Ban Me
26 Your Friend
27 Confused Man
28 Eat You Alive
29 Zombie Jynx
30 I’m Not Human
31 Your Mad Dad
32 Charged Terrorist
33 Soul Stealer
34 Corrupted Heart
35 Blood Rider
36 #DivineFury#
37 Invisible Flame
38 Lord Of Fraud
39 I’m Your Father
40 Headphones
41 HoldTheDoor
42 Miss Kitty
43 StaryuBucks
44 Mr Ditto
45 Ms EeveE
46 Mankey Warrior
47 Skilled Haunter
48 Dangerous Muk
49 I’M A Killer
50 Messy Mew

Pokémon Go made people so crazy and it’s growing faster than all other social networks. So better go ahead and claim your Pokémon go Nickname as soon as possible. Don’t forget to tell us the about the cute pokemon nickname you have ever encountered in this massive game.



  1. Trevor Vanderwal July 4, 2017

    I believe my name deserves some recognition ” MASTER BALLSS 88″ I am know as MASTER BALLS ALTHOUGHT MASTER BALLS ALSO EXIST IN POKEMON GO, NOT AS OF YET BUT SOON!

  2. Luke August 4, 2017

    Um. Im GymCardashian.

  3. shubham agarwal August 16, 2017

    मेरे pokemon गेम मैं कोई भी trainer नाम नही ले रहा
    आ दिक्कत आ रही हैं

  4. Jayce October 2, 2019

    What I think should be on there is master mew


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