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8 Ways To Fix The Connection Failed With Error 651

internet connection error 651
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Windows is the widely used GUI based operating system. Being a windows user you might have come across a prompt saying connection failed with error 651 in the past, or maybe you are facing it right now. Whatever the case may be, reading this article would help you to resolve the issue.

Whenever we face any issue on mobile or on pc, first step we take is to restart the device. Most of the times, doing this will resolve the issue. So, try this trick once in your system too. If it doesn’t help, then continue to read on this article.

Find out, what went wrong on your system. It will help you to fix the issue soon.

Reasons Behind The Error 651

You may encounter the error 651, when you try to connect your PC (Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10) to an internet using the broadband connection. It is one of the most common errors occurred on windows. The reason might be you may not have properly configured your modem. There are various other reasons too.

  • sys file is misplaced.
  • Your registry is corrupted.
  • IP address conflict.
  • Internet configuration is broken.

Due to any of the above reason you can face the dialogue saying, “Error: 651 Connection failed”. To overcome from this problem, I’m writing here various possible solutions. Try them out.

Resolved: Connection Failed With Error 651

Before digging for any other solution and performing any changes, first, you should try simple and basic solutions. Some of them are, Restart your PC and/or, Restart your modem or any other internet connecting device. These steps are the most basic and initial troubleshooting. Mostly restarting will solve the issues raised. If it doesn’t solve your problem then you can play with other solutions given below.

1.Resetting TCP/IP

IP address is the unique identifier of your PC on the internet. So, as I mentioned earlier, IP address conflicts can create trouble while connecting to the internet. So, if restarting your system doesn’t work then you can try resetting your TCP/IP to solve error 651.

Whether you’re using Windows vista, 7, 8 ,8.1 or Windows 10 you can run a single command using command prompt and it will reset TCP/IP for you.

  • Just open your CMD with administrator rights, copy and paste the command given below.
    • netsh int ip reset reset.log
    • After typing the above command hit

internet failed with error 651 windows 10

Effect of above command will be applied after you restart the PC. So, after running above command, restarting your PC is necessary. Check whether the issue internet connection error 651 is resolved. If it doesn’t fix the issue, continue with the next solution.

2.Recreate The Dial-Up Connection

Sometimes your current connection can be blocked or hanged during the session. At this time, creating a new dial-up connection will help resolve this issue. Right click the dial up connection then select “create copy” and proceed with the onscreen instruction. Delete the existing connection. If it’s confusing you, just follow the instructions below.

  • First of all go to Network & Sharing Center, in windows 10 it is called Network & Internet. Then go to, Change Adaptor Options
  • Now, you can see your modem or dial-up connection. Right click on that connection and click on Create copy
  • You’ve just created copy of your existing connection. So, now you can delete your old connection and try to connect using the new connection.

3.Disable IPv6 

Disabling IPv6 is also one of the easiest solutions for resolving the error 651. This is a very simple thing and it has already worked for so many users. So, trying this can get rid of your modem from the error code 651. To disable IPv6, you have to follow few simple steps.

  • Open control panel and select Network & Internet.
  • Now, Choose Network & Sharing Center and the Change Adapter Settings.
  • Right click on the connection you use to connect with internet
  • Click on Networking tab and uncheck IPv6 connection.


  • Open control panel and select Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click on the active connection.
  • Select Properties
  • Select Networking tab and uncheck Ipv6 connection.

If you feel the instructions are confusing, check out the screens below:

error 651 windows 8

connection error 651


error 651 windows 8

internet failed with error 651 windows 10


 Now check whether the internet failed with error 651 exist. Mostly probably the error will go off.

 4.Disable Auto Tuning For Your Windows

After roaming through so many websites to resolve the Connection error 651, I’ve come across to know one of the reasons that might have generated this error in your windows. Windows autotuning feature is malfunctioned, specifically in windows vista/7 according to many websites. So if you’re using the router to connect to an internet then, disabling auto-tuning feature before upgrading the firmware of your router can be the promising solution.

To disable windows auto-tuning, you can follow the steps stated below.

  • Run cmd with administrator rights.
  • Type the following command and hit You can even copy and paste the given command.

 Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

internet failed with error 651 windows 10

 Now, you’ve successfully disabled autotuning in your windows. So, try again to connect with the internet. Hopefully, it will solve the issue “internet failed with error 651”.

5. The Clean Boot

Problem in windows services can also generate this error. When you are not sure about the reason behind error code 651, you will be trying to experiment with every possible solution. So, if you’ve not succeeded to solve the connection error 651 you can perform the clean boot to solve it.

Follow the below steps to perform the clean boot.

  • In Run dialogue box type myconfig and hit Enter.
  • In the upcoming dialogue box under General tab, select Selective startup and select Load startup items.
  • Switch to Services tab & check Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Now, disable all other services by clicking on Disable all button.
  • Now, restart is the only thing that is left to perform the clean boot.

connection error 651

error 651 windows on 8

Try to connect with the internet to check whether this solution has worked for you or not.

6.Reinstall Network Adapter

Reinstalling network adapter is one of the most recommendable solutions to your problem “Connection failed with error 651”.Uninstall and reinstall the network adapter. It will do the magic. You can do this using the instructions below.

  • Type devmgmt.msc in Run and hit enter.
  • You can even type devmgmt.msc directly in search.
  • Now click on Network Adapters and then proceed with the + sign.
  • Find the adapter that connect your system with internet.Right the adapter and choose uninstall.
  • Now restart your computer. When the system restarts it will restore the adapter automatically.

connection failed with error 651

Hope now the issue “connection error 651” is resolved.

7.Update The Drivers

Drivers are crucial software programs. Keeping the up-to-date drivers are very important too otherwise you will encounter “connection  error 651”. To update the drivers, you need to go through your hardware’s website and download the latest version of your driver. Or simply install the driver agent which will scan your PC and notify the list of out-dated ones.  You can choose all or the selective ones and click update.

Check now after updating the drivers and see whether the issue is resolved.

8. Replace the file “RASPPPSE.SYS” – Windows 7

In Windows 7, the default location of the file ”Raspppse.sys” is “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers”. Rename the file as “Raspppse1.sys” and leave it there. Check in any other windows 7 installed system and copy this file. Paste it into your system in the same location of the file Raspppse.sys. Now try to connect your modem. No longer will you see the connection error 651.

Is the solutions described here helped you to fix the issue or Are you still getting the connection failed with error 651? Write to us. We are eager to get you the comments from our users.