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How To Design The Best College Student Email Signature

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Emails are one of the brightest ideas of modern times! Since then it’s always been a joyful tension as to choose what kind of signature we use in our emails. Personally not much, but professionally or educationally it’s good to have email signatures that are real classy, to the point and simple. Work email signature or graduate or college student email signature would come in that slot. First of all as a student why should you need a signature? It’s because it can reveal many things about you and your skills to its audience. By taking the ideas described below, you can create the email signature using your mail client (Gmail or Outlook) or using the professional branding tool like newoldstamp.com.

Using the branding tool you can just drag and drop the things you need within just few minutes. While creating the student signatures via mail client, it would take some extra time. That’s ok. Won’t you spend your time for creating your awesome email signature?

Why Students Need The Best Email-Signatures?

Not to sound serious, but hey! Your college is probably your next big step. College puts you together and gives a chance to show who you are, what you are. You get linked professionally with tons of people like you or your higher officials. Sometimes those officials might be looking out for people like you. In such cases, am email from you will have big influence and to have simple & proper email signature will humbly say your strength.

The email signatures are quick gateway of your achievements, of who you are. It has an impact on your job search, academics or if you’re about to start your next step through interning.

 Best College Email Signature Can Help You With

• Recognizing you, putting you out there
• Your job search
• Your baby steps into the big professional world
• In growing academics , professional, business circle
• Letting people know what you’re looking for
• Letting people know what you are capable of
• Getting to know your efforts behind your achievements either professionally/academically
• Meeting people (business/professional/human resource) who share your ideas and values
• Looking for internships, scholarships.

With that being said, your brain might pop two questions! ‘So how do we do it? Where to start?.

It’s easy to design a college / graduate student email signature. All you need to know is just what you can include and what you should not include.

Designing A Professional College Student Email Signature

If you’re a college/university student, the required elements for a student email-signature is just a few important personal details. They are:
• Full name
• Major (or if its Minor)
• Name of the University/College
• Year of Graduation
• Phone number
• Email-Address
• Personal Website/Social Networking (if and only if it’s appropriate )

So now the details are ready and what next? The second step is about how you bring these details to shape! To do that, here are few do’s and don’t s you need to know

Being Minimal

Be precise and crisp with your details.

Line Count

Don’t exceed your email-signature more than four or five lines. To the max include 6 lines. Anything beyond would look bad.

It’s Not Your Resume

Sometimes you might be inclined to include your achievements, academics/extracurricular details, your skill set, academic accomplishments in your degree, etc., Do Not do that. Because it is your email signature not your CV.

Use An Image / Word mark

It’s acceptable to include your college/university logo, your photo, word-mark.

Use Bold/Italic

Use bold /Italic character on the most important thing wisely as it drawn to the recipient eyes quickly. This can be your position or your internship provider info or it can be your awards etc.

Maintain Condense And Crisp Attitude

You might feel like adding in details which ever you feel important either academically or professionally. Don’t do that. We personally recommend maximum of six lines of email-signature.

Include Your Role

If you’re into executive memberships in college groups/clubs mention them. If you are a candidate in your college magazines, if you hold any post, part of student union/student network mention them crisply.


                   : Fitzgerald Grant
                     Ohio University | Politics Major|
                     Campus ambassador| Head of Public relations

Include Your Social Profile & Website

Include your social profile via the icons instead of texts. For every icon give a hyperlink to your profile which makes your profile look cooler than you think.

If you have website with your ongoing or already finished project work, include that too.

Don’t Include These

Don’t include any quotes, taglines, religious verses, bible quotes, political view as it could cause offense or perceived differently. You must not include large graphic images, background images, contrast font colors, highlighting texts, special fonts, V-Cards, big social media icons too.

Best College Student Email Signature Ideas

Here are few best examples to student email signature

college student email signature graduate student email signature

Given above are only few of many. For your creativity, sky is the limit. Create an email signature that shows who you are with a short required info.

Worst Email Signatures

worst college student email signatureWhy Is It Worst?

  • Too much information.
  • Too many font colors and phone numbers too.
  • Blog and website urls are given. Giving any one is allowed.
  • Both email and contact address are given. You shouldn’t give all of these to reach you.

Some More Tips To Create A Professional College Email Signature

Best Font For Email Signature

Just go through some of the best email signatures listed above. You can see all of them using a plain professional font. It’s because special fonts may not be available across different software platforms. Any proper email signature must include the fonts

• Arial
• Courier
• Times New Roman
• Palatino
• Verdana
• Lucida
• Helvetica
• Georgia
• Tahoma
• Trebuchet

These fonts are called as email safe fonts. These are available on all smartphones and installed default on windows and mac platforms.

Font size can be anywhere in between 10 and 12. It ensures the best readability.

Font colors can be the dark one. Use 1 or 2 colors, more colors seem to be awful.

Update Your Email Signature On Your Smartphone

If you use your Smartphone for sending mails, do update your Email-Signature on the device (Iphone/Android anything). It makes you look uncool if the mail says ‘sent from my iphone’, ‘sent from my blackberry’, ‘sent from my windows phone’ etc.

Now as a student you know what to include and what not to include in your proper email signature. As a next step you must know how to include the email signature in your gmail or outlook so you can send the mail with the signature you designed.

Steps To Attach An Email-Signature Into Your Gmail Account

graduate student email signature

How to create an email signature in gmail ? Lets see those steps one by one.

1. Click the Settings gear icon
2. From the pop-up list, select Settings
3. Go to ‘General’. By default the ‘General’ stash of options is the one that comes.
4. When you scroll down you can see the ‘Signature’ option. Uncheck the ‘No Signature’ option.
5. Choose the options for font size, font type, and other details.
6. Type in your email-signature content or insert the image you designed. You don’t have to include the signature separator as the Gmail inserts it automatically
7. In case of adding image, use the formatting bar options.
8. Save the changes once you’re done.
If you want Gmail to insert your Email-Signature right after your messages and above the original messages in the ‘replies’
9. Check the ‘Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–“ line that precedes it’ box without fail.
10. You need to add the standard signature separator to your email-signature manually.
11. Save the changes.
12. By now you should see the designed professional college email signature ‘replies’.

How To Attach An Email Signature Into Outlook Account

The Outlook gives you options to create one or more personalized signatures.

1. Open a new email message
2. From the ‘Message’ menu select ‘Signature’ and ‘Signatures

how to add a college student email signature into outlook3. Under the ‘Select Signature to Edit’ choose ‘New’ and ‘New Signature’ dialog box.
4. Type a name for the signature.

graduate student email signature
5. Under ‘Edit Signature’ type in your desired text or choose an image. You have formatting options too.
6. Under the ‘Choose default signature’ list set the following criteria’s

college student email signature
a. If you want different signatures for each email account, then choose required email from the ‘Email-Account’ drop box.
b. You’ll see another box called ‘New Messages’. If the signature is to be added automatically to all new mails by default, select one of your signatures. Else if you don’t want default setting then choose ‘None
c. You have another drop box called ‘Replies & Forwards’. Choose the settings according to your preference.
7. Once you’re done, click Ok

How To Include The Same Email Signature Into Smartphone

If you want the same Email-Signature format as in your Google account profile to your Smartphone, then:

1. Create your Email-Signature in your Gmail account profile (or any profiles like Yahoo, Outlook or of any of your preference).
2. If you are using logos/images/links/icons then make sure you have included them all properly and formatted them properly.
3. Send yourself a mail. By you to you!
4. Access this sent mail from your Smartphone.
5. Select the signature and Copy it from the message
6. Paste this signature into the appropriate Signature box/menu/option of your choice like Iphone app, android mail app or Gmail app or whatever option you use.

Now you are ready to go with your college student email signature. Send lovely mail and show who you are. Did we miss anything to include in this post? Drop your comments below. We are waiting for it.