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Can You Pick Up Girls Using Pokémon Go ? – Put To The Test

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Pokemon Go fever is everywhere and it’s now has become a phenomenon too. This new mobile game has gained a popularity by letting the virtual Pokémons hanging out literally every where in the real world. Quick toss of virtual ball is all you need to catch those beautiful pokémons into your collection. Impressive right? There’s actually more.You can Pick up girls using Pokemon Go. It’s proven.

As an unclaimed offer, this pokémon go craze has given an opportunity to lure the women around you. Yeah, it made picking up the hotties, young and nerdy women easier than ever before. Just Install Pokemon Go app, turn on GPS and walk into your nearest pokéstop or a bar or any other interesting public place you like. Start playing the game. You can see the people around you (right,left, front and behind) playing this same incredible game. Go, play along with them.

Stop imagining the mental picture of people whom you think might have installed this game because the total number of installs, this Pokémon Go gets in 1 week exceed the the number of installs what Tinder has got in its lifetime. And you wouldn’t have an idea on the quantity and quality of the women who play this game.

Since it’s a game and it already had broken almost all the hardest part for you, approaching those young Pokémon Go Hotties should not be a tough task.Easy conversation starter! Just Go ahead, take on the street and start picking up girls like a pro.

This technique has been tried and succeeded by so many young souls around the world.

It seems like, you don’t need sweets or flowers or expensive gifts to pick up the girl of your dreams anymore. All you need is just a smart phone with Pokémon Go app installed.  Why are you waiting still ? Go put it to the test and see the result in the same day. Good luck guys! Don’t  forget to share your success stories with us in the comment section  🙂


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  1. Athena July 10, 2018

    Great love it


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