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21 Most Interesting Bucket List Ideas For Teenagers

bucket list ideas for teenagers
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Teenage is the only time when we are blessed with lots of energy filled up in our body. It’s the time when one can roam with that carefree attitude. Undoubtedly, it’s the right time to experiment all those crazy and adventurous stuffs you can ever imagine doing of. With this in mind, we have carefully crafted the most interesting bucket list ideas for teenagers. Go through it. In our compilation, some of them are funny, some of them are adventurous and some of them are set with a sincere motive to achieve bigger things in life.

It may not be possible to experience all the bucket list items described here at a single stretch. Prepare a schedule and try to accomplish it one by one through baby steps. Always remember, teenage is the golden time and you are never going to have this stamina and energy again in your lifetime. So make the most of it.

If you think that we missed to specify some of your favorite bucket list ideas that are worth adding to this list, feel free to drop your comments below. Let’s improve this list even better.

Bucket List Ideas For Teenagers – Must Do Before You Die

1.Go On A Road Trip

teenage bucket list

Call your pals, take a map and hit the road. The purpose of going on a road trip is to fill it with surprises and having fun all along the way. Let each one of you decide the small things on a road trip that will make your trip more exciting and fun. Do all sorts of crazy things, that’s what a road is for.

2.Gear Up For The Northern Lights

bucket list for teens

Witnessing the northern lights is being the top travel bucket list idea of almost every traveler in the world. Interest in the northern lights also known as aurora borealis, is raised rapidly over the past few years fueled by the tales of travelers. I am sure the magnificent dance of magnetic fields in the cold nights of north-pole will make your day enthralling. There is no point in postponing the plan. Just head out to Norway and pay a visit. Alongside you can enjoy your vacation in the Arctic with the scenic views and cold terrain.

3.Go Scuba Diving

teenage bucket list

Diving into the ocean and encountering the vast, beautiful underwater world is one kind of an experience. Discovering the blue biomes, you get to see the splendid life forms and those scenes are memorable. Scuba diving brings along adventure, enthusiasm and fun. This can increase many folds with friends. There are some renowned locations that offer a great scuba experience and complimented with traveling, it’s a complete travel package. You can see the beautiful coral reefs, various organisms, and the bedrock. It is a whole new domain of life, experience it yourself.

4.Invent Something  

teenage bucket list

Teens are highly creative and new ideas will emerge in their mind quite often. These vacations, why don’t you put effort on the model you have always been worked on in the backyard? Maybe a little hard work can be a valuable payback. What if you can invent something that is quite useful ? You can sell either your idea or product in the market and get some extra cash.  The benefit of this bucket list idea is twofold. It will make you famous and bring you cash. With that money, you can realize all other bucket list ideas for teenagers listed here. Like this idea?

5.Get A Little Tattoo That Says A Lot

bucket list ideas

Getting a tattoo is one of the most popular items, you can see in 90% of teenage bucket list over the internet. Do your research, find a small tattoo design with potent meaning. Remember, getting yourself inked is a lifetime decision. So choose a design carefully such that it makes you feel proud even at the age when your hair becomes grey. Finding a skilled tattooist holds a paramount importance as the tattoo itself. If you are a girl and wish to have a row of ear piercing, you can do it as well but with more caution.

6.Round And Round In The Zorbing Ball


Zorbing is a great sport that is worth the try. Everyone loves it. If you haven’t tried it yet, do not wait any further, try it out ASAP. Some might call it an extreme sport, but if carried out safely, it can be too much of fun. It is among the best outing sports you can enjoy with friends and family. I have done it like a hundred times and I’m still looking to play more.

7.Go Wroomwroom In A Sports Car

bucket list ideas for teenagers

For all those cars and speed lovers, sports cars are a craving. Teens form a major part of the speed-loving population. A sports car accounts for status symbol, luxury and craze for speed. Yeah, know that feeling when a guy comes in his Porsche while you have a bike ride to college and kids at school talk just about him. All of us have this item on our bucket list. At this age, it may not be possible to own a sports car but it’s possible to buy a driving experience by spending few bucks. Try it out. 

8.Get Famous

bucket list for teens

All of us want to be recognized and remembered in some way. There are many ways to achieve this aim of yours. Anything can make you famous, your ideas, your talents or maybe your knowledge. You can participate in some competitions or showcase your talents or skills on YouTube. You need something different to achieve this goal.

It is on everyone’s wish list, but only a few accomplish it in real time. Put your effort, because you deserve that fame.

9.Plan A Trip To The Bora Bora Land

teenage bucket list

The stunning white sands, crystal clear water, and soaring mountain peaks can make a perfect holiday destination. Bora Bora has been voted as a must visited place by many beach lovers, and it is definitely a place you must visit too. Hire a boat and set out for fishing expedition or hire a cruise and enjoy the stay. Teens who have heard of this paradise, have already added it to their bucket list.

10.Spend A Night In The Tree House 


Those who have an experience of building a tree house and playing on it in the backyard would definitely add this item to their funny bucket list ideas without a second a thought. Just Imagine spending a night with your partner (friends) in a large tree house built on the tall trees in the midst of dense forest. It’s amazing right? Undoubtedly, this tree house would bring your life close to the nature and would make you stay warm and cozy too.

There are many people who regret for not doing the things that they should have in their teen life. You don’t want to join that crowd. Giving a try is better than rather being sorry.

11.Master A Sport

You have been willing to learn a sport which you have always loved to watch but so far you haven’t been too serious to learn it anyway. Let’s make it happen now. Go and get that gear and set foot to learn that sport. It is fun to learn and once you have mastered the game, you can show off to your friends.

12.Have A Tech Free Day


So far, it’s been considered as the most difficult bucket list task among all those bucket list ideas for teenagers and it’s postponed like forever. It’s true that technology has become an integral part of our live. But it does not mean that you can’t live without. Going tech free without those internet and cell phones would open a whole new dimension to your live. On top of all, it’s just a matter of 24 hours. Give a try.

13.Celebrate Holi


 Holi is known as the “Festival of Colors”. It is celebrated in India to appreciate the upcoming spring.  In this festival people would throw the colored powders on their neighbors, friends and family members. I already got this item done in my bucket list. Participate in this color run which would definitely add colors to your life.

 14.Participate in La Tomantina


This is one of the craziest task of all the crazy bucket list ideas out there.

This festival has been continue to attract the people and so the media attention from all parts of the world. La Tomantina festival is all about throwing tomatoes on each other. This tomato fight will go on until the supply runs out. This fight boast no hard rules to follow.

15.Go Hiking


If you love to travel and enjoy tracing the trails, why don’t you plan a hiking trip? Besides to spending a quality time with your friends, you can witness the scenic places along the way. You can set up a camp fire and relax in the most beautiful locations. Hiking experience will definitely bring yourself very close to nature and you will get hundreds of beautiful experiences to talk about in the later days. In hiking you may easily walk along the side of the sea coasts, may enter into a forest or climbing up on a mountain. Whatever it is going hiking with friends or strangers will bond a relationship together. When going for hiking, take a GPS device with you where you would get no one to tell you what is lie ahead. Taking such the best device will show you techie plus it helps to guide your fellow people. Hiking will be adventurous but you have to care yourself better too.

16.The Sitcom Marathon


 Everyone has their favorite sitcom they don’t like to miss out and they will never get bored of watching it numerous times. I love Friends and House MD. I’m sure you have your own choice. So how about doing a Sitcom Marathon this weekend? You could sit with your favorite food, take up your favorite corner on the couch and switch to the sitcom and spend the weekend. Surely, you can add this again and again to your bucket list, one marathon won’t hurt.

17.Play Pranks On People  

bucket list ideas


This can be so much fun. You could team up with your friends and play small pranks on people. You could film them and share with others. You could also share them on YouTube and spread the laughter.

18.Help The Charity


This one is among the serious bucket list ideas for teenagers. This summer when don’t you spend some time doing a little service and help the needy? Let us get out and work to help those poor kids, get them some gear and food. Volunteer in some social group that helps animals and people by raising funds for the needy and earn some blessing.

19.Start A Collection


There might be things that you fancy – key chains, toys, automobile miniatures, trump cards, holidays collectibles, books etc etc. and there might be times when you envied your friends by seeing their collection. This summer, let’s put an end card. Dedicate this summer for exploring and expanding your collection of items. It’s a great way of accumulating things that you like and keeping them for memory. There are lot of memories that can be linked with this summer bucket list for teens. You can also trade your collectibles with others and get more stuff.

 20.Start A Blog

teenage bucket list

This is yet another serious bucket list ideas  offering the monetary benefits. Start blogging about the things you are passionate about. You can write on sports, designing, health, fashion, travel, technology or anything of your choice. You can also post recipes or DIY videos or funny videos as well.

21. Become A YouTuber

bucket list ideeas for teenagers

Nowadays everyone starting YouTube as their hobby. This hobby slowly emerging into a big one too. You start a YouTube with anything your interest goes on. It may be dance videos, gardening videos, experimental videos, science videos, may be a money making one or it may be any entertainment videos . Whatever it is create your own style and publish the videos whenever you get a time. It will earn more subscribers to you. It is an added opportunity to a youngster like you. Add this in your bucket list compulsorily.

 Here we have come to an end of this post. But this is not the very end. We will continue to update the bucket list ideas for teenagers from time to time. Subscribe to our feed and be the first one to get notified when new things happen here. Piece of advice though, please don’t ditch this list. Go ahead and fulfill your dreams. Teen life never comes twice, utilize it to the fullest.



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