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12 Best & Unique Off The Registry Wedding Gifts For Bride

wedding gifts
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Wedding is a very special day of life and we all want it to be the most unforgettable day of our life. However, the feel you get on your bestie’s or some other’s wedding is a lot different than your own wedding. As the wedding day approaches you fast, 2 nagging questions will make you scratch your head, “what to gift and what to wear”. Since it’s your bestie’s big day, you can’t compromise on any of these two. Just to help you in making a choice of gift, I have lined up some unique and refreshing wedding gift ideas here, in this post. Go check out and find the best to your bestie. No need to thank me!. You are always welcome.

12 Of The Best Wedding Gifts For Bride

1.A MissNowMrs Gift Card

wedding gifts for bride

MissnowMrs ,$29.95

If you know that your best friend is raring to change her last name post marriage, the best gift that you can give her is a MissNowMrs Gift Card. It is actually a gift of time to the newlyweds. This card would her to complete all the paper work related to her surname change automatically. This gift is indeed a gift of valuable time otherwise she would have to spend her precious time standing in the endless government queues.

2.Engraved Gifts


Personalized engraved gifts are another great idea for bridal gifts. You can engrave the bride’s name with her new surname on anything based on your budget. It can be as simple as a beach printed tote bag or a compact Jewelry box or a romantic pillow. If you afford, you can even consider presenting an engraved necklace as your wedding gift.

3.Porch Pair

wedding gift for bride

How about a porch seat or garden swing that can accommodate the 2 of the newlyweds?  It is a really thoughtful and caring gift for the newlywed. This gift idea is fun and romantic.Your friend is gonna love it for sure.

4.A Great Piece Of Art To Hang On The Wall

unique wedding gifts for bridegeezes.com

If she has an artistic taste, why don’t you buy a great piece of art for her wedding? Though it sounds like an overly used idea at a first glance, it’s actually a perfect present as it is gonna stay with them as a part of their lifelong memories. Try a romantic art piece (or use per-wedding photos) that goes well with the theme of the wedding.

5.Fruit Tree

unusual wedding gifts

Want to give your best friend something out of the box ? How about a fruit tree? Well, there are many such people who love gifting small plants or even seeds as a wedding favor to their friends and guests. Why don’t you go ahead one step further with this trend? Gift a fruit tree to your friend.  She will love this gift and will remember even on her 20th anniversary. Let me be bit detail here. I just Imagined the fun, the couple would have when picking the fruits from their garden on their 20th anniversary!

6.Practical Gifts Worth Experiencing

wedding gift ideas

Experience gifts like a Lamborghini ride, ski diving are all wonderful. But remember, these gifts will not please everyone. So if you want to offer a unique wedding gift for bride with a practical touch, consider giving her the gift cards to cooking class, portrait paintings or even spa outing. Depending on the area where the couple is going to get settled, offer this best practical gift to them.

7.A Specially Designed Spectra Sun Dial

unique wedding gift idea

artisanindustrials.com, $295

The sundial, we are talking now is not an ordinary one. It can illuminate a beautiful rainbow by taking only the sunlight. She can keep this beautiful sundial on the window seal. As the sun rises and shines in the east, this beautiful dial will start to decorate the floors with a colorful rainbow. Having a colorful rainbow dancing around the floor will spice up their romance even more… You can rest assured.

8.A Self Service Tray

wedding gifts for bridebedbathandbeyond.com, $19.99

Give the couple a self-service tray with a glass dome server. It would help them in all their upcoming home parties. The bride will thank you for this useful wedding gift.

9.Personalized Lyrical Canvas

bridesmaid giftsgeezees.com $90 and above

Gifting a canvas carrying the lyrics of their first dance is one of the most gorgeous wedding gifts for the couple especially for the bride. You can print few meaningful phrases of their first song and it is imperative to say that such a canvas can be customized to fit with the color scheme of the couple’s new home.

10.A Ring Dish For Her

wedding gifts for bride

Notonthehighstreet.com, $22.60

If you are looking for something simple yet chic and stylish, you can invest in a ring dish for your best friend. It is, in fact, a perfect gift for the bride. The best thing about this ring dish is that it comes in black and white colors and will suit any color of the room scheme.

11.Customized Fragrance Bar Exclusive Only For The Couple

unique wedding gifts

How about creating a customized fragrance bar for the newlyweds? They can create their own signature scent at the bar as and when they want to. It is really a unique and distinctive gift. I am sure your friend and her beau will absolutely love the idea and at the same time love you for this amazing gift.

12.Create a Wall Sized Picture Frame

wedding gifts for bride

Photo Via cavinelizabeth.com

Collect the couple’s pre-wedding photos and create a collage with the help of a professional photographer. Using this collage, you can simply create a canvas or a pillow or a photo frame. But as it’s as her wedding,  going one step further will make your gift more sophisticated. Surprise them with a wall-sized photo. They will use it to hang in their bedroom.

Gifts convey the message of love, affection and care for the receiver. Weddings are special. Make it more special by offering cute and creative wedding gifts for the bride, your best friend.



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