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8 Best & Unique Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Hairstylist

unique gifts for hairstylists
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 Hairstylists (Hairdressers) are our lifesavers. Especially when we have a bad hair day. They are that one and the only person who can get our hair back on track. They renew our look and make us feel 100 times better. They use only a handful of tools. The rest of the work is pure talent.

So, if you want to show your hairstylist how much you appreciate them, there are some best gifts you can give them. You can show how grateful you are with some of the most creative gifts. Doesn’t that sound exciting? We have prepared a list of gifts for hairstylists which are unique and awesome. There are a lot of ideas out there, but we have decided to share only a few now. They are useful and affordable. Especially if you are on a budget. Pick the one you like. You can make some adjustments to make the ideal gift. It is completely up to you. Here are the gifts we chose.

8 Best & Unique Gifts For Hairstylists

1.Hairdressing Scissors

best gifts for hairstylists

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Accept it or not. A hairdresser can never have enough scissors. They will have many but often leaving them in someplace that can’t be found 🙂 So when you gift them with hairdressing scissors, they will definitely feel happy. You can order them online and get them delivered to your door. It is that easy. There are scissors for all styles and techniques. Some are more complex than others. And some offer effortless and clean cuts. There are plenty to choose from. The options are endless. You can pick the one with your favorite design. Or, you can get something with smoother edges and handles that complement the scissors. You can get any one of hairdressing scissors below.

  • Swivel scissors
  • Quality barber scissors
  • Left-handed scissors
  • Thinning scissors

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 2. Necklace With A Twist

great gifts for hairstylists

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Stylish necklaces are always a cool gift. If you want to make it more appealing, you can always pick the one with a unique charm. A ruler charm, for example. These charms are one inch long. So, the hairstylist will wear it with ease. It won’t get in their way. You can also pick other types of necklaces. If they want more colorful or shiny things, you can always buy something like that. Pick the one you can imagine your hairstylist wear. Something that will suit them.

3.Custom Mug

unique gifts for hairstylists

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You can pick a cute or stylish mug. Better yet, order a custom printed mug. You can write your hairstylist a message or something else they would appreciate. Whether your hairstylist loves to drink coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, a mug will definitely make them happy. It is one of the most useful best gifts for hairstylist out there. Simple, cheap, and efficient.

4. Custom Apron

unique gifts for hairstylists

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Don’t get them an ordinary apron. Get them something they would love. Add a personal touch to your gift. Maybe print a couple of hairdressing scissors on the front with their name on it. You don’t need a specific design or a unique color. You can always go for black. This is a simple and elegant color. It won’t get too dirty like the white-colored ones. To make the apron worth it, you can pick the one with pockets. They make for handy storage.


best gifts for hairstylists

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A bracelet is a timeless gift. It will never be out of style. You can get your hairstylist a little cute one. Maybe with some scissors integrated into the bracelet. There are plenty of designs and colors you can choose from. If you have a budget to buy a cool gift for your hairstylist or hairdresser nothing can save you like a bracelet. Although it’s fair less when compared to others, it lasts a lifetime.

6. Desk Organizer

unique gifts for hairstylists

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Storage boxes and organizers are one of the most useful things for a hairdresser. They can fit a lot of scissors and tools. Professionals love them. They keep the desk organized and clean. There are desk organizers especially made for hairdressers. They have removable bristles for storing scissors. Or, you can get multiple different boxes and decorate them yourself. Nothing beats a personalized and custom made gift. You can make these boxes yourself by purchasing all the necessary stuff. If your hairstylist always keeps their desk neat, they will go crazy for these boxes. The prettier the organizer box, the cooler the desk will look. So, pick something that would fit with the rest of the décor in the salon.

7.Wall Clock

cool gifts for hairstylist

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Wondering what you could do with a wall clock? You can actually relate the timepiece to the hairdresser. It’s one of the wonderful great gift ideas. There are plenty of different clocks on the market. But, if you are looking for a clock for your hairstylist, you should definitely pick something creative. Go for the clock with a unique design. Hairstylists are very creative people. Most of them appreciate a splash of style. So, you can definitely pick something crazy or downright elegant. Make sure that you choose something that would contribute to their room décor. They can hang it at home or salon. Your stylist will love it.

8.Decal Stickers

gifts ideas for hair stylist

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Next to bracelets, this wall sticker is the most expensive gift out there. But it can be the most exciting one. Decal stickers can be applied just about anywhere. You can use them on the car, laptop, or any other surface. So, when you are choosing which stickers to get. Buy something fun. Something unique. You can get stickers with scissors, hairdryers, or mirrors that say “Love” or “BFF.” Get creative. It can be something entertaining, or something serious. These stickers are a wonderful gift because they last for years. They won’t fade away or crack for a very long time. That’s what makes them so awesome.

You can’t always leave a tip to your hairstylists. Doing so will be very usual but to make a  thoughtful one, you should buy gifts for hairstylists because they are the one who makes you look awesome in every party, meet up and throughout the year. Make sure to provide a gift that is both related to them and unique. It’s just a token of appreciation to show how great you feel for them. Choose one from the list or get something creative. So what is the gift you bought or gonna buy for your hairstylist? Write to us.