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14 Best Shampoo For Oily / Greasy Hair

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If you think nothing hurts more than a  break up , well, babe, think again. One of the most common problem that we face on day-to-day basis is oily hair. Every time you dress up for a party or something, your oily and greasy hair turns your mood off, right? You , like many of us, must have also spent nights searching on Google about the best shampoo for oily hair but couldn’t find anything reliable ? Apart from showing you the best shampoo, here we tell you the reason for having oily hair and the most important features that influence the oily hair. Read on.

Why Do We Have Oily Hair?

sebumWe all want to know this one darn thing that has made our lives miserable. The oiliness or greasiness that you feel while touching your scalp is the result of secretion of sebum. This sebum is secreted from sebaceous glands which are largely active on the areas of face and scalp. The sebum is secreted in order to maintain the amount of water that needs to be kept inside the body to ensure that it is not dehydrated. Also this sebum works as a wall which keeps the dirt and bacteria away from your face and scalp. So the sebum is not at all bad. It’s actually good but only if it stays in its limit and does not make the scalp an ocean of grease and oil which it eventually does.


To sum it all up, this greasiness is the result of hormonal changes and genetics so its natural if you get oily hair. Luckily, this oily hair issue can be tackled by using the best shampoo for oily/greasy hair. If you still face the oily hair, try to change the things that contributes to the oily hair which is given at the end of post.

So how to get rid of oily hair and how to keep the sebum in a limit? Well, choosing the right products that suit best to your hair is all that you need to do. But that’s almost like a pipe dream. Here, in this article we’d be telling you what’s the best shampoo for oily hair. Top 14 best shampoos are given. They are also budget friendly and easily available online.

Top 14 Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

1.Your Best Friend : Maple Holistics Degrease Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hair

This shampoo is nothing less than a  Holy Grail for your dull and lifeless hair. It is best known for treating scratchy scalp and also the dandruff. This shampoo balances the pH level of your skin and hair and deals with the oiliness. The lemon extracts present in the shampoo helps in maintenance of sebum and naturally clears the dirt and pollution from the hair. This natural based shampoo for oily hair can also be used in keratin hair therapy. Due to the excessive oiliness and pollution the pores of the scalp get open which makes hair more prone to hair loss and also makes them weak. This magical potion clarifies the pores from inside and since it contains basil and cypress it also ensures that the hair grows in a healthy manner. Coming to the practical aspects – well this shampoo is pocket friendly. This shampoo costs $10.95 for 8 oz and $17.95 for 16 oz. Amazon offers a 5% discount on this too. What you waiting for? Grab it now.

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2. Savoir Of Your Oily Hair : Bioken Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hairhis shampoo can help your hair look fluffier and thicker in no time actually. It is suitable for all types of hair and works super fast. The shampoo can strengthen your hair since it has no paraben into it. The product does not contain harmful chemicals and guarantees smooth and gentle care of your hair. Bioken Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo assures it customers the perfect kind of treatment that it craves for. Indeed, it’s your savoir for your damaged hair. This costs around $33.8 oz/liter and can be easily found on Amazon.

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3.Your Own Hair Spa : Desert Essence Organics Hair Care Shampoo

shampoo for oily hair

Your parents must have told you about lemons and their benefits. This shampoo takes the qualities of citrus fruits, such as lemons to an entirely new level. This shampoo has loads and loads of lemons into it that helps your hair loose the excessive oil present on your scalp. Many a times, the products that we use to treat our oily and greasy hair rob off our hair its innate moistness that makes the case even worse. But this shampoo doesn’t do that shit and helps your hair look softer, smoother and more lighter. The lemon tree tea oil and lemon peel extracts make it a perfect option to choose if you are frustrated with your clumpy and gunky hair. There are many more scents available if you’re anyway allergic to lemons than you can choose between raspberry, green grapes and the famous red grapes of Italy or a fragrance free shampoo too. The price of this shampoo is no less than $8. It is easily available online. It is suggested that you buy from Amazon since it gives you a decent discount too and there’s no harm in saving money. Isn’t it?

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4. Weightless And Effective : Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hairAlthough some shampoos moisturize the hair pretty well but the heavy miniaturization makes the head heavier and it feels like you’re carrying a giant stone on your head. This product provides you weightless moisture to your oily hair. Embedded with minerals of sea , this product treats your greasy hair in such a way that it looks like you’ve spend hours in salon. This best shampoo for greasy hair,  the nexus hydra-light weightless moisture shampoo is $12.99. Trying is better than crying, you see.

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5.Perfect : Good Virtues Co. Clarifying Hair and Scalp Shampoo

shampoo for greasy hairYou must have imagined or dreamt of your prince fighting for you against all the evils of the universe, c’mon, we all have dreamt of it for at least once. Well, we don’t know about prince but this shampoo can do all of this for you. Yes, this shampoo fights oil to make your scalp healthy and clean. The organic nature of the product is the highlight and the black seed oil gives you the perfect fluffiness and makes your hair feel lighter, softer and smoother. This works on all kinds of hair and is specifically designed to culminate excessive oil from the hair. This best shampoo for oily hair can cost up to $20.97. It’s okay to spend a handful of money on this shampoo than spending huge chunks on therapies and tablets.

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6. Best In The Business :  Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hairWho doesn’t know about Neutrogena? Over the past few decades it has become a very familiar name and has always been delivering unbelievable results to its users. Neutrogena believes in going all natural in its approaches and thus the product is free from any artificial coloring agents. The product is also well-suited for use by those who have fine and thin hair or those who are suffering from hair loss. Moreover, many products don’t suit the colored hair and make them look dull and also weaken them but this product also treats the colored hair and gives them the shine that they had lost. This Product best shampoo for fine oily hair however is a bit pricy. A small bottle of it costs around $4.83 and this small bottle is sufficient enough to treat your hair for a while since using it once in every seven days ensures that you don’t get oily hair for complete week. The only point you need to keep in mind before buying it is that this product must be paired with some other shampoo , it is up to you which shampoo you choose, anything would do the thing.

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7. The Ideal Choice : The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo

best shampoo for oily hair 7

The product is reaching out to different areas of the globe with its unique composition. The aloevera makes it gentle and smooth on hair and using it this shampoo gives the ultimate shine to your hair that you were longing for since so long. The extra oil present on the scalp is also treated by the body shop shampoo which has made your happiness vanish just like that. Also its eco-friendly formula makes it the ideal choice to make. Bet you, you won’t regret spending a couple of bucks on this one. This particular product costs $16.95. Not very cheap but a reasonably fair deal, right?

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8.Wonderful :  Puracy Sulfate Free Cleanser Natural Daily Shampoo

best shampoo for oily hair

The product is amazing as the brand has always delivered more than what had been expected by the users of it. There are plenty of advantages of this best shampoo for oily hair. As the name suggests it’s a sulfate free daily based shampoo that cleanses the build up and dirt present on the scalp. Natural, as it is, this shampoo consists citric fruits and mint essence along with olive oil elements and vitamin E and B5. The product is all vegan and can be used by both males and females. In spite all those qualities that you seldom find in other products this is not very low priced one. It costs around $25 , and to be honest its worth paying for since it is really effective and the quantity isn’t disappointing.

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9.Holier Than Thou :  Argan Oil Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hairTaking care of oily hair is a painstakingly tough job in itself, assuming that you posses oily scalps too, Lord! It becomes even more tougher. In such a case, one needs an expert to deal with the situation. No worries, argan oil shampoo has come to your rescue. You can easily take care of newly dyed hair too. This an interesting product as it is a amalgamation or a mixture of 6 different types of oils. Like a cocktail.  This mixture makes your scalp healthy and helps you fight the oiliness and dirt too. It is nothing less than a boon for your suffering hair. Buying this is easier and cheaper than going for expensive treatments. This good shampoo for greasy / oily hair will cost you $10.95 , fair enough?

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10.The Complete Hair Treatment : Honeydew Natural Shampoo For Oily Hair

best shampoo for greasy hair

One of the finest among its contemporaries, the shampoo doesn’t have any chemical and is best suited to both males and females going through the torture of oily hair. It not only treats your hair amazingly but also soothes the scalp making  your head feel lighter. Try it once, the frizziness will surely leave your hair and it starts to breath a fresh air. The brand guarantees the customers 100% positive results. The best part with this best shampoo for oily hair/greasy hair is that if you don’t feel satisfied with the product’s performance you can claim your money back. The price of the product is $16.10. Buy it and breathe freely.

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11. Top- Notch Choice : Tresemmé Purify and Replenish Shampoo

best shampoo for oily hairThis is a huge name in the hair care industry and it would be sheer injustice if we do not enlist it in our best shampoo for oily hair list. The product is everything that you need to nourish your hair. This product with its vegan formula can give your hair the long lost beauty. This product  gives you what you’ve anticipated from it .It gives you the just-got-out-of-the-salon look that will stay long enough with you. The product contains lemon, grapefruit and Vitamin C. The product can be bought approx. around $8-10 .Pack of 9 is available at $79.

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12. Finest : The  Amaze Shampoo

best shampoo for greasy hair

Along with oily hair and dandruff, one more problem that we women usually face is locks. The locks in the hair are literally a pain and it hurts a lot while combing. This product reduces the locks and cleans the scalp making you ever ready to go out and shine like a star. It is also scientifically tested. Giving it much more credibility. This product costs around $10 approx. (this is an estimated price)

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13. 100% Trustable : Head And Shoulders Instant Oil Control

best shampoo for greasy hair The H&S Instant oil control is the best shampoo to treat oily hair. There are tons of benefits associated with this one particular shampoo. It not only makes the scalp clean and gunk-free it also makes it look shinier, thicker and fluffier. The pH balancing feature and gentle cleansing adds feather to the cap. This is perfect choice to make if you want a shampoo which is apt for daily usage. Also, if your hair were recently colored nothing else is better than this. The smell is also very enigmatic and fresh. This product will cost you $5.38.

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14.Exclusively Amazing:  L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Dry Clay Shampoo

best shampoo for oily hairThis is what your greasy hair needs. This clay shampoo when used along with their Extraordinary clay conditioner and Extraordinary clay pre-shampoo mask gives you the kind of results you might have wished for. It weights like nothing on your head and makes your hair look extraordinary. The power of these three redefined dry clay rehydrates your hair and cleanses your oily and greasy scalp , nourishing your hair from roots to the tips and makes your hair strong enough to fit oil and dirt. It also strengthens the roots. Dry shampoo is available at $5. The complete set of L’Oreal Paris Expert Extraordinary Dry Clay Shampoo, Conditioner and Pre-shampoo mask will cost you nothing less than $26.17. Pretty much a fair deal, right?

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Well, this was the list, pretty ladies. Choose the one that fits your hair and budget. Because compromising on your hair is such a bad idea! Don’t do it.

Now you know what’s the best shampoo for oily hair. Is that enough? No, there is still a tad bit piece of information left for you to understand.

Apart from choosing the best shampoo, you have to follow some habits and change few things that are required to be changed. Following are the most common reasons behind oily hair. Try controlling them and get a silky, shiny hair.

1.Hard Water

Check whether you have the hard water problem. Do you ever find a white calcium like stuffs on your tab or on your shower head ? If your answer is yes, you have the hard water problem. This white stuff  makes your shampoo will not do the washing as it should do. This dirt will stay on your hair and this what makes your hair feel greasy. As a solution to this problem, filter these chlorine from shower using a hard water shower filter. Once you fix this after thrice of usage, you can find a remarkable difference in your hair and skin.

2.Too Much Conditioning

Conditioning your hair, after applying the shampoo is good. But how often you condition your hair really matters. When you apply the conditioner every day, it will start build up the excess product and oil on your hair. The result is, even more greasy!. So Conditioning your hair only few times per week will suffice.

Using a conditioner in a proper way is as important as shampoo. So whenever you go for conditioning your hair, use the conditioner starting from the mid-length hair to the ends. Applying conditioner on the roots can make your hair look oilier.

3.Product Buildup

You can use many different products on your hair i.e., Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Serum, Heat Protection Spray, Leave-in-Cream and many others. These products may be applied to help your hair. But applying these many products will potentially clog up your hair and ends in product buildup. So apply only the products which are most needed.

4.Touching Your Hair Too Often

Do you touch your hair often ? Running your fingers through hair, many times a day will transfer the oils from your fingers to the hair strand. You may think that it might not make a huge difference but in reality it can. So stop touching your hair often and stop stimulating the oil production.

5.Refrain From Hair Styling Products

Refrain from using heat styling products. Even if you use them, make sure they do not reach up to your roots as they will make your hair oily and also weaken them. Never apply too much of heat to your hair. Do not use the hair dryers, hair straightness and curling irons regularly. These styling products encourages the sebaceous glands to produce more and more sebum. It leaves in oily hair and scalp! .

6.Too Much Brushing

Have you ever informed that brushing your hair often can make it look good ? If so, you might be misinformed. Actually brushing your hair for the first time will make it look glossy and shinier. When you keep on bruising it too often, it will turn your hair greasy. You only need to brush enough your hair to detangle it. If you need to repeat the brushing,  stay away from the scalp.


Humidity! It causes destruction to your hair. It makes your hair frizzy, and tough to control. If humidity occurs just because of whether, there is nothing more you can do. Way too much of humidity can increase the oiliness/ greasiness in your hair. But you can use best products to control oil in your hair. Better do not enter in the humid environments and if it’s necessary install the dehumidifier in your home.

8.Vitamin B Intake

“You are what you eat”. So eat healthy and stay healthy. Having sufficient amount of vitamin B helps in creating the correct level of sebum production. Vitamin B especially vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 fight against the greasy hair through regulating sebum. So eat lot beans and consume everything that is rich in vitamin B!.

Oily thin hair, thick hair, greasy hair, fine oily hair which type of oily hair you have, apart from using the best shampoo, try adopting the things listed here and see the real difference.

Your hair embellishes your beauty fivefold and taking care of it is important. There is nothing wrong in giving your hair a little more care. Prioritize your hair. Taking care of yourself should be second to none. So start doing a proper hair care routine at least once in every seven days to make your hair healthy. With best shampoo and conditioner  for oily hair, leading a healthy lifestyle is also important. So, be healthy, stay beautiful and keep shining!