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Top 10 Best Romance Novels To Spice Up Your Reading List

top romance novels
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The innocuous idea of Happy Endings has kept people alive in all these times.There’s this tiny hope that has helped people continue with their ill relationships. Books may not change your life but they will surely change your perspective and this change in turn has the power to do wonders.

If you have been in a relationship and you want to quit but you feel like the immense love is holding you back then you must read the romantic novels suggested here. These will surely help you cope up with the varied nuances of your relationship.

Top 10 Best Romance Novels

The Fault in Our Stars

best romance novels
What can be more beautiful than two dying people promising each other an eternal love? This novel beautifully portraits the requisite dose of love, courage and romance. Gift it to your better half and they will start value your presence in his/her life.

Walk to Remember


Nicholas Spark does magic with this romantic piece. Be it love or a simple infatuation, this novel will open new possibilities in your relationship. Written with extreme love and passion, you can see love dripping out of every word. Nicholas has always been passionate when it comes to describing the expressions and feelings. This one particular book is all about the addicting love, hope, romance and expressions. One can also refer this book as a problem solver.Read it thoroughly and you will find your relationship problems getting sorted out.

Fifty Shades of Grey

top romance novels

EL James has done magic with this one amazing book. This romance book is about pushing the envelope. Surely not a cliché, this one book will help couples go ahead and discover each other’s passion and desires. The book has acquired more eyes after being made into a feature film. The qui-essential romance, unfiltered passion and the ageless beauty of togetherness make this book a must read for every teen who wants to experiment his life with love.

A Place To Call Home

top romance novels

What happens when a rich tycoon falls in love with a poor? You could have heard and read many stories written on this story line. But none of them is worth comparing with this one. Among the writers who massively rely on sex to promote the good read, this book is really a rare, rich blend of intrigue and touching romance. When reading it with love, you can see the romance coming alive from pages exclusively for you.

Something About You

top romance novels

A novel by Julie James. The simple reason you are going to love this novel is because it defies the idea of stereotyping gay couples, we think that is no less than romance. The contemporary world needs more and more free thinkers. Breaking the LGBT stereotype is something that requires a lot of guts. The author has exquisitely abolished a lot of caricatures and has created an array of hope. What lies inside this book is life changing. Read it with love and you will develop an innocuous attraction towards the GAY people, you will stop finding them unnatural and that will be one of the best kinds of romance.

Black Ice

top romance novels

It is the epitome of romance. Want to learn how to tackle relationship when the other half is obnoxious and ignorant? Read this tale of managing relationships. Black Ice will not only help you with ice breaking but will also help you understand the varied nuances of a complicated relationship. This is no less than an idiots handbook of building a successful relationship.

Bride and Prejudice

top romance novels

This piece of writing is a cliché, stereotype and also a Classic one. This book has gone down in history allowed a lot of people to believe in love and marriage. For some, romance starts before marriage but there are loads that find it afterwards. Certainly it is one of those best romance novels ever written in any language. Its movie adaption is extremely popular as well. The coming together of two people and their families will help you understand how relationships work across the globe. The author creates a picturesque romantic scene where not only lovers but also the family embraces each other. This story has been translated in various languages and sold millions of copies across the world. If the couple reads book, you making this book as a wedding present will perfectly make sense.

A Stranger in the Mirror

top romance novels

Tale of a small man with bigger libido. Tobby Temple is here to cast magic, impress you with jokes and then get lost into oblivion. The pinch of love that makes him explore new territories will tell you little about courage and loads about romance. Tobby Temple wins the world with passion but he feel his life incomplete without a love. When he finds the true love, he realizes life is about losing oneself for the others and then starts a tale of romance that will go beyond ages and enamor people for a long time. 

Other Side Of The Road

top romance novels

Other side of the road is all about measuring possibilities and going ahead on the road to find that true love. Critics have loved this romance book and so does readers. This romantic novel is about passion, hope and courage. The author brings together romance and suspense and leaves everyone stunned. The amazing descriptions of a woman and her libido will make people squirm in their chairs but the extreme understanding that this book leverages will stay for a long time. 

Paper Towns

best romantic novels

Coming from the author of The Fault in Our Stars, this romantic novel has everything related to love, romance and relationship. Read it thoroughly to understand how love can change lives for better. The Author is yet to come out of the slumber after writing this book but his previous works have been extraordinary and people are yet to recover from them. This one book is unable to compete with The Fault in Our Stars but at the same time it acquires a completely different set of audience for itself. The romance, sacrifice and the subtle loneliness have loads of lessons to offer.Let’s learn it.

Books have always been the best refuge for the broken hearts; these best romance novels will not help you solve your problems but they will increase your belief in love and romance. Once you grow hopeful, you will get every essential thing to safeguard your relationship.


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