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Top 30 Best, Irresistible Perfumes For Women 2018

Best perfume for women that men love

10.Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Eau de Parfum Spray

most popular women's perfume

This royal perfume poured into the cool golden black bottle is simply a designer masterpiece! If you are a woman, more elegant, subtle and classy, this is the best perfume for you! Love to visit the night parties and evening events? Carry this magical sweet, dark and woodsy scent and mesmerize people with your adorable signature scent. This best smelling perfume is feminine, classy and simply charismatic!

Scents: the top notes consist of an orchid accord, heart notes are full of vanilla and base notes are simplified with ebony wood!

Occasion: Daily Wear

9.Shalimar Guerlain EDP

best perfume for women

In the loving memory of emperor Shahjahan and wife Mumtaz Mahal, this beautiful fragrance was created. So it is a symbol of immortal love. Inspired by the love story, this is a lavish perfume with sweet and subtle fragrance. Named on the “Gardens of Shalimar”, this fragrance will simply make you smell tangy, sweet and simply mesmerizing! Feel and celebrate the beauty of love with this sweet and best perfumes for women.

Scents: This beautiful oriental scent comprises of the top notes of bergamot, and floral scents, heart notes of jasmine, rose, iris and the base notes of Tonka beans and vanilla!

Occasion: Daily Wear

8.Coco Chanel

best fragrances for women

Coco from chanel does not need any introduction. The powdery, spicy and warm notes of this perfume will add a perfect glory to your personality. This is a classic combination of the basic scents like Tonka bean and some unique scents like mimosa and opoponax! Every time you wear this, you will receive compliments from both men and women. Even the strangers will come and ask you about the scent you are wearing.

Scents: The top notes of this best perfume for women consist of peach, jasmine, mandarin orange, coriander and Bulgarian rose. The heart notes are fascinating with cloves, mimosa rose and orange while the base notes consist of sandalwood, Tonka beans, amber, opoponax, civet, vanilla, and labdanum!

Occasion: Daily wear

7.Chanel no 5

best perfume for women

This is a gentle and mystic version of the previous Chanel perfume which brings the sweet, citrus and floral scents together. The musky and woodsy combination with a sweet feel is something which will keep you jolly and calm throughout the day. It made them to be one of top 10 perfumes for women. This is a fragrance specially designed and embraced for the feminine and the typical “woman” feel! It is an extremely long lasting fragrance with soft and subtle scents which will make you feel fresh and confident!

Scents: Embrace your woman spirit with the top knots of ylang-ylang, neroli and the rare aldehydes, heart notes of jasmine and Mayrose and the base notes of sandalwood and vetiver!

Occasion: Daily wear, Special Occasions

6.Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

most popular women's perfume

The perfect mixture of fruity, floral and citrus scents in this perfume will simply make you feel extraordinarily fresh. This is a beautiful feminine perfume with classic sweet fragrances for brightening up your day. Women swear up the longevity and reach of this amazing fragrance throughout the day. Empower your confidence with this charismatic scent and charm people with your presence.

Scents: The top notes are filled with the scents of green apple, bluebells and Sicilian cedar while the heart notes will remind you of jasmine, bamboo and white rose. Feel the depth of freshness with the base notes of cedar wood, musks, and amber.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Meetings, Banquets

5.Tom Ford Shanghai Lily

top fragrances for women

If the Tom Ford fragrances have always been your favorite, here is another scent to mesmerize you! The sweetness of floral fragrances is completely transformed into a rich, spicy and sensuous scent. This sweet floral fragrance with a dark twist is something unusual from Tom Ford which you must give a try. It will start mesmerizing you with its floral and sweet scents turning seductive and warm soon.

Scents: The top notes of this most popular women’s perfume is loaded with tangy orange, warm pepper, and clove scents. The heart notes feel sweet as jasmine, rose, violet, lily, and tuberose while the base notes are notoriously filled with vetiver, cashmere, benzoin, labdanum, guaiac wood, incense, vanilla, and olibanum!

Occasion: Daily Wear, Date Nights, Parties

4.Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

best fragrances for women

The Frederic Malle is considered as one of the mystic fragrance with some splashing fresh scents. This amazing perfume has the scent of tuberose flower which is a toxicating flower which also feels sensuous and highly attractive.  This best perfume for women is a perfect blend of fruity, floral and natural fragrances which come together as a heart-melting perfume.

Scents: Carry this amazing blend of scents with the top notes of bergamot, eucalyptus, and melons, heart notes of our favorite ylang-ylang, the refreshing jasmine, mystic tuberose, and salicylates. The base notes of tangy orange, tuberose, soothing coconut, and musk will make your day!

Occasion: Daily Wear

3.Alien by Thierry Mugler

best perfume for women

This is an amazing perfume launched by Thierry Mugler poured in the stone shaped lavish purple bottle. The attempt was to make a warm, witchy and strong fragrance which can act as a revolution in the perfume world. This best perfume is a perfect combination of woodsy and floral fragrance which lasts long and makes you feel fresh and classy all the day long. Women who love to smell unique and different must try this antique fragrance.

Scents: Smell sensational with the top notes of Indian Jasmine, heart notes of woodsy fragrances and base notes of white amber.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Special Night Out Session or Date

2.Black Opium’ Eau de Parfum

best perfume for women

If you love the seductive and extremely strong fragrances, here is a cool perfume option. Perfect for a date night. To leave a strong impact on people, you must give a shot! This perfect blend of sensuous black and soothing white will adrenaline you as never before. Try this amazingly warm, best smelling perfume from Yves Saint Laurent and smell magical!

Scent: The top note is studded with Vanilla bean, heart notes consist of white flowers while the base note is filled with the warm and super spicy Black coffee fragrance!

Occasion: Daily Wear, Party wear, Date night

1.Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’eau de Parfum

best perfumes for women

Introduced in fall, this amazing perfume is simply a luxury to have! “La Vie Est Belle” is a French phrase meaning “Life is beautiful”. It lives on its name.  It yields you to be beautiful by making you feel fresh and smell adorable. It grabs the compliments from both, men and women. That is the reason why it’s been put at the top in our ”best perfumes” list.Even after 12 hours the longevity seems so strong. The opening of the perfume is beautifully sweet. As the day runs out, the citrus and floral scents come out and woody creaminess becomes noticeable. This most popular women’s perfume is super stylish and seductive. Mostly the users of La Vie Est Belle say that it makes them lip licking & hungry.

Scents: The base notes of Tonka bean, patchouli, and vanilla blended with the heart notes of tangy orange and jasmine will simply steal your heart!

Occasion: Daily Wear

Celebrate and embrace your joy with these long-lasting best perfumes for women. Tell us whether you used any one of the perfumes listed here. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We love to hear from the users!

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