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Top 30 Best, Irresistible Perfumes For Women 2019

Best perfume for women that men love
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20.Fancy by Jessica Simpson

best perfumes for women that men love

 If you love gourmand, definitely you would need “Fancy” in your arsenal. It is one of the celebrity fragrances but at a cheaper price. It smells expensive and prettier throughout the day. It gives a sweet aroma but not so overpowering. Thanks to the addition of little caramel and vanilla. Both make the scent little cozy and long lasting. To be frank, a perfume can’t get more sexy and tempting than this one. So no wonder why it’s one of the best perfumes for women that men love list. Wear this scent during the fall or winter evening and when you are in the feel of sweet cookie! Longevity and silage is absolutely a man magnet. Comes between 12+ hours.

Occasion: Daily wear, Date nights, Evening parties

19.Philosophy Unconditional Love

popular perfumes for women

With an inspiration of passion, sweetness, and love “Unconditional Love” is composed. You can feel it all through the beautiful blend of beautiful scents. As other perfumes from “Philosophy”, you would feel a mild, pretty scent with this perfume. Mainly its core to the berries with a touch of flowers. This inoffensive scent is quite comforting to your workplaces. It can brighten up your mood and make you feel refreshed. Prepared from the choosiest scents of fruits, flowers, woodsy and spicy elements, this amazing perfume is the perfect choice for your daily scent. This cheerful scent has got a very good lasting impression. However, it doesn’t lose so long.

Occasion: Daily wear, workplace

18.Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture EDP

top fragrances for women

This is one of the best perfumes with amazing sales and high ratings. “Viva La Juicy” is the fruity caramel vanilla scent. The combo of top notes and Middle notes make you reach the heaven. In the beginning, you would feel a sweet orange and jasmine. A few hours later the smell will turn into a caramel vanilla. You just need little time to work on you! If Barbie has a signature scent then that would be this one. Such a girly perfume!. It’s really stunning, modern and sexy. This revolutionary scent consists of magical sweet notes which you can wear it anytime and anywhere. You can see its hype in spring and summer in the full swing.

Occasion: Daily wear

17.Michael Kors By Michael Kors For Women

best perfumes for women that men love“Michael Kors” is elegance at a glance. It’s spread the smell of addicting tuberose, iris, and peony which makes the perfume strong, feminine and youthful. If you love the scent of tuberose, then it must be the treat for you. The stunning combination of floral sweetness, the woodsy aroma will make you feel the richness and classy. This super feminine perfume has been a signature scent for many. It’s known to be one of the best fragrances for women. Longevity and silage of Michael Kors are given 10/10. Compliments you will be getting is just tremendous. It attracts the men.

Occasion: Daily Wear And For Professional Meetings

16.Narciso Rodriguez For Her – 3.3 Ounce EDT Spray

best perfumes for women

This perfume is created for the woman who is aware of her fully and knows her ups and downs. It reflects the wish of every woman to attract and to seduce the men out there. This lustful composition is prepared by having musk in the middle and it is surrounded by the sweetness of orange blossom, Chinese osmanthus, and the touch of amber. The scent is very refreshing and sexy. Try this fragrance for those who want to show the naughtiness in a quite subtle way. One spritz of “NR for her” EDT comes to minimum 8 hours. Silage is really huge. Overall, it’s the perfect perfume for modern women.

Occasion: Daily Wear (Year around), Dining parties, Night Outs, Wedding

15.Sofia For Women By Sofia Vergara

top fragrances for women

If you want to treat yourself with a fruity floral perfume, try this “Sofia For Women”. Many reviewers claimed that it’s something like a cheaper version of “La Vie Est Belle” but they loved it.  Sofia is warm and sexy, this will work totally well with your chemistry. This best perfume for women can be described in four words “Love At First Smell”.  The woody, powdery, fruity scent has made this to be a signature scent of many. Wear this once, you can’t count the number of people who stop and ask you about the fragrance you are wearing. Such a compliment getter! This fragrance comes in an emerald cut bottle which looks stunning.

Occasion: Daily Wear

14.BVLGARI Rose Essentielle Eau de Parfum Spray

best perfume for women

BVLGARI’s perfume is made with different kinds of roses. As per the name indicates, it is beautifully composed with rose essentials which can be felt by you and the people around.  It’s “Timeless classic”. It’s a pure rose scent, that is rose is in the “out and center “with a little trial of jasmine. If you love ever need a fragrance that is pleasant enough and elegant, try this one. This perfume represents a celebration so a girl who wears this perfume expected to be nicely dressed and have a pretty smile.  The amazing super feminine perfume is great in spring and summer.

Occasion: Daily Wear (Spring, Summer), Special occasions (Wedding, Fashion shows)

13.Ghost Eau de Toilette Spray

best perfume for women

“Ghost” is one of the softest floral perfumes ever. You will love every note of this designer fragrance. The clean, beautiful smell lingers on your skin and cloth so lovely. You can wear it during the day. One spritz at a time, you don’t need to overspray it to make it stronger. Three to four extra spritz of this perfume will become super seductive for evening parties. Whatever your body chemistry is, it will suit. Majority of people seem to love this fragrance for this reason. Absolutely adore this scent!. If you love floral sweet and tangy fruity scents, then consider this popular perfume.

Occasion:  Daily Wear, Evening Parties


top perfumes for women

J’adore, this glamorous fragrance has put inside the bottle that looks like Greek amphora. The design of the bottle is of course gorgeous. Just a sniff on this amazing golden scent! You will lose yourself ! This juicy floral perfume is versatile and it will be your most complimented scent ever. The little bit of every note that a woman needs to make the best perfumes for women is there in this perfume. It’s really a good fragrance for your work environment. Whatever you say would be positive and productive. It’s the magic of this scent !. This beautiful scent is often expressed by the two words. “Lovely & Long lasting”. There is no one on this planet to appeal these both.

Occasion: Daily Wear And For WorkPlace



popular perfumes for women
Blooming bouquet is composed of the fresh and lighter floral, aquatic notes to make your day as interesting as possible. The fragrant is florally sweet but not overly sweet. It’s for the women who expect her day lovely, elegant and beautiful. It’s a romance adder. It can be worn by the bride to increase the romance. The scent is quite different from other perfumes in a good way. This soft smelling perfume will linger to you up to 8 hours on a stretch. It’s actually a spring/ summer scent but during the winter, it will smell only floral not aquatic. So it’s a winter perfume too. Compliments? You would definitely hear from the people about the seductive scent you are wearing.

Occasion: Daily Wear (Year around)