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Top 30 Best, Irresistible Perfumes For Women 2019

Best perfume for women that men love
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You are unique and so your perfume too. To put it simply, Perfumes are fragrant reflection of who you are. The fragrance trail should soothingly recreate your presence and your style, while at the same time it should swiftly say your inner beauty and identity even after you left the place. That is how the best perfumes for women should be. For a woman, a perfume is indispensable and her dressing is incomplete without a final spray of fragrant wholesomeness from a bottle. It has been said that the perfume you wear leaves a lasting pleasant memory of yourself. After all, Isabel Toledo wonderfully summarized it,

Perfume is a way of stopping time. You smell a beautiful scent and your remember something

You should choose a perfume occasion wise. There is a perfume to wear for romantic occasions and there is a perfume for office and board meetings. Choosing one fragrance for each occasion may be a daunting task because, at the store, you have thousands of products to test. At Trulygeeky, our editors have tested the products and shortlisted into occasion wise. All you need to do is, just go through the perfume list and pick one of your choice. If you don’t like the vanilla then you could try tuberose scent or the citrus scent. Pick the ones that most resonate with you and there are the best perfumes for women that men love too.Find out which they love by reading the list.

Let’s learn the perfumery language. How well versed you are in the perfumery language? In the usual perfumery talk, you often hear and confuse with the terms EDP, EDT, and EDC. What do they mean? They are described below.

Perfume is a broad term used to represent the Parfum, EDP (Eau De Parfum), EDT (Eau De Toilette) and EDC (Eau De Cologne). Although all these represent a perfume, the concentration of perfume mixed varies. The higher the concentration, the more it lasts.

  • Parfum or A Parfum Extrait: sometimes called Pure Perfume, Perfume extract: 15-40% aromatic compounds. According to International Fragrance Association (IFRA), it is 20%. It is the most long lasting perfume. The Expensive one.
  • Esprit De Parfum (ESdP) : a seldom-used concentration in between 15% and 30%. It is a rarely used concentration which was used in 1980s Poison from Dior.
  • Eau de Parfum(EdP): In this type, aromatic compounds found is 10 to 20%. It is the most popular version of perfume claim to give the long lasting performance.
  • Eau De Toilette (EdT) : 5-15% aromatic compounds.
  • Eau De Cologne (EdC) : or simply Cologne is 3-8% aromatic compounds (typically ~5%).
  • In additions, a variety of perfume products under the name of ‘splashes’, ‘body mists’, ’veils’, ‘sprays’ are also available. In general, they contain about 3% or less aromatic compounds. 

Top 30 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love

30.Pure Poison By Christian Dior For Women Eau De Parfum

best perfumes for women 30

In the line of Dior’s poison, pure poison is the newest scent. This was created in collaboration with 3 perfumers, three noses, and three hearts. This collective composition makes it smell incredible. This perfume goes well with its title. As for how a deadly poison does not make you feel an unbearable pain before killing you, this pure poison kills you softly with sweet kisses. The sweet scents of white floral hypnotize you instantaneously, they blend perfectly with the citruses and then they merge into sandalwood for elevating your mood. This most popular women’s perfume gives a confidence and a kind of sex appeal. Don’t forget to wear this floral and woodsy fragrance to rock your special events. In fragrantica, people call this white floral perfume a “white queen”. You try it once too. It last long about 6 hours on the wearer’s skin. On cloth, the longevity is infinity.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Work Place

29.Britney Spear’s Women’s Fantasy

best perfume for women

It’s the best celebrity perfume I have ever known. Filled into a diamond-studded bottle and attractive packaging, this amazing sensuous scent will keep you fresh and notorious all day long. It’s fun and innocent to wear and in case of price, you can’t go wrong either. You can smell a white chocolate scent emerging from the beginning although it’s fruity cocktail rising in the first and then it becomes more of a floral. When the fine scents of musk and woods are added to it, it becomes even more amazing. This perfume is a sweet girly scent but not overwhelming. If you ever want a daytime sweet gourmand, get the fantasy now. It’s a truly fantasy perfume with serious lasting power.

Occasion: Party Wear and Daily Wear (especially during the cold season)

28.Acqua Di Gioia For Women

best fragrances for women

Giorgio Armani has always presented a statement with every fragrance they formulate. Acqua Di Gioia is not an exception to this rule. In this new fragrance, seductive sea scents were all put together which is the first inspiration of creators. This perfume is composed for all the women who are “strong, impressive & free spirit “and of course they all have the perfect understanding with nature. Its citrusy refreshing scent turns into lighter, sweeter floral aroma then it goes into more patchouli watery. Purchase it even if you don’t like patchouli, you will like it because it is in the right place here. It’s a fresh, refreshing and energetic scent. I highly recommend this non-offensive beautiful fragrance to everyone. This best perfume for women can be worn on any day, but the longevity disappears quickly when you wore it on dry, winter months.

Occasion: Daily wear (especially during the spring and summer)

27.Ed Hardy For Women

best fragrances for women

Ed Hardy For Women EDT is composed as a model of female tattoo art which is designed with a catchy tattoo based packaging. It opens with the tropical fruity scent, further it goes into a sweet scent which will keep you feel fresh and pleasant all day long. At the dry down, it traverses through rose accords and amber. Totally, you will smell clean and sweet like the fruity scents of mangoes, apple, and citruses and strawberry. Back in the days, when the perfume was released, it was one of the most popular women’s perfumes, till today it retains the name. It’s a traditional blend of more fruity and little floral fragrance. Ed Hardy For Women EDT is an amazing daily scent. Try once. If you ever have craving for fruity “fume”, probably this Ed Hardy might be your pick.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Evening functions

26.Dior Dolce Vita EDT

top fragrances for women

It’s a yummy oriental scent with the specifically chosen spicy woody base. The gorgeous combination of peach, vanilla, rose, apricot, Lilly and some amazing scents simply make it unique and interesting. Dolce Vita opens really bright like a beautiful day. It smells with a sweet citrus vibe, not a true citrus scent! Later on, it traverses through the fizzy bright cedar, cinnamon and with a wood. Its dry down to the soothing creamy powdery aroma. All these phases from the opening to dry down are so delightful. This one is designed for sunny summer holidays. If you want to hear the compliments in summer, just wear this sweet perfume. You will get compliments even from the strangers! You will feel awesome wearing Dolce Vita. Lasting power of this perfume is about 8 to 10 hours (although it’s EDT).

Occasion: Daily Wear (Summer Fragrance), Party Wear.

25.Simpson Fancy Love EDT

best perfume for womenIt’s one of the best celebrity fragrance, more feminine and comforting one. “Fancy love” as the name describes it gives the feel of being in love timelessly. It opens with a seducing scent of peach blossom, goji leaves and bergamot along with the pink champagne aroma. The sensuous fragrances of flowers and goji leaves, when combined with the deep amber scents are the most excellent one you must try.  When you wear this perfume, you start spreading the seductive vibes everywhere. It’s one of the best perfumes for women that men love. It has good longevity. One spray in the morning will keep you smell nice and fresh even in the evening.  You can smell it on clothes when you next do the laundry. It’s another compliment getter!

Occasion: Party Wear(morning and evening), For a night out, For date night

24.Burberry Brit For Women By Burberry EDP

best perfume for women“Burberry Brit” brings the tradition with a modern sound. It opens with fresh green lemonade scent and it smells a pink peony. Finally, the surprising combination of pearl and mahogany comes in. The scent of Mahogany comes with the boyish accent which seems sexy. You can smell the sweet vanilla, subtle citrus scent and a touch of almond throughout the day. The Burberry Brit is a blend of sweet and sour scents with a traditional feel. Overall it’s for all who love the feminine sweet scent. It’s the best winter perfume but if you just want a cheer up, you can wear it on any day. Staying power of this scent is brilliant and on clothes, it comes around 10 hours.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Workplace (winter and spring)

23.Chloe Eau De Parfum

best perfume for women

Being a chic and darling, chole edp seduces all audiences out there. Chole smells such that your first love which maybe your classmate or your crush or maybe your first kiss. It is made for everyone. Chole would take you back and back towards the wonderful unforgettable moment. It starts off with a quietly sweet clean rose scent. A few hours later, red rose with a white floral scent and a touch of strong cedar scents come in. There’s nothing about overly sugary or sweet. You can say that it’s the best perfume for women. Because several users said that it’s their signature scent already. This luxury, refreshing fragrance has the longevity of 6 to 8 hours. It offers good silage as well.

Occasion: Daily Wear (spring and cold months), Workplace

22.Burberry London (new)


most popular women's perfume


When someone wants to feel the pulse of old, new London they must grab this scent!. This very sophisticated perfume burst out with the jasmine, fruity tangerine, and pleasant rose. It’s smell fresh, quietly sweet and floral. This is how a woman should smell alike. It smells nice and makes you go wow. This romantic warm scent bit heavy on floral but the fragrance is refreshing. If you are into floral scents, try this one you will like it. Totally this Burberry London (new) is more elegant, young and glamorous. Totally, it is a feminine scent. This everlasting perfume has amazing longevity, around 5 to 6 hours.

 Occasion: Daily wear, Rainy Days (spring and autumn), Evening Parties, Night Outs

21. Still Jenifer Lopez Women’s Wonderstruck EDT

most popular women's perfume

The opening of the perfume “Still” is very gentle and vivid due to the scents earl grey tea, white pepper, and sake note.  After a few hours, it settles on the skin with the mixed floral notes. At the dry down, you will feel the spice or musky smell. Many would say that this fragrance has the smell like tea perfume. However, from the beginning to the end, the floral notes must be there which is more pleasant for your workplace. This perfume has a light, refreshing feel which keep you confident and bold.  So if you want to try something unique and classy, try “Still” from your favorite Jennifer Lopez. When wearing this perfume, the compliments you are getting are just countless! It is known as one of the best perfumes for women.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Special Events And Workplace