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10 Best Paying Jobs You Can Do In Your Night Suite

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Nowadays a growing number of companies have started to remodel their “on-the-floor” workforce into a crew composed of in-office staffs, contract workers, telecommuters and part-time workers. The benefit of this move is twofold. This decision has opened a new path for those who want to ditch the traditional 9 to 5 employment route. So if you pose the skills I have given in the post below, you can now join the “Be your own boss” workforce called “Freelancing.”

However, this bold new freelancing world poses some real challenges for unsure of access to healthcare and unstable income. But still, once you equip yourself to be a successful freelancer, the benefits you are going to enjoy are uncountable. When comparing with the cubicle shackled workers, those who work from home stay healthier, happier and more productive.

Experts estimate that by 2020, 1/5th of U.S  workforce will be composed of freelance workers, and some expect it to be twice as aggressive. So, if you are trapped with unemployment or underemployment, it’s time to introduce yourself to this brand new world.

best paying jobs

In this article, I have compiled a list of 10 high paying jobs, what skills you need, how to get your first gig and how much they pay. Read on.

10 Best Paying Jobs To Start Your Freelancing Career

10. Web Developer

Average Salary Per Year: $81,860

On The Internet, web developers work like invisible architects. From fun-filled social media to the complex trading sites, they create every single thing on the internet. They are responsible for offering the best user experience, quick load time, easy and quick navigation and so on. Often UI developer and code developer work together and create a website. Some play a dual role.

What Should You Know? :

To work as a freelance web developer, you don’t necessarily need a college degree. All you need to know is some web development language (Ex: PHP, .net ..,). Having working experience and a solid portfolio will be an additional plus.

9.Graphic Designer

Average Salary Per Year: $81,860

From business cards to packaging wrappers to notebooks,  it’s like every product we use today to get the touch of the Graphic designer before reaching our hands. With a high level of skills and creativity, they ensure that every graphic designing material whether it’s a website or just a wrapper, they correctly communicate the indented content as efficiently as possible. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics claim that one-quarter of graphic designers is self-employed.

What Should You Know?

Most graphic designers have a professional degree and a certificate in Animation. Make sure to have a solid portfolio that can speak of your skills. Having a slight obsession towards the work and hate on bad kerning will help you become a successful graphic designer in the freelancing field.

8.Copy Writer

Average Salary Per Year: $68,420

From current updates to the well researched “how to” tips, most of the things you read online are written by copywriters.  They are quick, bold and sexy. These debonair wordsmiths compete with millions of other copywriters in every single thing they do. Just imagine, how quick and smart they suppose to be when making a heart-melting post about the last minute bomb blast. However, opportunities of copywriters are uncountable. One-third of copywriters earn through freelancing.  

What Should You Know?

If you are not looking for a staff job, you don’t necessarily need a professional degree. But you should be able to make mistake free, language-rich articles in a relatively short span of time. Remember, not everyone who knows to write can claim themselves as an expert copywriter. Earning reputation in platforms like Wikipedia, wiki-how, and ehow will increase your chances of making money.  

4 Essential Things Every Freelancer Should Own

Though not every high paying job require a college degree according to job profile, there are a few essential things that every freelancer need to work from home.

  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Solid profile on social media websites especially on Linked in
  • Good people and Time management skills
  • Reliable High-Speed Internet Connection

7.Technical Writer  

Average Salary Per Year: $67,910

This profession is definitely is not for someone who expects a challenge in everything. Technical writers create employee manuals, help guides for products and software, technical documentation and most of the things we normally skip to read. However, the demand and pay off for technical writers are quite high. If you have the right mindset to turn those boring tasks into more interesting one, you can land at this job without any fear.

What You Need:

Like most of the other best-paying jobs in this list, you can’t do technical writing without a professional degree. As the work of technical writers is closely involved with engineering and copyright laws, even a single mistake would result in the loss of million bucks. To stay on the safer side, recruiters always prefer someone with professional degree and experience.  

6.Tech Support 

Average Salary Per Year: $48,900

In recent years, the demand of in office and freelancing tech supports has seen a sharp increase. As of today, it is one of the fast-growing best-paying jobs in America. As like sales and customer service, many big players had outsourced tech support to other countries quite a while ago. Since native English speakers found it hard to derive computer oriented help from the people who hardly speak in their language, these jobs have started to return to the U.S. Not to mention, President Obama is another reason!.  

What Should You Know?

When it comes to tech support, both office employment and freelancing require at least a bachelor degree in a field with the technical base.  

5.Inside Sales Representative  

Average Salary Per Year: $46,290

Inside sales rep is a newcomer to the list of well-paying freelancing jobs. They make promotional emails and sales calls and increase sales. So to speak, their work is a kind of telecommuting but it’s entirely different from telemarketing. A telemarketer is someone who follows simple scripts written by a typical Sales Representative. He may or may not has real-time experience on their own whereas, the sales representative is an expert in the field of market research, scripting, and networking.

What Should You Know?

Whether you apply for regular 9 to 5 sales rep job or work at home freelancing job, will be expected to have at least a bachelor degree in marketing or media industry. If you have experience in a particular product that grants you unique expertise, you can straightly jump into this field without a professional degree.  

4.Virtual Assistant  

Average Yearly Salary: $40,022

These people are like digital secretaries from the future. In this digital era, the clerical skills required for doing paper-based works have been increasingly replaced by tasks such as managing spreadsheets, writing tweets and managing emails. Add the power of telecommuting to the clerical background, there you get Virtual Assistants.

What Should You Know?

Although an administrative background and knowledge in social media, spreadsheets are enough to keep you up to the task, to become a successful virtual assistant, you should also have a sound business acumen.  

3.Travel Agent

Average Salary Per Year: $34,600

Gone are the days when “Travel Agents” were sitting in the offices furnished with reddish brown furniture, globes, and maps everywhere. With the boom of travel reservation and online comparison website, as of today, travel agents are the one who helps people grab the best deals without even stepping out of office. Statistics says nearly 12% of individuals who pursue their career as travel agents are self-employed.

What Should You Know?

As with most of the other top paying jobs listed here, this career does not require any professional degree. But, completing a few certificate courses in this field will help you to cope with the speed of this competitive industry. Since you want to be a travel agent, your personal experience will come in handy.  

2.Medical Transcriptionist  

Average Salary Per Year: $34,020

With the boom of the healthcare industry, medical transcription careers have become a “Well paying Track” Of this generation. Job nature of medical transcription is a blend of “Office Receptionist & court stenographer”. They hear the audio files and convert it into the digital documents.  

What Should You Know?

Regardless of whether you want to work as in office staff or a freelancer, you will require at least a bachelor degree in the field of medicine. 

1.Customer Service Representative 

Average Salary Per Year: $30,580

You are trying to login to your internet banking, but it’s not going in. Immediately you make a call to your bank helpline number. At the other end, a nice girl named Stella guide you patiently and help you resolve it. This girl is not sitting in some back office with an earphone on her head as you think. She most likely provides support through virtual call centers. These Virtual Call Centers act as intermediaries to connect organizations, work at representatives and customers together.    

Are you interested in any of the best paying jobs listed here and you think you are qualified? If your answer is YES and YES, start hunting the freelancing opportunities. Make sure to leave your workplace and go out every so often but never forget to dress up. You don’t want to scare the people around.

References: myplan.com, U.s Bureau of Labor Statistics


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