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10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Of 2019

best noise cancelling headphones
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Noise Cancelling Headphones as the name suggests, they reduce or completely eliminate noises from the surrounding using active or passive control modes. Active noise cancellation cancels the noise using special microphones integrated with ear-cups. Passive technology uses foam padding inside and hence sound reduction depends upon the amount of padding done with the head phone.

As the market is flooded with uncountable numbers of products from various brands, to help you choose the right one, we have come up with a list of best 10 noise reduction headphones in this post. Choose the one that best fits your need has a seamless music experience.

10 Of The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

1.Bose QuietComfort 25

best noise cancelling headphones-1Quiet Comfort 25 is an ultimate Noise cancellation device and is considered as the best in both active and passive modes. We liked AAA Battery performance because though it’s only claimed to deliver 35 hours of continuous music streaming, in reality, it lasts even longer than the promised period. All frequencies whether it’s high, medium or low, they are perfectly filtered and every frequency is heard with crystal clear clarity. Noise cancellation mode can be switched off and the user may use it as a simple headphone as well. You may need to pay extra $100 to get this item customized to your preferred color.

2.Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR

best noise cancelling headphones-2

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZXR headset is versatile and would drive you crazy by offering a great sound experience.TT Mode allows you to switch off or mute music and attend to call by passing sound. This rechargeable headset has almost 8 hours battery life and you can even experience great sound effects for more than the committed duration. This Gaming device uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology which adds more price value unnecessarily to this piece of item.

3.Plantronics BackBeat Pro

best noise cancelling headphones-3

Music can be started, paused, stopped or rotated to adjust the previous and next music settings. The user can easily wear it on the neck when he/she do not want to use them.The call can be answered or dropped depending on your availability. The only drawback you can feel is about its portability.This device is not portable unlike other models and will not fit into your carrying case.

4.Bose QuietComfort 20i

best noise cancelling headphones-4

QuietComfort 20i delivers amazing audio performance with exceptionally brilliant noise cancellation technique. This earphone has never disappointed its users and believingly, you will be amazed by its incredible sound quality. As (“I” appended to the name) its name suggests, this device shows compatibility with iOS devices and so you can easily control your iPad or iPhone using this smart device.The aware mode is an added advantage of buying this set of headphone.One-Button comes integrated which can be used with devices running on Android, Windows and Blackberry systems. Price is the only issue which gives this smart headset a setback.

5.Bose QuietComfort 20

best noise cancelling headphones-5

QuietComfort 20 comes under the category of in-ear headphones and is compact yet powerful.This ultimate device sounds great and its comfortable design makes it easy to wear. Out of all the best noise cancelling headphones listed here, this device offers amazing noise cancellation and you will be delighted to see its performance.QC20 runs by long lasting Li-battery that can be charged easily and has a life of 16 hours after charging. This model is quite expensive and its battery is non-replaceable which is again a negative point that goes against this smart device.  

6.PSB M4U 2

best noise cancelling headphones-6

This pair of headphone is based on Active Noise cancellation technology and offers amazing sound quality. Design wise, it’s really comfortable, you will never feel dis-satisfied after wearing it.It works great even when the battery is drained. It is quite expensive when compared to the other models featured in this list.

7.Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

best noise cancelling headphones-7

Sennheiser Momentum v.2.0 wireless headphone is well-crafted by integrating the latest technologies in single compact unit which delivers excellent performance while producing sound via  Bluetooth or any connection through wires. You may use this smart device in active mode as it comes integrated with dual microphones which allows user to use it as headset for mobile phones. However, the things like price, lack of options to switch off the noise cancellation mode are considered as the major drawback of buying this device.

8.Bang &OlufsenBeoPlay H8

best noise cancelling headphones-8

Bang &OlufsenBeoPlay H8, slim yet powerful. Its robust design is beautifully integrated with metal or leather headband so to speak, it adds more comfort when wearing it in ears. Sound Quality of this headphone is commendable. Features like active noise cancellations, right ear-cups with touch controls, replaceable and rechargeable battery are certainly added advantages to attract potential customers.Though it has many welcome improvements, when comparing it with its previous wired model H6, the EQ of this wireless version H8 seems little disappointing.  However, the headphone that cost around $499 should not only sound incredible, but it should also feel comfy enough to be worn for long hours. H8 passes this criteria. Few little flaws apart, if you are a fan of on-ear headphones and this whopping price is not really of any concern, H8 wireless is definitely worth considering.


best noise cancelling headphones-9

Sony is the Market leader in electronics industry and its MDR-ZX770BN headphones have ruled the heart of many till today. This beautifully designed Bluetooth device has ultimate sound quality and is a Value for Money product. Its comfortable design allows user to wear it without any fatigue.Active Noise cancellation offered with this model delivers stunning performance. You may use it as a wired device by keeping Noise cancellation mode on. Though performance wise this headphone ranks among top noise cancelling headphones, its aesthetic appeal does not seem to be catchy.Sound can be set in 3 modes that may lead to confusions while using it.

10.Harmon Kardon NC

noise cancelling headphones

You will find this design of Harmon Kardon NC very unique and different from other models, we have discussed so far. Its finishing and appeal is very attractive, creating an impressive sound with noise cancellation feature. This model comes with integrated rechargeable battery that last longer and gives you enough time to listen to a good quality sound that is free from external noise. You can even use this device by keeping noise cancellation in ON or OFF mode. The only drawback the users report with this headphone is its compatibility issues with non-Apple devices like android smart phones, Tablets etc.

As the technology changes in every new day, we research the market and update the list on a regular basis. Its our duty to keep you updated with the list of best noise cancelling headphones and its your choice to choose the one that suits your needs.


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