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10 Best New Products You (Probably) Didn’t know Existed

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Though uncountable numbers of ideas are conceived in the human minds only few of them are converted into reality and serving the mankind extensively. Below listed are simple yet powerful ideas that have higher potential to improve our lives when adopted.


There are ‘N’ number of diseases spread through water. As a preventive measure, we use filters like RO (Reverse Osmosis Filter), UV (Ultra Violet) filter and so on.But what will you do when you go on a hiking into the deep forest? There you can’t expect a clean water all the time. Give a try with Life straw. It can purify any water no matter how nasty it is. It cleans out up to 99% of bacteria and parasites. Purchase this product and include it in your wild trips.


Baby Shower Cap

It’s a life saver for all new moms. Grab this baby shower cap so you can help your little one to have a happy bathing!. This perfect idea will restrict the water and shampoo from entering into your baby’s eyes.


Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors is a combination of spatula and scissors attached together. It will serve as useful tool in your dining hall. Your guest may get a jealous feeling for missing this at their home!

best new products

BioLite Camp Stove

Sometimes simple ideas can change the lives like Biolite camp stove. This product is one of the hiker must have’s. To light up this device all you need is only some twigs. Using this stove you can cook and charge your electronic devices too.


Bike Backpack

Are you a frequent traveller? If you say yes, buy this one. You can fold and hang your bicycle on your back like a backpack while hiking up a mountain. When you return,you can use your bicycle and reach the ground. Including this little life hack into your hiking plan, will make your trip even more interesting.

best backpack

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Secret Drawer

If you are looking for a safe place to hide your money or jewelry, there can’t be any other better place than placing it into the secret drawer. Open the drawer, keep anything you want and close it back. No one will even suspect this place. Anyhow, don’t try to create this set up in your home with normal plug points.

best new product

Charging While Parking

Go green Electric cars are increasing in numbers worldwide. This is a good sign towards a healthy living. If you own electric car, you can easily charge it at the solar parking stations. If you go on a long trip, plan your electric charging places so you can charge while relaxing at certain distances.


Source : Energymatters.com

Wearable Wireless Air Mouse

By using air mouse, you can avoid the usual pain you supposed to face while working with the mouse and keyboard for long hours. Since the hands of graphic designers and computer engineers have close relationship with mouse, this product is like a boon to them. This glove like mouse will work like a mouse when you place your hands on the flat surface.


Floating Lamp

This magnetic floating light is the best gift that can be presented to anyone or to keep in your home. This light will continue to float even if the power is dimmed or turned off.

best new product

Window Mounted Solar Charger For Phones

This window cling solar charger generates enough power to charge your battery powered electronic devices by observing the sun light from outside. Nowadays solar chargers are available in several different designs. They can be used to spice up your interior too.



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