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120+ Best Handpicked Merry Christmas Wishes / Greeting Card Messages

christmas wishes
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We are at Christmas Holidays! It’s the time of the year where everything will seem like they are filled with so much hope and love. That’s how special the Christmas holiday season is. With that note don’t forget to send out your hearty Merry Christmas Wishes and gifts to all your loved ones, friends, family and even to your workplace. A wish is like a sparkle that pops up in the heart, so frame a phrase and send it to them right away.  The love and joy that suddenly grows in the heart when they read the Christmas wish is nothing but a little heaven on earth. A simple handwritten Christmas note shows people that they are valued and cared by you.We like to help you guys with that! Take a look at our own Best Christmas Wishes that we could come up with and we are sure it’ll definitely be to your liking and worthy in a card. You could use these short Christmas messages as handwritten messages or to send in your phone text messages or E-Greeting cards. We believe a handwritten Christmas Wish in a Card shows so much love than a phone message. It’s time to show your ‘near and dear’ one’s some love, so pick a Christmas wish you like, write them and send it to them.

Merry Christmas Wishes To Family & Friends

Our family will always be there for us no matter where we go or how we are. Sending the Best Christmas greeting wishes to your family is more than a formality; it’s like a piece of your heart wrapped inside the wishes you write. You can send Christmas and new year wishes to them like the one below.

christmas greeting messages

  1. Merry Christmas to my most wonderful friend! Let’s celebrate our ride together. Cheers to more!
  2. Christmas brings a kind of magic, a charm, warmth, high spirits and I wish it continues through the whole New Year for you and your family. Merry Christmas!
  3. Merry Christmas. Sending lots and lots of warm hugs, kisses and Christmas cheers to everyone.
  4. To a Wonderful Friend like you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Like your friendship, let this Christmas too light up everyone’s heart with love in your family.
  5. Christmas might be at the year end, but it will always be the beginning of a new journey and togetherness with lots of warmth and love. So, Merry Christmas and wishing you New Beginnings!
  6. Christmas is not in the things we buy and the lights we lit! It’s in the laughter, trust, kindness, confidence and lots of love we give to each other with a hope of better tomorrow! Merry Christmas everyone. Love to be a part of this delightful family. See you all this Christmas!
  7. Having a wonderful family like this in my life is the biggest blessing that I count every day and I thank you all for it. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. Hey Santa thanks for giving me the most wonderful friend for life who has my back and now is reading this!
  9. Who needs a Christmas tree when you can just light the entire room in a finger snap! Merry Christmas my dear friend. You’re the fireworks. You make us complete!
  10. Love and trust is what holds our family together. On this Christmas time I wish the love sparkles even brighter and the trust grows even deeper till end. Merry Christmas to the all wonderful people in the family.
  11. May this Christmas season bring in more merriness and sparkles for everyone. Let the winter lights shine ever happier and warmer with love. Merry Christmas everyone.
  12. Christmas time is a wonderful state of mind and I wish it stays with you throughout the year and bring in the spirit of joy. Merry Christmas!
  13. May the tree, the lights, the candles, the cakes and winter-warmth add more joy & comfort to your family this holiday season! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Let there be abundance of joy, hope, peace and high-spirit.
  15. May this Christmas bring cheer, love, compassion and kindness around in abundance for everyone in the family!
  16. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful souls gathered together as one family and thanks for spreading the love. Big Cheers to you all this Holiday Season!
  17. Christmas time is a total joy ride with family, friends and close ones. Let’s party and enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas everyone. HO HO HO!
  18. Happy Holidays! So excited & waiting for our Christmas dinner together. Until then, wishing you lots of joys, candles, cakes and lights!
  19. Let this Christmas bring things you wish for. Merry Christmas everyone.
  20. Thanks for having my back and holding my fort so many times that I can’t keep count of. Merry Christmas my friend, you deserve the best in the world!
  21. The memories we share and the fun we had is going to stay till the end. We have a whole New Year waiting before us to make more crazy memories together. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  22. Merry Christmas (your friend’s name), you are the best and I have written a ‘thank-you’ note to Santa for bringing a wonderful person to my life. I’m sure Santa will pick it on Christmas. So, you’re going to pay the bills as I have written a nice christmas wishes to you like you said J
  23. Here’s to Warm hugs & kisses, winter fireplace, eggnogs and dinners all under the perfect roof called ‘Home’. Merry Christmas. The ‘Home’ is waiting for you!
  24. Our love for our family will shine past the depths of winter snow. Holiday season is just another time to remember it. Happy Christmas.
  25. To my dearest friend, you’re the crazy Christmas – time in my life! Merry Christmas and a hard-core partying holiday wishes.
  26. Peace, Love & Good Will is my wish to you this Christmas and for all Christmas to come.
  27. Christmas time once again shows us that family, friends and our loved ones are what’s worth of life. It once again gives us chance to begin a fresh new start. Cheers to new start, fresh cakes, candles and lights! Happy Christmas Everyone!.

Funny Christmas Wishes To Your Family & Friends

Fun never goes out of style. Send out funny Christmas wishes to your family or friends and see the Christmas starting so early!

christmas card message 3

  1. Our family’s getting crazier every year and Santa has no idea what to do! Merry Christmas to my crazy family.
  2. Merry Christmas, May Santa visit your room and see how hard it is to be on Earth and shower you with so much scented candles! J
  3. I know when I say Christmas Spirit it means Vodka and Gin for you. So, here it is, Merry Christmas my friend and hope the Christmas holidays are filled with High Spirits for you J
  4. They say Christmas is the time of togetherness and by togetherness I know it’s the Pizza’s, Drinks and Party for you. So, Merry Christmas and Happy ‘Togetherness’ to you!
  5. I can’t say much about who’s getting fatter, our Dad or Santa? I’ll come home and find out myself. Until then, Happy Holiday season & see you all soon.
  6. All we want for Christmas is you! Who else is going to pay for our drinks? J Merry Christmas! See you soon for Holidays in town.
  7. Jingle Bells Rock and so do you! Happy Christmas Buddy.
  8. Cheers to Hot chocolate, Pizza’s, Christmas Tree and Your Company! What more can I ask for! Merry Christmas my friend.
  9. Merry Christmas and ensure to send the address where you are now before the hangover kicks in.
  10. Santa asked me what present he should give for you and I said ‘clean wardrobe’. Ho Ho Ho! Anyways, Merry Christmas dude, you’re the best buddy I ever had.
  11. Christmas is the time of forgiveness and with that note I hope that you will be okay with me as I was the one who broke your iPod. Don’t forget to send me your Christmas love J Happy Christmas Bestie!
  12. You are both in the ‘Naughty’ & ‘Nice’ list of Santa and same with mine too. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your drinks but make sure you get home in one piece for Christmas night.
  13. I know your pocket’s gonna run dry very soon, so call me for backup as I’ll be in town for Christmas. As always, You and Me for the Long Ride!
  14. I love a Christmas-Wish card from you but even better will be a nice GIFT Card. So send me one. Take this Christmas Wish as an advance ‘Thank you’ J
  15. Santa’s put me in charge this year, so either you clean up our place thoroughly or you’ll miss a nice gift card and a best-friend toast. What’s it going to be? J
  16. By the time our family decides the gifts we’ll be giving each other, the way we’ll be spending the Christmas Eve, the next Christmas Season will commence shortly.Merry Christmas to the most delightful yet a crazy family in the world. Love you Guys.
  17. May our family’s Christmas Celebration don’t end up getting our neighbors to bail us out Bless us Santa!
  18. Happy Holidays everyone! Can’t wait to have Christmas dinner with our family together. Dear Santa, please make sure the family speech is short or bare minimum or how about NONE !
  19. Christmas is going to make us very happy but Christmas Holiday Shopping bills are going to make our family grumpy. Santa, bless us with tons of discounts this holiday season like never before.

Merry Christmas Wishes To Your Boss or Some High Authority

Christmas is the right time to give your gratitude towards the persons who have been instrumental for your success. It may be your boss or other higher authorities like CEO, HR or Team Leader, we call them a boss. They may have inspired you through their successful life. To convey your wishes to them, the wishes should be framed with a mix of professional, kindness and love. It shouldn’t be like currying the favors. Make sure to provide the following personalized, work dependent best Christmas greeting messages to them.

Christmas Wishes For Boss

  1. I am very happy to have a boss like you ! You pushed me towards the limits and got the things done. You showed me what I am worth for. Merry Christmas Boss.
  2. Merry Christmas from your Office Family. May all the years to come be filled with joy, fun and hope to an awesome Boss like you!
  3. Thank you for bringing the best in everyone. Merry Christmas Boss.
  4. Standing together by holding each other hands is what you taught us and we could ask for nothing more than this. Thank You Boss and wish you a Merry Christmas!
  5. May the Christmas and the coming New Year bring you professional success and heights you deserve! Merry Christmas Boss.
  6. Before we are going on our Christmas and New Year Vacation, We say a thing to you. Thank you boss for being the good adviser and a good friend! May this Christmas bring a more fun and joy to you and your family. Merry Christmas.
  7. At this lovely occasion, I don’t have anything to provide you except my loyalty and the service. Happy Christmas Boss!.
  8. I wish to have a great relationship with you and our company in all the years to come. Continue to equip us. When the company grows, we will too. Happy Christmas Boss.
  9. Boss, thank you for inspiring us to work smart at the times when sales are low. Those times are the best ones that shows us who you are. Merry Christmas Boss.
  10. You are a great mentor and a motivator and a great professional I have ever met in my life. Happy Christmas boss.
  11. Boss being a part of our office family, we wish you to have more and more success in the year ahead. Let’s face new challenges and the new successes in the years to come. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes to Work Place, Colleagues

Our workplace where we spend most of our productive hours is filled with people like you. People with family, friends and a life like you with ups and downs. You are all in together so sending them some Christmas love is a wonderful thing to do no matter who they are: they may be your favorite or ‘not-so-favorite’ co-worker, Team-Leader, close work-friend, team-mate, intern or can be your office-janitor or just about anyone in the office you know deserves some love from you. Here the Christmas greeting messages can be a the fun one or it may be some inspiration . Here’s our list of best Christmas wishes for your colleagues.

merry christmas greetings to your collegues

  1. Merry Christmas ‘(Name)’! We value nothing more than a finest worker like you.
  2. To all my colleagues, thank you for making the Office my next best place. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Our office has seen good days and bad days, but one thing that remains the same is Us against it together. Merry Christmas everyone.
  4. Here’s to another year of chit-chats, coffees, deadlines, boring meetings and embarrassing presentations. Merry Christmas you all. See you all soon after holidays.
  5. The friendship we bond here makes us more than a co-worker. At times, we are partners in the crime and so the troubles too. Thank you for being with me. Merry Christmas and wonderful new year.
  6. I am really proud to be a part of this wonderful team. Happy Christmas and New Year Guys!
  7. I thank god for giving me a chance to work with a skillful and lovely team. May our togetherness and smartness getting grower in the coming year too. Happy Christmas Guys.
  8. Getting the co-workers like you is really a boon to me. I wish you a happy Christmas and happy New year to you and your family.
  9. Never in my life I have thought of having an amazing colleague like you. Thank you for your support and love. Happy Christmas to you and your family.
  10. I just can’t imagine a Christmas and new year without you an amazing team. Anyway have a wonderful vacation time.

Christmas Wishes To Siblings

Your brother or sister is the first friend you could have and they can turn out to be the most wonderful mentors of your life too. They can also make your life miserable, they may always bring you to clean up their mess, they can make you go crazy but still you share the most wonderful bond on the earth. Your heart will always beat as one. Send some love this Christmas by choosing some of the funny or warmest Christmas wishes to your Brother/Sister this season from our list.

christmas card message 4

  1. Our sibling rivalry is one thing Santa will never resolve this year, so maybe he should try next year. Until then, Merry Christmas and I hope he blesses you with dumb gifts J
  2. I couldn’t think of anyone but you to ride the life together. This Christmas wish is just another simple reminder. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year My (Brother/Sister). See you at Home.
  3. I don’t mind picking up your pieces till life and I like to remind you about it. Merry Christmas and please don’t make my room a mess!
  4. Dear (Brother/Sister), we may travel different paths but we always end up in the place called ‘Home’. May every Christmas bring us more closely than before!
  5. No matter what happens in life, we’re here to cover for each other and that’s what siblings are for. Merry Merry Christmas!
  6. Hey Big (Sister/Brother), thank you for protecting me and being on the lookout always. You may have other stuffs to do but thanks for keeping me your number 1 priority. Lucky to have you as my sibling.
  7. To my partner-in-crime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  8. To my beloved (brother/sister), Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Having you in our family is the biggest blessing for us. See you soon!
  9. We may have grown up and may live distance apart, but still our eyes see the same Christmas cheer, family love, warm hugs and a sense of feeling that we’ll always take care of each other.
  10. Merry Christmas to a wonderful human and a beloved (brother/sister) from another mother.
  11. Merry Christmas Big (Brother/Sister), you stayed and fathered up when things fell apart in our family by keeping us together. Can’t thank you enough but I hope this Christmas wish is just a simple reminder. Bless you!
  12. I look up to you since I was a kid and you never fail to amaze us with your love even after ages! Merry Christmas (Brother/Sister).
  13. Thanks for teaching me all good things I happen to have now. Bless you dear (brother/sister). Wishing you Merry Christmas and sending you lots of blissful holiday greetings.
  14. I wonder how my mind pictures you every time I happen to be in a bad situation. It does so because you’ll always be there to help me out. Merry Xmas dear Brother/Sister.
  15. Either you are getting fat or Santa’s in Vegan Diet. Anyways, Merry Xmas. See you soon for Christmas night with our family.

Best Romantic Christmas Wishes To Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Christmas is meaningless without all the love and especially the love between two souls. Finding the one and Falling in love is the most wonderful thing and staying with the same love till the end is what’s called the life’s worth. Take this Christmas season as a reminder to say how much they mean to you. On this Christmas Season, no matter how far or near your loved one might be, send them a Christmas wish and write your heart out. We would love to help you in that note with our list of sweet romantic Christmas wishes for your loved ones. Take a look.
merry christmas messages 6

  1. Christmas is full of miracles and most surprising one. So you’re the one. Happy Holidays
  2. Wait, did you laugh or is it the Santa’s jingle bells. Oh, it’s your laugh. Then that is the Christmas for me and nothing else.
  3. Hey Love, You’re my Christmas and whatever I say after that will just be an over-simplification.
  4. My Christmas depends upon how happy your eyes are sparkling. Hope I make it stay that way. Happy Xmas Love!
  5. You make my Christmas Shine than all stars in the sky combined. Happy Xmas dear love.
  6. Roses are red, oceans are blue and Christmas is you! Sounds cheesy but it is so true. Merry Christmas sweetheart.
  7. I’m grateful for having you in my life. What more can I ask for this Christmas? Of course your awesome apple crumble pie! But jokes apart, I Love You and you’re the Christmas in me.
  8. You taught me the value of love. You are so giving, so fun to be with and filled to brim with love. Can’t think of anyone but you every day every minute. Merry Christmas mi Amor.
  9. Thank you for your love. Thank you for staying when you had all reasons to bail out. Thank you for everything. My heart is yours forever, I’m filled with your love and i want nothing more for Christmas.
  10. To the love of my life, Merry Christmas! I’m lucky to have met you and for that I want to thank the last year’s Comic Con for bringing us together this and every Christmas to come.
  11. Holding your hand and walking already feels so warm than the Christmas tree. I never want to let go of the hand and that’s my Christmas wish.
  12. May all your hope come true and I wish to be in every step with you. Merry Christmas my dear.
  13. For the one who is holding this card and reading, you know your eyes are sparkling so bright that I could see the light from here. Your Smile is so widening that I feel the warmth here amidst the winter.
  14. Thank you for lending your shoulders for me to stand up strong. To my rock, Merry Christmas wishes with tons of hugs and kisses.
  15. Our love’s getting stronger every year and my Christmas wish is the same. Love you! You’re the shining star in my sky called life.
  16. You make me laugh, see the best, pick the good and show love. You’re a rare diamond and the best of all christmas sparkle. Happy Xmas mi corazón.
  17. The finest thing in life that I value more than anything else is your smile and your hug. Here’s to another Christmas – a reminder of how blessed I am to have you.
  18. I wish I could wake poets to write a Christmas wish for you, but damn! They said it’s impossible. So, bear with me and here’s wishing you merry Christmas with lights, candles and cozy winter nights by your side.
  19. Merry Christmas my love. I searched every books, every Google search and I finally realized there’s going to be no words that can do justice of how much I love you.
  20. To summarize everything in words about how much you are to me , I LOVE YOU is what I got. Merry Christmas my world.
  21. You support me in every way you can and it’s not that easy to just cover it with a Thank You. Merry Christmas wishes to the most wonderful soul!
  22. Our love story is the best rom-com that Hollywood biggies can bank on. Happy Xmas my love.
  23. To my dearest ‘hopeless romantic’, you love is out of the world. Merry Christmas XOXOXO.
  24. Here’s to our wonderful years of togetherness. I feel blessed to know that you could see your future with me. What more is there to get as a blessing than this! Merry Christmas my love.
  25. Every time I look in to your eyes I get butterflies. Merry Christmas my sweetheart. You make me go crazy!
  26. To the love of my life, Wishing you Merry Christmas. It’s not easy to be in love the same as we met first and fell in love. But here we are, still solid and still with same love in the eyes. Bless to that.

Christmas Wishes To Friends/Loved Ones Going Through Tough Time In Their Life

Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Send out great Christmas Wishes for Friends/Loved One’s who are going through some time in their life or have met with a loss of loved one or they might be over with all the bad things. They need hope and you can give that to them with a simple hearty Christmas wish this holiday season. Appreciate their courage, strength and send them a Christmas wish.

christmas wishes

  1. Christmas is always a good time to start something new. I wish you New beginnings to come your way this Christmas. Your good heart will take you places.
  2. With so much courage you flew shining bright amidst the tough times and hardships. I respect and value your strength. Merry Christmas to you! New Year’s just few steps away.
  3. What you’re going through is not easy and we know how much grit it takes for you to stay strong and that’s what makes you better and stronger than us. Here’s to the rock solid mountain we know, merry Christmas.
  4. The loss is irreparable, so grieve yourself out to take the edge off instead of bottling it up! We wish that this Christmas holiday season will bring you change and give you a sparkling ray of hope to follow with so much love from us.
  5. You are one tough cookie to crack, so cheer up! Merry Christmas.
  6. This too shall pass buddy, except our bills and hangovers. So cheer up. We’ll see how life’s putting up with us together until then Merry Christmas and I’m pretty sure the party’s going to rock. So bring in a fresh start and clear out the worries.
  7. Here’s the Christmas Wishes to the world’s best single (mom/dad/parent), you just raise the bars of life so high that we can’t keep up. You’re a solid with a wonderful soul.
  8. In the spirit of Christmas, let’s hope that the New Year gives you more strength and more hope in spite of whatever life throws. ‘You’ are the best out of all the things worse that has happened.
  9. Let this Christmas be so loud that your past fades away in the sparkle, candles, jingle bells and love light.
  10. We get second chances and this Christmas is going to be that chance for you. Start fresh. Look back and we’ll always have our back. Merry Christmas buddy.
  11. Let it go. You have wonderful Christmas and a whole New Year in front of you. We’ll figure it out and till then Merry Christmas.

Christmas Wishes To Family With New Baby

Children are the sunshine’s of the family and especially welcoming new baby adds even more joy. Send out Christmas wishes to family who welcomed a new baby and sure the joy will pile up for them and will make sure that they have so much love to give and receive too. This wishes can be send as the short Christmas messages.

christmas wishes 8

  1. It’s a wonderful time for all of us to celebrate. Thank you guys for bringing a ray of sunshine in to the family.
  2. Congratulation on the Christmas Present in your hands and all the best for all the sleepless nights. Merry Christmas you guys.
  3. You guys are holding a live rose bouquet right now wrapped in a blanket and thank you for that. Merry Christmas to your little SantaRose.
  4. Santa sends his ‘Naughty and Nice’ wishes to the baby. And from our side, a hearty warm wishes for bringing a piece of heaven.
  5. Here’s wishing you a whole new world filled with joy and kindness. Merry Christmas you guys. In reality, welcome to the world of ‘you know how it’s going to be after the baby’.
  6. A Baby changes who we are and changes us in to a blossoming heart filled with love and patience. We are happy for you guys. Merry Christmas to the new munchkin.
  7. Congratulations on the baby guys. (Baby Name) is the most wonderful jingle bell ever that makes even Santa jealous.
  8. Thank you for bringing the baby to our family guys, you just added more warmth and love to this holiday season. Merry Christmas.
  9. Merry Christmas little one. We hope to keep your world filled with Sparkles, Santa, Jingle bells and tons of love for years after years to come.
  10. Best wishes with the baby and sure you’ll love the giggles and cooing’s more than any best music album ever made. Merry Christmas.
  11. Let Santa bless you both with the same joy you felt when you held the baby first throughout your years to come every Christmas. Happy Xmas guys!

Sending out Christmas Wishes to your loved ones and neighbors is a wonderful thing to do that will surely make them merrier. We’re succumbed in to the digital world that we just send all our wishes with emoji’s through phone which will never be close to showing your heart to the opposite end. Holiday season is always special and a good start to say how you feel and begin what you love. So instead of text messages, take some time, find a Card and send them Christmas card message.. You’ll definitely feel the love a handwritten note emanates while sending one and receiving one.

We @trulygeeky wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of Santa love to you & family.