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8 Best Essential Oil Brands That Provide The Purest Oils

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If you could squeeze your favorite fruit or plant or herb into a small glass jar and use it whenever, wherever and however without losing any of its goodness, you wouldn’t say No right? That’s what the essential oils are about. They have wholesome benefits of nature with incredible wellness & healing properties that can do us good and make us feel better. So then how do we get our essential oils? How will we know that our essential oils are high quality, pure and are 100% organic? This is where you are put to test. Picking essential oils from the best essential oil brands or companies can be a tricky one. You have the whole circle of essential oil companies around you. Some companies are well established and some are new startups. Some provide the oils which are expensive and some provide affordable oils. So whom do we trust? To clear all these clutters, we have put together everything about essential oils and the brands, how do the essential oils are manufactured, what are the technologies involved in testing them and just about all the right things. We list you the best essential oil companies/brands, but before that let’s get a clear explanation on these briefly.

What Makes Them Say “They Are The Best Essential Oil Brands”

In order to be a top / best essential oil brand or company, they need to do their best in everything starting from scratch. They should work on a customer’s long-term confidence in them and enhance their credibility consistently. The brand’s essential oil should also pass through the long way of perfection before it ends up in their consumer’s home. You need to know about two very important things that make a brand says that they are the best.

  • The Brands Good Manufacturing Practices
  • The Quality & Purity Standards of the Brand

The Brand’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Says It All

When you’re looking for the best essential oil brand, what strikes in your mind first? What do you want from them? Obviously, it’s top essential oil brandsabout quality and purity, right? These all can be established when the brand is GMP certified.

The GMP standards pretty much covers all important aspects of a brand starting from their sourcing of raw materials, the ethical/organic practices in their farms (if they have their own), their workplace & equipment perfection, in check of trained/professional workforce employed, high standards of the lab (if they have their own) to that of including personal hygiene of the staffs and workers. If an essential oil brand is GMP certified then they can be considered for sure without any second thoughts as the procedure for GMP follows strict standards to ensure that you get the best product as an output. They don’t just stop with that, the GMP demands detailed documented proof that proper procedures are followed on each and every step in the manufacturing process.

If an essential oil brand is GMP certified, it ensures that

  • Quality of raw materials for the essential oils has undergone thorough tests and quality checks.
  • Essential oil’s weight and measurements are perfect.
  • Pure Essential oils/Blends/infusions are extracted and prepared correctly without any deviation in their method of extraction, formulas or right combinations.
  • Samples from every batch of essential oils made are put to test and are ensured that they are in compliance with the product specifications.
  • Overall, all aspects are covered, checked, documented, verified, tested and finally ends up in your hands.

So if an essential oil brand is genuinely GMP certified, surely just go for it. It means that the brands are trying to show their good work and are trying to prove their reliability.

Brands like dŌTERRA, Young Living, Edens Garden, Plant Therapy, Now Foods, Healing Solutions, Aura Cacia get the GMP verified certificate.

The Quality Standards

For any essential oil brand, Quality and purity are like the “tip of the iceberg” into which people look first before they go down to buying and using their essential oils. Impeccable purity and quality of essential oils are the benchmarks upon which a brand can say that they are the best. So how do we know that the brand provides the purest essential oils? What are all the quality standards the essential oil companies must meet to become the best organic essential oil company? Take a look.

ISO Standards

ISO standards for essential oils are a tad bit different from the usual ISO we see and knew. When it comes to essential oils, ISO provides thorough guidelines for packaging, conditioning, storage, labeling, sampling, testing/batch testing of essential oils. An ISO certified essential oil brand’s credibility can be taken up into consideration.


You got pure organic essential oils in your hand and yet you might wonder whether these have come in a clean & ethical way possible. If that’s your thought then you have the ECOCERT® COSMOS organic certification, one of the best credible quality standards when it comes to any essential oil brands. It involves the principles of promoting and using the ingredients from clean organic farming. It ensures that the productions and manufacturing processes are totally safe and sound for us and for our environment. So you can put your mindfulness towards the environment at ease. The ECOCERT® standard for the essential brand makes sure that

  • All the ingredients are obtained through renewable resources and manufactured under environment-friendly process.
  • Packaging should have bio-degradable or recyclable nature.
  • No animal testing.
  • Strict verification that there will be no GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) plant-based ingredients, parabens, silicates, Nano-particles, PEG’s, additives, synthetic perfumes, additives, synthetic dyes, animal-derived ingredients (unless they are naturally derived, ex: milk, etc.,).

One of the top priorities of ECOCERT® for the essential oil brand is

  • The brand should have a minimum of 95% of all pure plant-based ingredients in them.
  • Minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming.

So on the whole, 100% of the brand’s essential oil should be of organic origin without any traces of artificial stuff in them. Essential oil brand that is ECOCERT® COSMOS certified is a definite Yes as their standards are high, credible and top-notch in what they do which scans all aspects of the brand and ensures that we get quality essential oils in the end.


The USDA Organic quality standard requires specific requirements in tune with the National Organic Program (NOP) that must be verified and checked before the products are labeled “USDA ORGANIC”.

Under USDA organic regulations, the best essential oil brand requires

  • Use of certified organic ingredients for a minimum of 95%
  • They should show their organic practices used, their ways of protecting natural resources & conserving the bio-diversity and adopting environment safety methods.
  • Revealing all the substances used which should be in tune with organic standards
  • Follow Organic standards as specified in the National Organic Program (NOP) Handbook, USDA Organic regulations, and Organic Food Production Act.
  • Following “NON-GMO (i.e. no farming or cultivating genetically modified seeds or plants), Clean Soil, NO harmful chemicals/fertilizers/additives that alter the quality of soil and plant” policy strictly.

USDA Approval is a credible and trustworthy quality standard. If you see the essential oil companies that have “USDA Organic” Seal in them, you can be sure that the brand’s essential oil has come the right way pleasing all the environment-friendly needs.

It’s so cool if your essential oil brand has town distillery and organic farm.  It is also okay if they deal with reputed organic distillers or buy from brands that sell essential oils from their own farm produce in a small batch.

NON-GMO Verified Seal

This seal works at every level of the supply chain to ensure viable non-GMO choices for consumers. It means that the brand doesn’t use or source their raw materials, ingredients, carrier oils and essential oils from genetically modified plants, seeds, fruits, and other organic materials. If a brand has Non-GMO, you can very well ease your nature conscience.

AFNOR Quality Standards 

AFNOR stands for Association Françoise de Normalisation is a quality standard of the French national organization. You can find essential oil brands/companies claiming that their essential oils are AFNOR approved therapeutic grade. Well, don’t fall for those guys. AFNOR doesn’t set quality standards but instead, they specify certain guidelines which add credibility towards the quality of essential oils prepared by the brand.

The GRAS – Therapeutic Oil Standard

According to the FDA, there is no such term as therapeutic grade essential oils. There is no independent organization that can give the “certified therapeutic grade” too. So if you’re looking for the use of essential oils into your foods, as flavoring/fragrance ingredients or for any culinary works, then go for a brand that brings essential oil with GRAS status. GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. Only a small number of essential oil brands/suppliers have labeled their products as having GRAS status and they call them as Therapeutic Grade. There are many essential oils (like mint, Neroli, pure lemon oil) that have GRAS status. Every oil that passes this category must come with an expiration date.

Essential oils do not expire like foods but they do change something differently. (For example, They reduce the freshness and aroma as the time goes by). The actual constituents present while they are extracted and manufactured will change in due time into different constituents. Essential oils are like little drops of nature you can get, so keep the packaging intact and take care of them for as long as you can.

Plant Therapy® brand has a list of Single Essential Oil’s Shelf Life as a pdf file on their official website. If you could, then go see them and have a look.


The essential oils which have passed GRPS standards are known as Therapeutic Grade essential oils / Food grade essential oil. You can use these essential oils in the following way.

  • For baking or adding it to recipes, smoothies, and other drinks you can use these essential oils instead of fresh or dried herbs.
  • These oils are more potent than fresh or dried herbs and spices. So add it in a very minimum quantity. Use a dip of a clean toothpick into the essential oil and add it to dishes. Don’t go for the drop even.
  • You can intake essential oils in the form of veggie capsule or supplements. Don’t take a drop of essential oil through mouth internally.

If you want essential oils in the food, you should take care of this GRAS standard. In general use like wellness, skincare & body care, you don’t need a GRAS approval status as other quality standards for the high-quality essential oils are good enough.

Now you have seen some probing into quality standards that can help you narrow down the choices of best essential oil brands. So shall we move on to the next big “Purity” standards?

The Purity Tests & Standards

Your essential oil should be 100% pure and organic; if not then there is no point. If an essential oil doesn’t have the least of 95-98% pure extracts with remaining 5% of pure organic ingredients, then you are taking yourself not nature in a bottle but things that might hurt the nature like chemicals, additives, and synthetics. So, how do we sort this out? Essential oil companies can claim themselves “The Best” only if they make their essential oils undergo strict, accurate, top-notch purity tests. The best brand should also be willing to publicize their results, show them what they have and what they are which will increase their trustworthiness. So then what are all the important purity tests and standards an essential oil brand should have? Keep reading!

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis – GC/MS Purity Tests

The GC/MS tests are commonly followed by purity tests for essential oils. Both the tests are excellent additive revealing tests.

GC Test

Essential Oil is vaporized and passed through a long chromatographic column to separate the oil and its individual components. Depending upon the presence of components each will travel at a different speed based on their molecular weight and chemical properties which are recorded and measured as it exits the chromatographic column. Using this test, they determine which compounds are present apart from the original in their sample.

GC reveals the peaks of different chemical constituents within the given sample oil, it does not, however name/identify the specific chemical constituent and for this, we need Mass Spectrometry Analysis.

MS Analysis

The components previously separated through the GC tests are ionized and sent through a series of magnetic fields. Using molecular weight and magnetic charge, the amount of each different component can be identified thereby gathering potency of essential oil.

Some brands like doTERRA, Rocky Mountain Oils, Plant Therapy have put together their GC/MS spec results on their essential oils for the public. Check them out.


Note: But relying on GC/MS test results alone is not enough to tell the essential oils is pure. Because there are many companies that manipulate the essential oils with synthetics and additives in the right proportion so their GC/MS test results will appear good. Not every one of us is analytical chemists to know what is there in the report. It’s narrated in the D Gary Young’s Blog when a user asks a question of why Young Living is not offering the GC/MS test result while others send it. Read his answer. It’s a must-know for every one of us.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

FTIR is conducted to ensure the purity, potency and consistent quality of a batch of essential oils. Infra-Red light with different frequencies is shined through a sample of essential oil and amount of light absorbed by the samples is noted. The purity of the sample is determined by comparing the results from each FITR reading to a historical database with absorption patterns of high-quality samples.

Isotopic Analysis

It’s one of the in-depth purity tests adopted by few top-rated essential oils brands. Since essential oils are organic compounds, they are primarily made of carbon elements or isotopes or carbon variants. This test determines which isotope is present in the essential oil and at what amounts. Plants sourced from the same organic farm has the same isotope.  Whereas the result if different isotope, then they identify that oil is adultered.

Heavy Metal Testing

The test is made to identify any heavy metals present in the essential oils. When properly distilled, essential oils will not have any heavy metals in them. This test uses Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) to ionize the sample. Then the sample is run through a mass spectroscope which separates the sample into its elemental parts. Thereby we can identify any metal ingredients present.

Other than this important purity tests we have Chirality Tests which is used to ensure that no synthetic elements are present in the essential oils. There is the Organoleptic Test which is done involving human senses- sight, smell, taste, and touch. Expert distillers use their senses as their first line of purity checking. Strange color, uneven consistency, uneven thickness, the unusual smell will tell them something is wrong. Usually, these tests are carried out first before other tests are carried.

Densitometry, microscopy, polarimetry, Optical Emission Spectrometry, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, pH are few of the state-of-art tests for measuring the purity of essential oil. Not all brands follow all of the above tests.

If the essential oil brand you’re looking for has all the purity tests checked, then why you are waiting still? Go for that brand and get the best out of them.

What Customers Say About The Brand

reputable essential oil companies

At last, everything stops here and not shiny ads, marketing strategies, attractive discounts, offers, gifts and such. ‘Happy customers’ are the only factor that decides whether any brand is performing the best. If the results are good and all the quality standards are met and they get even the best customer care support then the users become their loyal customers which actually pushes the brand from top to best brand.  For example, in our review, Aura Cacia lack the many certificates yet they prove their quality. Hence they receive a reputable name from their consumers.

Wait, Read These From The Label. It’s Very Important

We have seen what it takes and what it needs to become a high-quality essential oil brand. Keeping those in mind, let’s check some other important things in the label.

  • See where the company sources their raw materials from? Local farms, gardens, native places of the particular plant/fruit, forests? Normally the essential oil plants are grown in their native places to reap the benefits of their own. For example, Sandalwood is grown in places like India, Hawaii, and Bergamot from Italy.
  • See how they extract their essential oils. Steam Distillation and Cold-Pressed methods are the best methods.
  • How do they give their essential oils? If they are “first distilled” then well and good. Second and third distillation essential oils are big No as they reduce the ‘essence’ potency to the minimum.
  • Common names might be the same for different plants or flowers so if you’re looking for something specific, try reading the label where you can find the right botanical name (Latin name). Ex: you can see variants like Lavandula intermedia and Lavandula angustifolia but the L.angustifolia is the preferred lavender essential oil for our personal use. So next time, don’t just look for the brand name alone.
  • Essential oils like Rosa damascena, Santalum album (sandalwood), Rose Hip, Citrus aurantium (Neroli) are few exotic essential oils which cannot be found in abundance like other essential oils which makes their price rocket high.
  • The front label might say 100% pure, but when you look into any of the corners in little letters you may find that they have some carrier oils added to them or might be diluted with base oils like sweet almond oil or coconut oil. So choose your brand wisely.

The final showdown is here. Check out our list of Top 10 best essential oil companies which we narrowed down for your convenience based on very good quality, purity, and credibility. These are taken out of our own experience.

If you do not have time to go through our in-depth post, as a summary we have given the best essential oil brands below. Check it out.

best essential oil companies

Although the essential oil brands like dŌTERRA, Youngliving and other companies in the list produce the raw materials in an organic way, they have no USDA ORGANIC certificate. As they grow their plants from worldwide, their organic certification from other countries does not meet the USA standard.


best essential oil companies

dŌTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning ‘gift of earth’ and they sure live up to their name, offering you the high-quality essential oils. They have first introduced a new standard known as therapeutic-grade grade essential oils. It’s an MLM company which started with a goal of sharing essential oils with people. It’s not a scam company but It’s a legit one, so you can turn your focus on. For ideal quality and efficacy, their essential oils and proprietary blends are carefully sourced and distilled from plants at the right moments by experienced growers from across the world. It’s both being a plus and minus for the company. Moreover, dŌTERRA essential oils are thoroughly tested using the strict ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) grade quality protocols. It ensures that we are getting the essential oils that are free from fillers, contaminants, and pesticides. They are unadulterated and totally organic. Since the oils are distilled from various countries, they are not certified organic. This certification used to get differ from country to country, in the U.S it even differs from state to state.

One downside is they offer the essential oils at a very high price but worth the money whichever you buy!

Brand’s Specialty 

  • GMP certified.
  • The brand has its own testing process called CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which is done internally. To pass the CPTG, essential oils go through a very good list of standards.
  • Undergoes GC/MS, Organoleptic, Heavy Metal Testing, Microbial Testing, Isotopic Analysis, MTIR scan for enhancing the essential oil purity.
  • Now dŌTERRA offers GC/MS test results to the public at the URL sourcetoyou.com. By entering the number which is shown at the bottom of the EO bottle, you can know its chemical composition.
  • Global sourcing of raw materials through ethical farming. You can see the list of countries by clicking here.
  • Follows mostly the Low Heat Steam-Distillation and Cold-Press extraction methods which retains all the benefits intact.
  • Essential oils are found in the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. It means that these oils are safe to use in the foods.
  • Although they don’t have any separate lines for “pets and kids”, their CPTG oils are safe around them. There are tons of safety information given in the dŌTERRA’s blog. Use the oils accordingly.
  • The brand has own unique essential oil blends like dŌTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend, Deep Blue® blend and Balance® Blend. Each one has shown a very good response from the customers.

Brand’s Definite Try-Out

dŌTERRA Introductory Kit dottera Introductory Kit 1 

It’s a great start for everyone who is new to essential oils. This kit contains Therapeutic Grade Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lavender oil. Each one of them is made up of 5ml.

Where To Buy The Original dŌTERRA Essential Oils?

Authentic dŌTERRA products can be purchased from dŌTERRA website or with one of their wellness advocate living at your place. You can find them using the form given here. dŌTERRA oils can also be purchased from the shopping store like Amazon but check the seller rating to know whether they provide the original oil.

Buy Now

2. Young Living

best essential oil brands

The Young Living has been among the pioneers of the essential oils brand and has led the industry for about 25 years which makes them pretty sure what a good essential oils brand needs to be. Young Living essential oils have high standards by providing the oils of the highest quality. They source their products from their global farms across N.America, Europe, Australia, and Africa where they plant, grow, harvest, distill and produce the essential oils. Their farms help them create a more stable and sustained supply chain for their essential oils. The company is always passionate about collaborating with nature to bring the purest products on earth. Just like dŌTERRA, their oils are not certified organic, although their production process ensures that they are distilling only the organic. The reason is being the same. Different countries follow different procedures for organic certification. Some countries do not have such certification that matches with U.S standard. So the organic certification is not all possible.

Young living is another Legit MLM company. As with all other businesses, this MLM program faced a lot of claims in these 25 years. In 2014, the FDA had shut down their website ( and back it again ) with the claim of Young Living oil distributors market their products with fake claims. For example YL essential oil products can kill viral infections, cure hypertension, autism, cancer, diabetes, and so many other diseases. We all know that essential oils can make us feel better of hypertension, viral infections, and other issues but it can’t cure, diagnose or treat the diseases. When I did read the claim, seriously I started laughing. All of such claims are done by the distributors, not the company itself.

Brand’s Specialty

  • The brand’s Seed to Seal® promise ensures that their products are created with conscientious Sourcing, Science and Standards. They have Seed to seal farms located in 7 locations throughout the world.
  • The brand undergoes the FTIR, Organoleptics, Optical Rotation, Refractive Index, Specific gravity, GC, Microbiological testing and ICP/MS testing on their essential oils internally.
  • The brand has its own unique wellness range of therapeutic grade essential oil blends like Brain Power™, Acceptance™, Build Your Dream™, Peace & Calming™, Believe™, Dream Catcher™, Joy™, etc which are EarthKoscher Certified.
  • The brand has their own baby’s and kid’s range called Young Living Seedlings™ and Young Living Kid’s Scents™.

Brand’s Definite Try-Outs 

Vitality – The New Dietary Essential Oils & Supplements

best essential oil brandsApart from the usual essential oils and blends, the brand Young Living has its own line of FDA approved dietary essential oils called Vitality™. The range offers superior quality FDA approved dietary supplement essential oils which are same like normal essential oils but are formulated in a way that they are safe for intake. Few of their Vitality™ range of essential oils include Basil, Bergamot, Celery Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Carrot Seed, Coriander, Clove, etc. It’s not just this but Vitality™ offers various essential oil supplement blends like JuvaCleanse™, JuvaFLex™ to support overall wellness & health regimen while Dill Vitality™ can be used in dressings and dips.

Young Living’s Thieves Essential Oil

best essential oilsThieves essential oil is made with Cinnamon bark oil, Rosemary leaf oil, Clove bud oil, Eucalyptus leaf oil, and lemon peel oil. Since these are all antibacterial whatever the ache comes, just throw it away with thieves 🙂 It combats the toothache, chest tightness, cold sores, headache, cough and so on. When comparing with other brands Thieves essential oil Young Living’s oil seems to be the best one.

Where To Buy The Original Young Living Essential Oils?

Mostly Young living oil available at the shopping stores seems to be adulterated or replaced with other oils. To get YL’s best quality essential oils check out their official website or shopping through an independent distributor or you can shop through Amazon, Walmart at reputed sellers.

Buy Now

3.Rocky Mountain Oils™

reputable essential oil companies

The Rocky Mountain oils™ are known to deliver you only the best essential oils and propriety blends while taking their quality seriously. Their commitment towards delivering high-quality products is rooted in their S.A.A.F.E Promise ™. They provide the 3rd party GC/MS test results to its customers. You can check it online through the number which is printed at the bottom of the bottle.

It supports small farms, works with qualified distillery technicians and state-of-art labs to bring you the essential oils in their purest form. If you want to test their blends, check this blending comparison chart against the dŌTERRA and Young Living essential oils. You will surely get the one. They don’t offer the shampoo, cleaning products and deodorants. They are good at essential oils. So they stick to just these. Make a visit to their official site where you can get access to tons of other information. On their blog, they educate the customers on essential oils, they tell you the usage suggestions and which oil to pick for which condition which is all are not done by most of the other companies. It’s not an MLM company. In turn, it provides essential oils to its customers at an affordable competitive range. It’s the reason why I love Rocky Mountain Oils.

 Brand’s Specialty

  • They follow GC/MS purity tests.
  • The brand follows excellent sustainability efforts which include packaging created from 100% recycled materials which are the industry’s first Glass Bottle Recycling Program.
  • With every bottle, you can see the icons showing how to use those essential oils ( For example Topical, household or diffuse usage)
  • Rocky Mountain Oils™ brings you S.A.A.F.E Promise™ which guarantees you the pure authentic essential oils. S.A.A.F.E stands for Satisfaction guaranteed, Authentic, Analysis, Free of adulterants, Effective & pure.
  • The RMO has “Tohi supplements” in which they offered the wellness to mind, body, and soul in the form of 5 premium supplements.
  • Their exclusive mom and kids range includes Kids Line Complete KitKids Daily Kit and Mom’s Essential Starter Kit. These were designed by having mom and kid in the mind.
  • They extend their customer service to its great extent. They stand behind every product they are selling. If you don’t feel satisfied with the product, you can always do a return. Yes! They offer non-risky 90-day money-back guarantee.

Brand’s Definite Try-Out: Single Essential Oil Kit best essential oil companies

This essential oil kit is made up of Lemon, Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, and Peppermint essential oils. The purpose of this kit is maintaining and improving you’re well being. It’s a great one at the best price.

Where To Buy The Original Rock Mountain Essential Oils?

The Rocky Mountain oils are available through an eCommerce store like Amazon. You can buy from there or through their website. You can get it via the wholesalers and retail stores too.

Buy Now

4. Plant Therapy®

best essential oil companies

 When it comes to Plant Therapy®, the quality standards are way high. Their high quality and the affordable rates are the two reasons why it became the favorite of many. Plant Therapy’s pure and environment-friendly organic oils made it appropriate to get used in the aromatherapy. In order to ensure their oils are meeting the high-quality standards, essential oils are Organoleptic tested by the essential oil expert Robert Tisserand before proceeding to the third party and other analytical laboratory tests. They use certified organic oils. Another unique product from the brand is their “Chakra Synergy” blends for wellness. The brand makes sure that the end product in your hands is of exceptional quality and has purest of ingredients everything organic all the way. Plant Therapy is one of the most affordable (You can’t suspect their quality) best essential oils brand you can put your money on! Plant therapy also introduced CBD products which are natural chemicals taken from the plants. CBD products can do a lot of wonders to our optimal health.

Brand’s Specialty

  • Plant Therapy® is certified by ECOCERT® ICO, USDA Organic. Their essential oils are fully accredited through the National Organic Program (NOP). They have quality checks for the non-GMO act. i.e., Genetically Modified Organisms are prohibited.
  • The brand follows “Clean Soil, NO-harmful ingredients that harm the environments” policies. Clean Soil is one of their finest standards, where the land from which they source their ingredients doesn’t use any prohibited substances, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering. So the oils you get is 100% organic.
  • Leaping Bunny® Certified – it means Plant Therapy® is cruelty-free with no animal testing, cruelty-free ingredients.
  • On their website, you can find “organic Practices fact Sheets” which is a transparent manufacturing process that the brand gives for their customers to get to know them.
  • Apart from giving products at affordable rates, the website offers even more to their customers.
  • ‘KidSafe’ by Plant Therapy is the line of essential oils developed for children. They have also given out the “Pup & Pony” line of products.

Brand’s Definite Try-Outs 

Top 50 Best Selling Essential Oils best organic essential oils

These top 50 essential oils are purchased by their customers quite often. Look into this you will find your favorite too!. With each of the oil, you can find the information about which scent you can expect, description and safety.

Where To Purchase The Original Plant Therapy Oils?

You can purchase via the stores like Amazon, eBay or Walmart or through their official website with lots of offers. You can join in a wholesale group and get a license to sell their products on your websites too.

Buy Now

5.Edens Garden

best essential oils companies

The brand stands by their cornerstone called, the E.D.E.N.S™ (Effective. Dedicated. Educated. Natural. Safe) pledge. Among all other companies, only a few companies gain trustworthiness from the consumers. In such companies list, Eden’s Garden is the big one. They produce 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and they dedicated to the customer-first policy. Their oils are unadulterated, free of synthetics and entirely pure so the oils do not mess up with our skin or any other internal organs. They source the materials from the organic farms at the best. They also assure that their oils are not added to the bases or any other carrier oils.

Though Eden’s garden offers a variety of essential oils, their synergy blends are being the most favorite among the users. These synergy blends are nothing but an already pre-blended mix of other purest EO’s that are made for special purposes like Love, Germ Fighting and Fearless. Edens Garden offers a collection of 170 Essential oils and they are adding the blends and other varieties (diffuser, perfumes, body oils, Carrier Oils ) too. The essential oil bottles are made from 5 mL up to 30 mL. Their price starts at $3. So if you want to test an essential oil, you can buy it at a reasonable price. The purest form at the most reasonable price and 30-day money back guarantee. Does this sound amazing?

Brand’s Specialty

  • EG brand gives you ‘30-day-no-questions-asked’ return policy which is a wonderful customer-friendly approach.
  • Although Edens Garden does not provide the GC/MS purity results and is not USDA approved they provide the organic oils. That’s Guaranteed.
  • EG would send the certificate of analysis and Material safety data sheet on every request they receive on their bottle.
  • The moment you sign up to the Eden’s Garden website, you will become a member who earns reward points. You can utilize these points for your future orders. They also offer lots of discounts when it comes to essential oils collection and blends and other products.
  • They employ certified aroma-therapists who regularly contribute to educational blog pieces that answer your queries and thoughts.

Brand’s Definite Try-Out

6 Synergy Blend Set best aromatherapy oils

The 6 synergy blends include Breath Easier, Relaxation, Hope, Stress Relief, Good Night and Sunshine. These essential oil blends are perfect for both beginners and experienced users. It’s the most popular among all other blends in Edens Garden Community. It is currently unavailable at amazon.com

Where To Buy The Original Edens Garden Essential Oils?

It’s not available at the stores. You can buy through Amazon or through their website.

6. Now® Foods Essential Oils

reputable essential oil companies

Although “Now Food Essential Oils” offers both “high quality pure essential oils and synthetic oils“, they often get claims on these. This company is very open about what they are selling. By seeing their label itself, people can identify what they are paying for. In fact, It’s one of the most reliable brands to stick with. It’s a family-owned company founded with the purpose of “Getting good health is not only to the luxuries, but it’s for everyone”. Now Food Essential oils are prepared with loving attention from start to end. They have their own manufacturing unit for essential oils which is very rare in the industry because the other companies outsource the manufacturing or distillation process. After that, they will carry forward the testing process. Every essential oil NOW Food manufacture qualifies the internal and external testing processes. Plus they also get USDA certification and NON-GMO Project verified seal. Although some of their oils have passed the GRAS standard, they don’t recommend it for internal usage. The same goes with the plant therapy too. By taking customers in mind, these both brands specify not to take essential oils for internal usage on their blogs. They conduct multiple processes during the packing to ensure the freshness in essential oils.

They are giving the essential oil at the lowest price possible. It’s because they do everything in essential oil on their own. They don’t outsource any process and they have the diversified profile from personal care products (diffuser includes) to dietary supplements. So automatically they can cut the price huge enough than their competitors. One negative point I see in Now Foods Essential oils is, they grow all of their plants in the United States itself. They have the total control on the botanicals they grow But the thing is, growing the plants which are non-native to the US will diminish the effect on the plants.

Now Food Offers exclusive Safety Data Sheets for essential oils. This sheet is a way of ensuring the safety and quality of their products and readily available to customers. Not the one oil or two oils like in other essential companies, but it has the whole line of oils to be a shining star.

Brand’s Specialty

  • Now® Food Essential Oils is GMP verified which comprises many more certifications.
  • Now Food® owns and operates one of the most advanced private laboratories with respect to natural and organic products industry.
  • It has its own manufacturing, distillation process, and testing units. Thus it doesn’t outsource, providing the oils in the best possible price.
  • International Quality Assurance certified organic brand.
  • The brand has its unique Now® Pets to treat your pets and approved by National Animal Supplement Council.
  • Now® Foods essential oils are USDA approved, pure, highly concentrated oils and it comes with Non-GMO Project Verified’ seal.
  • Their essential oils are GC/FITR verified. It’s an aromatherapy Industrial testing.

Brand’s Definite Try-Out  

Put Some Pep In Your Step high quality essential oils

Now offers a wide array of starter kits. Out of all those, “Put Some Pep In Your Step” is being the most popular one. It has a collection of 3 essential oils ( Lemon oil, Grapefruit Oil, Orange Oil) and a blend (Cheer Up Buttercup). Since it has a great collection of citrusy oils, there is no doubt it’s an energizing oil kit.

Where To Buy The Original Now Foods Essential Oils?

You can get essential oils on their website, e-commerce stores like amazon.com and from the distributors worldwide. If you live in the United States or Canada, you can also find their products at the local health stores. To find the stores you can use the link here.

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7.Aura Cacia

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Aura Cacia is a definite member when it comes to choosing the best essential oils brands. It’s a member (300 brands) owned cooperative company which differs from all other brands. They are all working together with a mission of to be responsible for people and the planet.  All of Aura Cacia’s products are tested and verified for quality & purity. So you can trust on getting the true aromatherapy benefits. They personally meet all of their essential oil sourcing providers and ensure that they are getting only high-quality organic ingredients. They support small farms and their growers. In Sri Lanka, they gave permission to the Small Organic Farmers Association (SOFA) which contain nearly 2043 members (women) at the time of writing this post. This organization actually trains and supports organic growing techniques. Aura Cacia is doing similar programs in other regions as well. So when you buy a product from Aura Cacia, you are supporting these programs thus, in turn, help the women to change their life. Such a wonderful thought to purchase from them!. Downsides about this company are that they are not being transparent with their essential oils test results and they are not “100% pure therapeutic grade” oils. Except those, Aura Cacia is a good brand of essential oil offering full aromatherapy benefits.

Brand’s Specialty

  • All of the Aura Cacia’s bottle comes with the screw caps which makes the bottle bit bulkier. But this child proof is really appreciated in the home environment.
  • All Aura Cacia’s essential oils and their blends are USDA Organic Certified oils. So it’s synthetic free.
  • Aura Cacia’s oils are not tested on animals. Petroleum and Paraben free and tested for purity.
  • They perform organoleptic testing, refractive index testing, GCMS testing, optical rotation testing, specific gravity testing on every essential oil they produce.
  • Aura Cacia Offer a wide range of oils and blends. So if you don’t find any oils on other brands, you could find them at Aura Cacia. They also offer the carrier oils, creams, lotions, and diffuser.
  • The brand gives you a pamphlet and Instruction book on every oil you purchase. In that, they give the DIY ideas to make beard oil, cologne, body spray, and quick shoe powder. DIY home cleaning ideas are goal-scorers among DIY enthusiasts. These all will help you to open your thoughts on essential oils and their uses.

Brands Must Try Out

Discovery Essential Oil Kit top essential oil brands

If you want to take the guesswork out of what Aura Cacia offers, purchase their Discovery essential oils kit. It is a package of 4 basic must-have oils Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oil. Usage of these oils is given are given at our best smelling essential oils post. Read it and get amazed. With this kit, you will also get an instructional pamphlet that will tell you how to get started. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves essential oil.

Where To Buy The Original Aura Cacia Essential Oils?

Aura Cacia’s products are sold under your local health store, drugstore, pharmacies and other big e-commerce stores like amazon.com, Target.com, and walmart.com

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8.Healing Solutions

best essential oil brands

Healing Solutions is relatively new to the essential industry but strongly not operating their business as MLM. So it saves the money that would be paid to the members. Their mission is to give a small boutique experience to its customers by providing 100% therapeutic grade oils at an affordable price. This brand makes oils from the top oil suppliers all over the world. They do a fine selection with each of them. That’s how it’s making a wide range of singles, blends, carrier oils, diffusers, and sets. Premium therapeutic grade organic oil is what Healing Solutions strive for and it sure did achieve it. No wonder it’s among one of the top essential oils brands with the affordable price range. Like the leading brands, they get the essential oils sourcing in various parts of the world so obviously, it’s not a USDA approved.

Brand’s Specialty

  • Distillation Process is GMP Certified.
  • The brand has its own state-of-art labs where they perform high precision GC/MS tests on all their essential oils. It transparently offers the recent GC/MS test results on their website here. All you need to do is just enter the lot number
  • Essential oils come with “Purity Guarantee” label which ensures that they are analyzed thoroughly for purity and lack of adulterants.
  • The company offers a 7-day return policy that is, if you purchase their product and feel not satisfied, you can return it within 7 days. Also, they give a lifetime warranty on every product they sell.

Brands Definite Try Out 

Best Blends Essential Oil Set  best quality essential oils
Although some people like the individual oils, some people like to get the pre-blended mixes of oils that are ready to use for various purposes.  From headache to stress relief there are many different issues are sorted out with this 6 pack of the essential oil blend. To know more about the issues it can handle visit their website, you will be amazed by it.

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Where To Buy The Original Healing Solutions Oil?

You can get these oils at an official website and at the e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc

So now you know what are the best essential oil brands through some of the expensive lab test reports. But do you know? You can test these oils yourself too. It will be very useful in finding out the fake essential oils and so the fake essential oil companies.

Essential Oil Companies To Avoid

After buying an essential oil through an offer or for testing purposes, check out the following

Check The Consistency

Put a drop of essential oil on a white printer paper and let it dry for a minute. If you see a ring left behind, the oil you used is not pure essential oil. It’s a fake one. There is some exception to this rule. Essential Oils such as German Chamomile, Sandalwood, Patchouli Oils and Vetiver have high consistency and usually deeper in color.

The  Price Variation

Essential oils are inevitably costly. It takes a roomful of plant material to fill a bottle of essential oil. If the flowering plant is a scare one, the further cost will be added. Essential oils like rosemary, sweet orange have seemed in abundance. So they must be less expensive. Rose Bulgarian, Beeswax absolute, Lemon Balm and Helichrysum have come under rarity plants so they should be expensive. Check the prices of essential oil you want to get in the company website (we listed in the reputable essential oil companies). If you find a lot of price variation, then it should be susceptible.

How Its Container Made Of

When it comes to essential oils there are certain important standards in packaging. All essential oils should come in a pure glass bottle or glass jar especially ‘dark to very dark’ glass jars which are usually followed like a ritual by all the best essential oil brands. The reason for the glass bottle (especially Amber colored bottles) packaging is that they are best at keeping UV light out and will not accelerate the essential oil’s expiration rate. It considerably reduces and limits light, oxygen, heat, dust and sun exposure which has the ability to reduce essential oil potency and efficacy. If no glass bottles for essential oils, then No to the brand.

Read The Latin Name

In every essential oil bottle, its Latin name will be printed. For example, if you see only the common name like “Lavender oil”, it may not be an essential oil mostly this oil is nothing more than the perfumed oil.

What Label Says

Since essential oils are all plant-derived choosing an oil that is organic only will make sense. Most companies use USDA organic seal in their label to declare they always step aside from the pesticide contamination. If you see a label as “wildcrafted” it is also a safe bet.

The Feel

Put a drop of vegetable oil or seed oil or nut in one index finger. Put a drop of essential oil on the other finger. Now rub fingers with your thumb on each. You can feel the differences in the essential oil finger. Watch it carefully. True essential oils always have a little slip but you wouldn’t feel thickness or greasiness in them. Some exceptions to this rule include the essential oils like Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, and German Chamomile Oils. (These have high consistency).

If you have got an essential oil, check its quality using the steps we described here so you can spot the adulterated one easily. Any of the steps is left behind, it says that the oil is fake and you should turn your back on.

Can You Get The Essential Oils Completely Free? 

Essential oils are expensive. Getting an offered price is okay. But will you get it at free of cost? Yes. You will get it at zero cost. Some best brands to increase their customer base, they offer free samples. To get these you should head on to their official website and search for free testers/samplers. Upon request, all top essential oil brands offer the sample kits for test use.

Shop Essential Oil At Discounted Price 

Good discounts and special offers every now and then can bring joy bubble right?  Best brands know this thought. We get different occasions to celebrate like mother’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day & the list goes on. On every special occasion visit your favorite brand’s official website and get your favorite essential oils at a discounted price.

But also be aware of huge discounts as sometimes low pricing of essential oils will put their quality to test and you better stay away from those high price slashes offered.

Once you choose an essential oil to buy, try to incorporate it in your daily life as in the infographic below

essential oils uses

We taught everything on the best essential oil brands. So Be wise in choosing what’s best for you. We wish you ‘happy choosing’.