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10 Best Educational ( Learning ) Apps For Students

best educational apps
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Mobile apps become useful assistants in any sphere of life, and the educational process is not an exception. There are loads of best educational learning apps are out there that will help the teachers and students to educate and learn even the high complicated  courses easily using the creative & interactive ways. Here we have chosen the best educational apps for reading, writing and for doing the math class room activities. All through the creative learning.  It will take the education process to the next level and makes it creative, interesting, easy and convenient. These best educational apps work in both android and iOS.

Some students find it really difficult to complete the home work activities. For those who are struggle to finish the work, there are some apps to help them with creative writing .Where students can find the writer to accomplish the task and experts to help them out of their assignments.Now lets read some apps that will help learning creatively on your own.

10 Best Educational Apps To Memorize & Out Perform

1. Brainscape

best educational apps for toddlersBrainscape is a unique app that helps to memorize new information with the help of flashcards. Applying the method of visualization is a useful way to facilitate the process of learning. One more important feature of Brainscape is that the app helps to memorize quickly by the repetition of each component. The app is available both free and in terms of the premium account. Hence, the subscription provides access to unlimited content, as well as the opportunity to use such features as bookmarks and browse mode.



best educational appsQuizlet is one more mobile application based on the creative approach towards studying. The students have the opportunity to create content for facilitating the process of studying. Besides, Quizlet provides access to multiple features for creating a unique flashcard by using audio, text, and visual information. Every student can share their own flashcards with others or search for available and ready-made flashcards in a wide range of disciplines.


3.My Study Life

education apps for studentsMy Study Life is an affordable and convenient organizer, which helps to plan the studying process. The app is beneficial for providing multiple features, such as upcoming deadlines notifications, a college calendar, and a planner. Therefore, My Study Life is a necessary educational  apps for the students to make the educational process more effective, as well as to improve academic performance.



best educational appsStudyBlue is a creative app peculiar for helping the students to become a more successful learner. Every user has access to create visual content, including flashcards, quizzes, and study guides, that helps to memorize information easy and quick. One more benefit of StudyBlue is the opportunity to create educational content for further application in projects or group activities. Hence, the main feature of the app is the creative approach to the learning process. It’s the best learning apps for toddlers and kids.

 5. TED

best learning apps for toddlersEveryone knows about TED Talks, the media organization that posts influential videos in the form of the talk. Thus, the organization also has its app, which provides access to the entire library of TED Talks videos. The student will have an opportunity to get inspiration while watching these talks and find some interesting information and ideas for the project. It is also possible to apply useful ideas from the video while researching a specific topic. Hence, TED is beneficial for the student to stay in touch with ideas peculiar for the fresh look on the basic things.

6. Khan Academy

education apps for studentsKhan Academy focuses on making education affordable and available to everyone. It is available both as the web service and the app. It’s the best free learning apps for kids. The main advantage of the Khan Academy app for the students is access to free online courses, lessons, and various activities for the practice of new knowledge. Furthermore, this app has a database of videos and other visual content on every discipline, from science to art.


best learning apps for toddlersbest educational apps for toddlers Learning languages can be easy and interesting with the help of the Duolingo app. The main significance of the app is the focus on various activities to practice language competencies. Besides, Duolingo implements visual content to facilitate the process of learning a second language. There are language courses at all levels that help to use language skills to the maximum. The app also provides other useful features, such as the opportunity to translate web pages and documents in the desired language.


8.Socrative Student

best educational appsSocrative Student is the app that provides the educational environment for the effective interaction between teachers and students. This best learning educational apps has such functions as the poll for asking questions, as well as the opportunity to conduct an assessment and real-time data displaying. The main focus of this learning app is the facilitating of communication to make the educational process easy and effective. Thus, a Socrative Student is a useful tool for creating a cooperative learning environment.


9.Google Drive

best educational appsGoogle Drive is an affordable and efficient app that helps to keep various files ordered. Undoubtedly, the educational environment predisposes hundreds of different content, including documents, books, presentations, photos, useful videos, and other visual information. Hence, everything will be in a mess in case if the student keeps everything organized. The primary benefit of Google Drive is the opportunity to have quick access to all important files, as well as arrange studying materials in separate folders. Besides, the app provides the additional 15 GB for free storage of files.

10. GradeProof

gradeproofGrades are the integral constituent of academic performance, and every student is anxious to improve it. Thus, a clear vision of the goal is to take the student and improvise him in a better way .GradeProof is the app aimed to help someone to become a more effective and successful student. The app is beneficial for providing various ways how to improve the grade on the particular discipline. Hence, a student has a clear vision of how to improve academic performance due to the step-by-step guide offered by the GradeProof app.

The above educational apps are the best in the way it’s designed and works. These give a creative, proven solutions to all the kids and toddlers in solving their educational problems. Some of the learning apps offer premium features at an affordable rate. It worth the price for those who want to improve themselves into the brighter student shining in the class. Our suggestion is first install the app and use its free features, if you find it good then unlock it with the premium features. Use these best educational learning apps and suggest us something that you use to perform brighter in your class! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!.