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Top 3 Best Free Educational Apps for Kids Rated By Parents

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If there is one job that is more challenging and equally gratifying then that can’t be anything other than parenting. Playing the role of parent is quiet tough. You have to play the multiple roles(Teacher, Guide, Nurse, Guard, Friend, Philosopher, Detective, Coach etc ) often, all at the same time. To help you play the role of “Guide” in finding the best educational apps for kids,  we analyzed the complete list of educational games in Google play and come up with the top 3 choices.

Instead of letting them to play the fun and easy games like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga, Despicable Me,Temple Run and the like, encouraging your kids to spend their time on these games are proven to benefit them in many ways. Go through the list, install them on your phone and play along with your kids.


Children may find these games so addictive. So make sure they don’t go over the board. Because they say, “Too much of anything is bad“.

Quick Review of Best Educational Apps in Android Platform

Rank App Name Player Satisfaction  Total No Of Ratings
1 Kids Preschool Puzzles(Lite) 83% 33608
2 Trip to the zoo for kids 82% 17233
3 Toca Kitchen 2 81% 149034


*Player satisfaction is the ratio of sum of 4 star and 5 star ratings to the total number of ratings. This shows how many people are happy with this game out of hundred.

1.Kids Preschool Puzzles (Lite)

free educational apps for kids

Whenever your kids are asking mobile to play some useless game, just tab on this game button and give it to them. Irrespective of what they like and dislike, any kid who are under 5 years old will find this game interesting and useful. Every single element of this game like colors, pictures, geometric figures, letters, numbers, food, sports, professions, transports, animals, shapes have been designed in such a way to build their cognitive skills. When every time they finish the game, a sweet female teacher appear on the screen to congratulate and she tells more about the picture. As it help kids to receive some sort of positive reinforcement, they get an urge to learn more.

If your kids want to play this game in the leisure time just let them to do it happily. The reason is,they actually learn something new without even knowing it.  

2.Trip To The Zoo For Kids

best educational apps for kids


The intellectual knowledge of kids need to be stimulated right from their childhood. If once your kid crosses the stage when he/she used to play with educational toys, as a parent it’s your responsibility to help them to discover the interesting world around them. The application ” Trip to the zoo for kids” is brilliantly does this job. It introduces every animal in a typical zoo to your children. It further explains what any particular animal eats, how they hunt, what to do when fence or tractor gets broken and so on. It teaches the right order of fixing fence or tractor or any other object. For example, if it’s tractor, it teaches every step from unscrewing the wheels to replacing it with new tier. This application is designed to stimulate senses of kids via touching, looking at pictures and hearing sounds. Kids of age 3 to 5 will absolutely love playing this game nonstop.

3.Toca Kitchen 2



In this kitchen, kids will start learning about the varieties of food, how to prepare them and how to come up with new dish ideas and so on. By playing this game your kids not only will experiment the new foods in game alone but also in your home kitchen as well. Adorable characters, fantastic food combos, colorful screen and no limitation on recipe, these all make this game more enjoyable to your child. As this game helps your kid understand the complicated different things in the kitchen shelf, they never say no to the foods you load it with nutrients.


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