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Top 13 Less Known Most Beautiful Beaches In Florida

best beach in florida
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Are you even aware that the state of Florida has a whopping 663 miles of beaches along its shoreline? Well, millions of people from different parts of the world visit Florida every year to get tanned at one of the best beaches in Florida. While there are some very popular beaches that remain crowdie through the year like the Panama City Beach and the Miami South Beach, there are still some sandy beaches in Florida that are yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. Here is a quick round up.

The Most Beautiful Best Beaches In Florida

1.Panama City Beach

best beaches in florida

This is one of the most popular beach in Florida. It is also a city town located in the Bay County, on the coast of Gulf of Mexico. This beach also holds the title for being the most beautiful beach in the world because of its pristine white sandy texture of the beach.

2.Miami South Beach

beautiful beaches in florida-2

The Miami South Beach is also popularly known as the SoBe by the locals. It is also called as the Art Deco Playground and the American Riviera. The beach boasts of something more than just long shorelines, white sands and colorful buildings. The water is warm and azure, no matter what the season is, South Beach is always full of people from different parts of the world. Enjoy tourist friendly shopping, dine to your heart’s content and simply enjoy the ambiance at Miami South Beach.

3.Key West Beach


Key West will definitely feature in the top 10 beaches of Florida in case there is such a survey conducted ever. It is one such beach which has been lauded by the celebrities and the common people alike. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must make it a point to visit Key West beach. Go for swimming, snorkeling or pure sun tanning,  sun bathing or do whatever you like. You are sure to get the pure unadulterated fun here. That’s a promise.

4.Crandon Park Beach


If you are fond of quiet and solitude, you can head straight to the Crandon Beach. It is a two mile long beach and is very family friendly as well. Enjoy the giant yet gentle waves from the ocean while you relax on an easy chair. You can also enjoy an outdoor roller skating adventure in the beach with your family.

5.Amelia Island


This is actually a barrier island that is very near to the Jacksonville Beach. You can either enjoy a kayak ride or simply enjoy the huge and vast coastline along the beach. Go for a paddle excursion or simply lie down on the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset cruise. However, do not forget to keep an eye on the dolphins that might pop up from the ocean occasionally. You don’t wanna miss out the meeting with them.

6.Bahia Honda State Park

beautiful beaches in florida-6

When thinking of the beautiful beaches in Florida, the very first beach that strike the minds of so many is the beach at Bahia Honda State Park. Here you can Experience and explore the stunning views of the beach and enjoy a romantic ambiance next to the pristine white sand and azure sea water. You can also take a snorkeling expedition with your kids and family before retiring next to the beach for an amazing view of the sunset.

7.Caladesi Island State Park

beautiful beaches in florida-7

The Caladesi Island State Park is yet another beach that is not crowded with seekers of solitude. The only drawback of this beautiful beach of Florida is that you have to take a ferry to visit the beach from Dunedin. However it is worth taking the ferry ride for sure since you will be mesmerized with the soft and white sand along with the vast blue sea keeping you the company.

8.Delray Beach

beautiful beaches in florida-8

If you are in the search of a vibrant beach town that is not overcrowded, head straight to the Delray Beach. You can find every modern upscale amenity in this beach that are hard to find elsewhere, sans the crowd. This beach is well accessible from the East Atlantic Avenue too. You can stock ample food on your way to the beach from the nearby boutiques and cafes, ice cream parlors and restaurants of the avenue.

9.Don Pedro Island State Park

best beaches in florida-9


If you drive a little towards the south of the Sarasota, you will land into Don Pedro Island which is seven mile stretch from the Gulf of Mexico Beach. It is accessible only with public ferry or private boat for that matter. It is cool, quiet and calm. Enjoy the serene nature at its best in this beach with the vast Atlantic Ocean for your company.

10.Saint George Island

beautiful beaches in florida-10

This too is a barrier island in Florida. Located in the middle of the Apalachicola bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the St George Island has a 72 feet high light house that is truly one of its kinds. Simply climb up to the tower for a panoramic view of the entire island. Enjoy the sea breeze for the rest of the day and in the evening, head straight towards the restaurant shacks that offer live music and awesome sea food.

11.Cape Florida

best beach in florida

When you talk about best Florida beaches, one of the names that pop into the mind is of course Cape Florida located on the Key Biscayne, Florida. If you have your family along with you, visit to the Cape Florida beach is a must. It is spacious, beautiful and of course has a light house at one end of the beach. The sea is very calm in this beach and thus it is pretty safe for the children to swim or paddle too.

12.Sanibel Island

beautiful beaches in florida-12


If you like collecting sea shells, Sanibel Island beach is one of the best place for such a collection in Florida. The marine life in this beach is very well preserved and you can easily spot sting rays, tortoises and other small marine animals on the beach, next to the bayside.

13.Knight Island

best florida beaches

Image credits : travelchannel.com, yelp.com,ocmomblog.com

Also known as the Palm Island, this is a famed beach especially for its resort. You can only travel to this beach on a public or a private ferry. The beach is so nice and warm that you would want to stay back for a week.

So enough of reading reviews. Plan your vacation this year to one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Don’t forget to drop your comments after your visit there.


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