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Top 20 Best Antiperspirant Deodorant For Men

10 Nivea for Men Fresh Active Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-10

The brand Nivea is already renowned for its body care products in the international market. Once you start using the Nivea product, you will never stop using it again. That’s what defines the brand Nivea. Same in their beauty line, this Deodorant antiperspirant is not an exception. It’s ocean extracts and alcohol-free ingredients take the responsibility of keeping you fresh and dry for 48h. Its fluid glides on the skin easily. As it feels so light, you won’t even feel its existence on your skin, yet you will get what is promised. The only drawback customers complain about this invisible spray is its small size and damn the expensive cost. Trust me, it worth the price and it can be used over the longer period. To control your odor, you don’t need to spray this liquid. Just a light coat inside the armpit will do its job.

Aluminum: Unknown (All the ingredients used in Nivea is strictly regulated by the “European Cosmetics Directive”)

What It Is Formulated Without: Alcohol, colorants/preservatives

Skin Types: It is suitable for all skin types.

What Else You Need To Know : Dermatologically Proven

9 Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant, Extra Fresh 2.7 oz

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-9

This best antiperspirant deodorant is formulated with the clinically proven non-irritant formula. It keeps you dry and sweats free by working against the development of odor causing bacteria. The formula of this product works tough on sweat but gentle on skin. It combines 1/4 moisturizer technology along with other ingredients so as to provide total skin comfort for the full 48 hours. This non-irritant antiperspirant is available in a range of scents which includes aqua impact, extra fresh, and clean comfort. Give a try and feel the instant freshness.

Aluminum : 14.8% (Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlohydrex)

What It is Formulated Without : Parabens

Skin Types : It is suitable for all skin types.

What Else You Need To Know : It is dermatologist tested and clinically tested.

8 Old Spice High Endurance, Original Scent Men’s Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant 3 OZ

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-8

The Old spice has good old history of being found in the cabinets of haunted houses. Don’t alarm. It simply shows how spooky it works since ages. Its fragrance goes on clear so people will feel a pleasing mysterious fragrance whenever they pass you by. Old spice high endurance odor protection antiperspirant deodorant lasts longer than what is claimed.

Just a touch of this stick is enough to keep your skin dry and sweat free for up to 48 hours. What are you waiting for? Put on old spice, increase your geographical area, climb the mountains and start fearing the enemies with your confidence! This deodorant may make you smell like a yummy meatball sandwich. Be warned!.

Aluminum Contents : 17%.

What It is Formulated Without: Paraben and sulfate.

Skin Types : Suitable for all skin types.

What Else You Need To Know :This product comes in a stick form and it is made using the skin safe non-irritant formula.

7 Clear Gel Power Rush Antiperspirant and Deodorant

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-7

This Antiperspirant deodorant from Gillette is formulated with the triple protection technology (active odor blockers, all day scent technology and transparent dry shield).Besides to this, it also equipped with the quick dry technology. Putting it together, Clear Gel Power Rush comes with a complete package that can keep anyone fresh and cool all day long. Men who use this antiperspirant deo have found its smell manly and they claimed that they regularly receive the compliments for smelling great.

Aluminum: 16%, (Aluminum Zirconium Octachlorohydrex )

Skin Types: Ideal for all skin types.

What Else You Need To Know

Quick dry technology makes this gel to dry within a blink of an eye so you don’t need to worry about staining of clothes or visible marks. It is most recommended for active and sporty men.

6 L’Occitane Baux Deodorant for Men, 75g / 2.6 oz

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-6

This effective deodorant stick works by blocking the odor causing Bacteria. This aluminum free stick is formulated to glide on your skin as smooth as possible. It makes your skin feel fresh with a delicate scent. The quick dry formula makes this product stay ahead of the competition. It does not leave any particles or stains after use. The non-alcoholic formula makes it a great option for those who have sensitive skin. People who bought this item have expressed only the positive views on this product, and all of them seem to be extremely satisfied with its performance and its non-overpowering natural scent.

Aluminum : 0% (It’s a non-aluminum deodorant and antiperspirant)

What It is Formulated Without: Aluminum, alcohol, and Parabens.

Skin Types :Suitable for all skin types.

What Else You Need To Know : Prevents bacterial development, thereby controls body odor.

5 MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant 2.6 OZ

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-5

This antiperspirant deodorant for men is made of professional-grade ingredients which is suitable for those who love to remove the unwanted odor completely rather than just covering up with fragrance. This product is a non-aluminum deodorant and the ingredients are carefully chosen to fit into their hypoallergenic formula hence it is safe to claim it as a best men antiperspirant deodorant. It contains Microzeolites and other extracts which effectively helps to eliminate bacteria which are responsible for body odor. You can stay odor free for all day long.

Aluminum : 0%. (Non-aluminum deodorant)

What It is Formulated Without: Alcohol, Aluminum

Skin Types : Suitable for all skin types. Especially great for those who have sensitive skin.

What Else You Need To Know : This product is clinically tested and it is skin friendly.

4 Degree MotionSense Antiperspirant and Deodorant 2.6 Oz

best antiperspirant deodorant-4

“The More You Move, The More It Protects !”

It releases bursts of extra protection and scent of freshness whenever you are active. With motion sense technology, it brilliantly adjusts the protection level by listening to your body movements. Degree motion sense antiperspirant deo is a non-staining item and it also helps to combat odor and wetness to a greater extent. You can get this product in seven different flavors which include Linen Dry, Active Clean, Daisy Fresh, Peach Burst, Fresh Energy, Sheer Powder and Sexy Intrigue

Aluminum : 19.2%, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex.

What It is Formulated Without: Dry spray is formulated without alcohol, water or waxes.

Skin Types : Suitable for all types of skin.

What Else You Need To Know : . Dryness tested, Motionsense tested .Motion sense technology burst extra deo in regard to your body heat. Once you try this product, you will immediately turn it to be your new deo.

3 Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant

best antiperspirant for men-3

This best antiperspirant deodorant is easy to carry around and straightforward to use. Once applied, it lasts up to the next 96 hours. It is designed to use at night or during the day and the effect lasts for longer period of time. This compact product is highly recommended for those who sweat excessively under their arms. As it is a combination of antiperspirant and deodorant, apart from controlling sweating, it masks body odor as well.

Aluminum : 15%

What It is Formulated Without: Alcohol.

Skin Types : Suits best for sensitive skin.

What Else You Need To Know: It is clinically proven and chemically tested. It is an FDA approved , dermatologist recommended product.

2 Certain Dri Anti Perspirant Roll On 1.2 OZ

best antiperspirant deodorant for men-2

This antiperspirant is a nonprescription item that can keep you stay sweat free for quite a longer duration. This prescription strength antiperspirant for men is colorless, unscented and doctor recommended. It effectively fights against the excessive perspiration up to 72 hours. It also successfully treats the underarm wetness.

Aluminum : 12%

What It is Formulated Without: Alcohol and colorants.

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types. (It is a water based antiperspirant hence it makes a great product for those who have sensitive skin.)

What Else You Need To Know : Clinically proven for skin allergens. Since this product is only an antiperspirant and unscented, you can use any other deodorant on this antiperspirant. It will still do its job without causing any issues.

1 SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Clinical Strength

best antiperspirant deodorant-1

This clinical strength antiperspirant offers a safe and effective sweat free protection using which you can stay dry and odor free for up to 7 days on a single use. It’s not a typo. I meant it. This doctor suggested FDA compliant product is available in the form of “individually wrapped pre-soaked antiperspirant towelettes”. The formula used in this antiperspirant is skin friendly meaning it causes less or no irritation when used on the skin

SweatBlock antiperspirant is recommended for those who have the common condition known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. People who have tested this product so far have expressed a life changing opinion. However, if you don’t satisfy with the outcome, you can better opt for 30 days money back guarantee. With thousands of POSITIVE RATINGS & REVIEWS, this product is being the Amazon’s best selling product in the beauty & personal care category. So in no way it can go wrong for you.

With Sweatblock antiperspirant on your side, you can raise your arms confidently anywhere anytime. All it takes is just a 5 minutes of your time, before bedtime every week. Isn’t that cool?. Trim & Clean your underarm hair and make it dry. Gently press the antiperspirant towelette on your underarm skin. Do not rub it. Let it air dry for about 5 minutes.That’s it. You are ready to face the world.

Though this product is designed for underarms, it can also be used to treat the excessive facial sweating.

Aluminum : 14 %

What It is Formulated Without: Alcohol, Paraben, and Sulfate.

Skin Types : Suitable for sensitive and all other skin types.

What Else You Need To Know : It is not formulated with any deodorant content but it can be safely used with other deodorants. Sweatblock antiperspirant is Clinically Tested. It is Doctor Recommended product.

With the huge number of best antiperspirant deodorants available in the market, it’s quite a daunting task to choose the best one that fits your unique condition. That’s why we have simplified your task by taking the research part of us. Your skin is as important as any other organ in your body, so it deserves special attention. Control your sweat and make your skin smell awesome!. Have a happy purchase!.



  1. Allen Moore March 29, 2018

    So I was happy to see my favorite on this list: Certain Dri! But I think it’s important to be distinguishing between the specific aluminum compounds in each branded product, because it is not simply “aluminum.” In the Prescription Strength Clinical Roll On it is 12% aluminum chloride, which makes it the strongest Certain Dri product. But just labeling it as “aluminum” could be confusing to the consumer when mentioning percentages/strengths because another Certain Dri product, the Everyday Strength Clinical is 20% aluminum zirconium complex (but based on percentages people would think this is stronger but it is weaker). Gotta make sure these things are distinguished properly. But all in all, I’m a huge fan of Certain Dri and highly recommend trying it if you’re experiencing excessive sweating


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