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10 Essential Beauty Hacks Every Busy Girl Should Know

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Each and every woman wants to look beautiful all the time. Though being  a woman sounds awesome, at times, it become difficult as she needs to manage everything from home to office to kids and everything. But can you really compromise on your beauty and make up? No one would ever want to remain looking ordinary throughout the day since ordinary is so dull and boring. Spark yourself up with new tricks on makeup and beauty with the below mentioned beauty hacks that we bring to you.

There are so many beauty hacks available all across the web so that you can have an easier start in the morning, when you are rushing for your day long office endeavor. With these wonderful beauty hacks, get ready in a jiffy, look like a model when you walk out of your home. Here are some easy and awesome beauty hacks that you can explore to become beautiful within a short span of time while looking gorgeous all the time.

Easy Beauty Hacks That Make You Pretty

1.Turn Your Eye Pencil Into An Intense Gel Liner

beauty-hacksImage Source : fashionlady.in

Take your eye liner pencil and burn it a little in front of a flame for a second before you start doing your eye makeup. Let it cool down for the next 20 seconds. Now apply the eye pencil on your eyes and voila! It will give you a thick and intense smudge just like any gel liner pencil.

2.Set Your Lipstick On Your Lips Easily

makeup tricks

Once you  finish applying lip sticks, grab a tissue paper , dab some powder on it and let it sit on your lip for some time. It will set your lip color and provide a long lasting effect.

3.Dry Your Nail Polish Quickly

makeup tricks

It can be rather tiresome to stay put with wet nail polish on the fingers. Doing a little chore with wet nail polish can spoil the entire look. If the situation sounds similar to what you have faced ever in life, when next time that you apply nail polish on your fingers, dip your fingers into a bowl of cold water. It will speed up the overall process of drying.

4.Get Thicker Lashes With Baby Powder 

beauty hacks

Source : glamourjournals.com

If you want to give your eye lashes a thicker and intense look, apply a layer of baby powder between the coats of mascara. Focus the dip with powder on the tips of the lashes to give them a fuller and longer lashes look.

5.Are Bobby Pins Sliding Down Your Hair Too Often? 

beauty tricks

Many a times, this is one of the most common problems that most women face, their bobby pins slide out of the hair very often. If it’s sounds like you, this hack will help you in keeping the bobby pins in their places. Simply lay a tissue paper and put the pins on it before using and spray them with a hair spray and then put them in your hair. This beauty  hack will help them from sliding off.

6.Fix Your Greasy Hair

makeup tricks

Although the dry shampoo is the best way to treat with your greasy hair, you can also get some baby powder to do the rescue in case you run out of dry shampoo at home. If you are having a bad hair day and have not been able to wash your hair, simply dab some baby powder on your hairline and rub it thoroughly. It will instantly change the appearance of your hair and make it look as good as shampooed hair.

7.Keep Wet Baby Wipes In Your Bag Always

makeup hacks

Source : urbansurvivalsite.com

It might not always be possible to get hold of makeup wipes. You can alternately use the baby wipes that are abundantly available in the market. They work in the same manner and are also gentle on the skin.

8.Bothered About Spilt Ends?

makeup tricks

Source : onycworld.com

Are you irritated with the split ends in your hair? A simple trick to get rid of them is to twist some locks of hair and snip the ones that are sticking out from the locks.

9.Create Wavy Hair Without Applying Heat

makeup tricks

If you want to wake up to beautiful wavy hair in the morning without making any heat damage to the hair, simply braid your hair on both the sides and go to bed. Make sure to braid the hair as tight as you can without feeling uncomfortable. Once you wake up in the morning, open the braids, untangle them, spray and scrunch them to get those perfect beach waves of hair without the curling machine.

10.Extend The Life Of Perfume On Your Body

makeup tricks

If you are planning a brunch with your friends or a whole day outing with your best buddies, you would want to make sure that the perfume you apply stays longer for the entire day. While applying the perfume, put some behind your ears, inside the wrists of your hands, at the nape, base of the throat, inside the elbows of your hands, and also behind your knees. These are called pulse points and perfumes are designed to get a breakdown at these heated points.

The above mentioned beauty hacks are inexpensive and very easy to use as well. Hope you enjoyed reading them and practicing them in your daily life. Remember, although a day is of 24 long hours, handling so much in these mere hours seem to be a herculean task, hence learning the shortcuts are most definitely needed. This is especially true for the makeup and the fashion world. You need not spend a fortune to look good; neither do you need to give a lot of effort or energy for the same. All you have to do is learning some easy beauty hacks which take less time yet transform yourself into a beautiful diva.


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