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8 Things You Should NEVER Say To The Guy You Are Dating

things you should never say to a guy you date
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Guys are easy going and accommodating with most of the things you say to them. But there are few things that could change your guy’s expression from happy eyes to the gloomy one. Sometimes the words that slip out from your mouth could freeze his thoughts, make him feel bitter and cold.

From the statements uttered with the full of innuendo to the straight ones, here I have listed top 8 things that are safe to avoid.

1.”Never Say Your Guy, His Friend is Charming!

You are attending a party with your guy where he introduce you to his friend. You may find his friend charming. You can admire him secretly but just don’t dare to say this to your man especially, when your guy lacks in the traits you are complimenting. It will make him feel insecure. He may go disappointed or get angry with you and his friend. Either way is not so inviting.

Just imagine, how would you feel when he compliments your bestie as hot?

2.”We Need To Talk…”

Talking to your guy about something serious rather than holding up in your mind is a good sign of a true relationship. But, never preface your conversation with a line like “We need to talk”. Even if you are going to accuse him of something, there are hundreds and thousands of nice ways out there. Why don’t you just pick up those?

Problems are not so important than the guy you deal with. So no matter what he did, instead of talking to him straight like a hammer to the nail, try to ease the blow. Start your conversation causal and make him understand what you have in your mind. Taking this route would help him to open up otherwise chances are, he may choose to shut his mouth or go completely defensive.

3.”If You Really loved me You would….”

You may end this sentence with anything but still in the end it will only seem ridiculous. Remember, it’s not the Princess Pride, and you are not a buttercup.

4.”Tell About Your Ex…”

You knew he had dated another girl. So why the hell you want to know about his ex now? Even if your guy has some amazing things to talk about his ex, usually he wouldn’t want to bring up to you. Men hate this to the core.

5.”How Many People You Dated Before?”

This question really stings. Because, It’s an indirect way of asking “how many girls you slept with before”. Never ask this to a guy unless otherwise you are his doctor. You would not be pleased with his answer.

6.”Can You Introduce Me To That Guy?”

If your guy has a celebrity friend, you can ask him to introduce you, nothing wrong. In all other cases, firing this question would offer only the dangerous grounds. Acting excited to meet his friend and end up flirting with him would make your guy feel exasperated and the result? He may walk from your life permanently.

7.”What Is Wrong With You?,You Idiot.”

You can mock at him when you both spend your time alone. But never yell at him this way in front of his family or friends. Guys never take it light when they are treated less than a man. They always want to be portrayed with their best sides up. If you insult him in front of others, he will throw you out of his good books. Treat Him Cautiously!.

8.”Don’t Worry. He Is Just My Ex”

You shared your secrets with him, laughed at inside jokes and don’t get me wrong, you both were once stayed naked together too. Now you both got separated, and you are in a relationship with another guy. Your Ex may be your just previous or long before past, but why should you have him around in the present?. Saying your guy that you are friend with your EX is equivalent to saying,”I am walking into the valcano but the fire will not burn me alive”. Throw your ex out of your life. Never bring up any conversation with your ex and never compare him with the guy you love now.

Tell your mind to not bring up these eight things when you have a conversation with your guy. Because, We our team of trulygeeky want every one of our readers keep their relationship healthy and unbreakable. It would not be possible without you adhering to these tips.


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