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8 Reasons Why Gamers Love Video Games 

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In the modern era we live in today, there are millions ways to entertain ourselves but nothing come even close to video games. Be it thriller game or racing game or , multi player game, everything have truck load of entertainment and different kinds of experiences to offer. The simple notion of extreme possibilities in the world of video games is one of the reasons why people are getting obsesses with video games.

Gamers have found their true love on video games and there are lots of people who don’t care about spending even until their last penny for purchasing the video games and other utilities. If you ever wondered what made the people to go crazy on video games, read the mentions below.

1.Video Games Help To Socialize 

Online multi player games offer lots of possibilities for meeting the real gamers online and learning from them is one  of the main things that make people spend their best hours on these games. Apart from the entertainment quotient, playing online games is rewarding as well. One can always participate in varied contests and utilize the chance for earning their first million.

2.Well Written Story Lines

Be it Assasin Creed or World Of War Craft or Rebel Trucker, the exquisite story behind the mission is something that motivates people to go ahead and take a dip. The idea here is to accomplish things that was started by legends and rewrite the history.

3.High End Graphics

Nothing can beat the high graphic video games when it comes to real entertainment. You can sit on your comfy couch and fight the most interesting battle of your life.

4.Umpteen Challenges

The idea of accomplishing things in style and writing your name in golden words may not seem to be possible righ now. But one can always do it in video games at any time. You can overcome the challenges boasted by the people from another part of the world  and you can earn yourself a fortune.

5.Role Models

A lot of gamers relate themselves with the characters featuring in the video games and this fuels them with the  motivation they need. Using the same attitude they can go ahead and solve the problem they face in their real life.

6.Defying Reality

Most of us have committed to the mediocrity and have accepted our limitations in real life. In video games, we can lead a passionate life and accomplish things with the best of efforts. Video games allow us to do things in the way we always want to. It is in the video games where we can find the real us.

7.Pause And Resume

No other form of entertainment allows us to save our progress and start from the point where we leave except the video Games. We can save our games and resume whenever we want to. This one feature when mixed with exciting music and soundtrack make the video games an amazing experience.

8.Immersion and Involvement

Since video games offer lots of amazing experiences, once you get involved and become an expert, it will become painful to leave the addiction anyway.

It is in the video games where gamers find their reality resonating with the things they wanted to do. The passion and the thrill they get to enjoy is something that makes gamers love video games immensely.

Are you a gamer ?If so, what’s your unique claim that justify your love on video games ? Looking forward to see your comments.


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