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6 Reasons To Include Leather Jackets In Your Wardrobe

leather jackets
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Every man’s wardrobe has to have a list of essential items that curate the foundation of his entire style aesthetic. A tailored suit, a pair of timeless denim jeans, a versatile white dress shirt, and a collection of casual tees for everyday wear; the list is endless.A classic piece that every man needs in his arsenal is a statement leather jacket.

Leather jackets are a statement piece that has been termed a staple since decades owing to its effortlessly chic yet rogue aesthetic. As simple and graceful as they are, leather jackets are not the easiest to get right the first time around. When picking out a leather jacket, it is crucial that you find the one that best suits your personal style. Leather jackets come in an array of shapes and forms; each with a unique character of its own. Bomber, aviator-inspired, oversized, biker,distressed, shearling and many more, if there is one word to describe leather jackets, it would be, cool. It is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe and thus an investment piece.

Everyone has a statement jacket style that vibes with their personality. For those who love a simple, versatile, polished, clean yet comfortable aesthetic, the bomber jacket is the perfect pick for them. Perfect for a casual everyday look, this works brilliantly well with a simple pair of trousers, a plain tee,and some boots. For the ultimate rugged and rogue look, the classic biker jacket is one that you should go for. This slim-fitting jacket is one that features intricate detailing that adds character to your simple look. Perfect thrown over a simple button-down shirt, trousers and lace-up boots, the biker jacket is your ticket to achieving the ultimate bad boy look. If you are looking to switch things up and have some fun, try a fringed leather jacket or something edgy like spiked leather jackets. Although these are relatively less versatile than the options above, these still come with their own flavor that is edgy, funky, fun and super attractive. Rest assured, you will be turning heads wherever you go.

Here is why a leather jacket is an essential item for your wardrobe.

1.A Lifetime Investment

Unlike many other pieces in your wardrobe that are replaced with every passing season, a leather jacket is a lifetime investment. Once you have gotten your hands on one, it will last you for years and years to come provided you take care of it. Yes, the investment will cost you initially,but it is one that will be worth the dent in the pocket because it is something that will work with every outfit in almost every season. Throw on a leather jacket over jeans, shorts, or even pants and watch your look transform within seconds from zero to hundred.

2.Instant Outfit Modernizer

Everyone has days when they struggle with their outfit. Despite the effort, there always seems to be something missing,orit lacks that edge. Wearing a leather jacket on top of your simple and plain outfit can take it from simple to banger in a heartbeat. A reliable leather jacket is a perfect element in your ensemble that is capable of giving your look that wow factor that it was missing. Iconic, statement, stylish and rogue, a leather jacket can be worn over anything and can guarantee good results.

3.Effortlessly Cool

There is no denying the power of a good leather jacket. After being sported by all the cool bad boys in the history of television, there is an undeniable association between the two. Leather jackets ooze attitude, class, funk, and a kind of unique chicness that is unmatched. Its rogue tough guy appeal is not just a trend but a timeless classic which is what makes the leather jacket so incredibly popular till this day. It’s tough and edgy aesthetic is one that does not try too hard which is rare and frankly perfect.

4.Universally Flattering

There is a concept associated with leather jackets that it does not complement everyone’s body type or style. However, the truth could not be more different. In fact, a leather jacket is one piece that can work for anyone and everyone. There are some rules that one must follow to make sure they nail the leather jacket aesthetic. The leather jacket is in itself a standout piece,i.e., one that speaks for itself. Be sure to not overshadow it and steal away its shine. The key to nailing any outfit is mixing and matching. If one element is a statement piece, the others must be subdued to let the former truly shine.To really pull off a leather jacket, find one that vibes with your personal style and body shape. Opting for one that does not complement these two things is only a recipe for disaster. In conclusion, the  trick to styling leather jackets is to keep it simple.


Leather demands a lot of care which is ironic considering its rugged nature. Leather’s natural longevity depends on its quality. Good quality leather gets more agile with use without cracking or splitting. Caring for leather goods can guarantee that they last you for years and years. Tough fabrics like denim and canvas also tend to fray with time because of its weave that deteriorates over time. As long as you do not punch a hole through your jacket, you can almost guarantee that your jacket will be in use for a long time.

7.Offers Protection

Leather is a tough material which makes it very durable. Good quality leather is capable of withstanding all kinds of scrapes and scratches in addition to providing good protection from the weather. Leather possesses excellent wind breaking abilities and water resisting properties making them ideal for cold and as well as wet climates. Even after a long day in the rain or snow or wind, a leather jacket will stay perfect and keep you warm.

With the colder months approaching, if you have not invested in a statement leather jacket now is the time to do so because these are perfect for the season. When buying a leather jacket, you cannot just buy it online, it is crucial that you go out personally and try it out before making a decision because you need to make sure that you have found the right one. When you do find it, you will know immediately. Spend a little more but try to invest in one that will last you a lifetime. Leather jackets tend to look better with time as they age. Pair them with jeans and tees or over a dress shirt even; regardless, you will turn heads wherever you go. Complete your arsenal with a chic leather jacket to add the most convenient, sophisticated, yet effortless style statement to your look.