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10 Most Unusual Buildings Around The World

strange building
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1.The Crooked House

Location : Sopot, Poland

strange buildings

What you see in picture is not some painting done by a drunken painter. It is actually a Shopping Center located in  Rezydent. Total area of this building comes around 4,000 square meter. It is claimed as the most photographed building in the world.

2. The Piano House

Location : Anhui, China

strange buildings-2

Name of this building is self explanatory. Body or base of this building is designed to look like a piano and you can enter into this building through a violin shaped entrance. As this building offers whole lot of space with facilities like meeting rooms, canopy (open space of piano) and escalators, you can see people hosting the functions like weddings and other events here.

3. The mind House

Location : Barcelona, Spain

strange buildings

In 1900, the famous architect Euzebi Guell bought a place on the hill and created a personal garden city called “Park Güell”.This hill is located few meters away from Gracia. After few decades, Güell’s beneficiaries sold this park to city authorities. Since then, it is opened up for general public.

4. Forest Spiral

Location : Darmstadt, Germany

strange buildingS

It’s not a photograph of some scenery we see in our living room. It is a real 12 story building with 105 apartments. It is located in Darmstadt, Germany. This strange building features an inner courtyard, a playground and a small artificial lake.

5. The Basket Building

Location : Ohio, United States

strange buildings

Though it looks like a picnic basket placed in a park, in reality, it is a home office to Newark based firm Longaberger which manufactures wooden baskets and lifestyle products. This monument has 7 floors and it’s claimed as the world’s largest basket.

6. Habitat 67

Location : Montreal, Canada

strange buildings


Habitat 67 is designed as a model housing complex for Expo 67. This project was designed with an aim of creating affordable private housing in a style of modern apartment. Each home is equipped with a private garden. It was inaugurated in the year 1967.Till today this building is considered as a stellar landmark for Montreal and the whole Canada.

7. Cubic Houses

Location : Rotterdam, Netherlands

strange buildings

weird buildings

The cubic house shown in the image is built on the top of pedestrian bridge. It is built to illustrate the forest of cubes where each cube denotes an abstract tree. Cubes are designed to be tilted and each of them sits on a hexagon shaped structure. Cubes are designed to have living areas in three different levels.

8.Kansas City Public Library

Location : Missouri, United States

strange buildings

The management of Kansas city public library has decided to install a strange book shaped installment for its car parking. To execute the ideas, it asked people to nominate their favorite books that represents the Kansas city. Based on the nominations, the current setup was installed in the year 1973 A.D. The Kansas city public library holds the pride of being the 3rd largest and oldest monument in the Kansas city metropolitan area.

9. Crazy House – Hang Nga Villa

Location : Dalat, Vietnam

weird buildings

Have you ever thought of visiting a place that looks like a palace that comes in “Alice in wonderland”? Here is a news for you. There exists a strange building called crazy house which is structured with unexpected twists and turns. Here, you can’t see a window that is rectangular or round. No rooms and roofs here are normal. There you can also see enormous animals like spider and giraffe. Check out 3D images of this strange building here and make a reservation for your next vacation.

10.The Fish Building

Location : Hyderabad, India

strange buidings

What you see in the picture is the regional office building of the “National Fisheries Development Board “, Rajendranagar in Hyderabad. Inaugurated in the year 2012, this building stands as a stellar example to India’s modern Architecture.


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